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Huawei MateBook 13 AMD (13" 2K, R5 3500U, 8GB/256GB SSD) - $1247.71 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Received an email from eBay saying mobileciti has reduced the price by around $80. Takes the price after the code to $1247.

Great price for an ultraportable.

CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3500U
Camera1.0 MP (Primary)
Bluetooth Yes, V5.0 with A2DP
Screen Size 13.0 inches, 2160 x 1440 pixels

HUAWEI Matebook 13 AMD
HUAWEI 65 W USB-C Power Adapter
USB-C Charger Cable
Quick Start Guide

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  • Eh I'd rather wait and pay a bit more for new AMD chips, the old ones are slow and thirsty

    • -11 votes

      Haha, consumerism at its finest.

    • Or, spend much less for new AMD chips (as per this deal) ;)

      Granted the screens aren't of the same tiers, but if the latest processor and performance is a higher priority, then the ThinkPad will be the better option

  • Not buying Chinese copycat brands while China puts tariffs (Barley) and ban (Beef and potentially dairy and wine) on Australian products.

    Not going to empower an aggressive & suppressive rogue regime with my wallet.

    • Beware of incoming mass down votes

    • you have been doing that for years by un-questioningly supporting the usa's war on virtually every country in the world.

      the only rogue regime in the world is the USA by the way.. it supports nothing but its own financial interests at the expense of every other country in the world global warming as a prime example…

    • And if the government doesn’t trust them to make mobile broadband hardware, why should we trust them with all our PC data.

      • no it trusts America with all your data because its what they were told to do…by America

        • Oh gosh can ozbargin pls just ban Petry at this point. Pushing the Propaganda for the Chinese communist party.. we all know what happens in China it well documented Petry by pretty much everybody so don't get upset :)

          • @Iwantthebestprice: glad to see u make clear you don't accept free speech or like democracy, makes u wonder what new order u do like - presumably one where only people are allowed to sing the same yank anthem - land of the freeeeee (for whites only)

          • @Iwantthebestprice: I think OZB can deal with a pro China gov angle. And even though you can’t trust Chinese government on privacy, maybe he’s right and we can’t trust the US either.

    • Australia keeps yelling at China but wants to keep China as a customer, is that funny?
      If you are a customer, will you go to a shop where the staff keeps yelling at you?

      • Oh…Just because Australia asked for an independent probe on the origins of the coronavirus, so we can prepare better in future?

        I'm pretty sure most countries supported Australia's stand in UN. China can't bully and shape our foreign policy on the pretext of trade leverage.

        • Australia asked for an independent probe on the origins of the coronavirus in china Only.

          China objected that and asked an independent probe on the origins of the coronavirus glodbally.

          The one got passsed in UN or Who was what china asked.

          BTW, USA quit WHO and refused to do any probe on the origins of the coronavirus in United States of America.

          There are more evidences about the origins as below.

          Scientists find coronavirus in Spanish wastewater collected in March 2019

          SARS-CoV-2 in human sewage in Santa Catalina, Brazil, November 2019

          • @salin: Yes, you can keep living in la la land, believing unsubstantiated reports and sideline the remaining 99.99% of the evidence including Chinese.

            There are plenty of takers for conspiracy theories.

          • @salin: BTW, your CCP mouthpiece disagrees with your statement that China was asking for coronavirus probe globally.

            China was objecting to word 'independent probe' and got it changed to 'review of the response' to Coronavirus. First it was against the proposal but then under international pressure it subsequently became a co-sponsor and tried to take all the credit for it.


            • @Ozama Bean Bargain: Mate you're full of it aren't you , name calling - demeaning anyone who don't accept your propoganda fake news and totally unwilling to deal with the facts.

              Why is america calling world renowned international judges terorrists and imposing personal sancions on them and their families. Do you know what fascist bullying actually is?

              • @petry: Mate, you're the one with fake news and CCP propaganda. I have provided links from independent and credible news media unlike you.

                For some reason you keep justifying all Chinese CCP wrongdoings by comparing them to US. You know you have no credible arguments left in debate when you keep pointing to a third country to prove a point.

                Why is america calling world renowned international judges terorrists and imposing personal sancions on them and their families.

                What are you talking about? Please explain.

                How does that justify arbitrary detentions and sham trials of human rights activists by state controlled judiciary in China?

                How does that justify detention of million uighurs in concentration camps?

                How does that justify it's bullying of Australia?

                How does that justify it's aggression in South China Sea with Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia or Indonesia? Also, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and recently with India too.

                If you're going to debate, come prepared next time

                • @Ozama Bean Bargain: 2 and halfhours ago i wrote 'a rogue state which now deems the International Criminal Court judiciary as terrorists, and labels any elected government it doesn't like as drug cartels - much as raygun did cuba back in the 70's, whilst funding the rape and torture of catholic nuns and priests in South america.

                  sadly you clearly know little about the real world u live in.'

                  later I wrote to you asking ' Mate you're full of it aren't you , name calling - demeaning anyone who don't accept your propoganda fake news and totally unwilling to deal with the facts.

                  Why is america calling world renowned international judges terorists and imposing personal sanctions on them and their families. Do you know what fascist bullying actually is?'

                  Instead of putting words into my mouth and demeaning people and then repeating fake news from your email sheet for dissemination, why don't you just deal with a very factual question?

                  you look up guff online to support your assertions but you just ignore american fascist bullying of the highest order - yanks are back stabbers these days - they sold out the kurds who cleaned up isis because isis is now useful to them again. They initially supported the ICC , then refused to ratify their agreement and then called them terrorists. Look it up mate and answer. The yanks initially funded ISIS - they are untrustworthy bullies and they will stab us in the back whenever it suits them, like they have done everyone else they do deals with. History don't lie.

                  • @petry:

                    'a rogue state which now deems the International Criminal Court judiciary as terrorists

                    As if China always accepts rulings of international courts? Case in point South China Sea dispute between China and Philippines.


                    Don't keep justifying China's atrocities on it's people on the pretext of someone did that 50 or 100 years ago so we will do that too. This is 21st century. Grow up.

                    • @Ozama Bean Bargain: still avoiding the same questions and still pushing the same yank agenda - the icc terrorist/ sanction game is less than 12 months old as you are VERY well aware…

                    • @Ozama Bean Bargain: You two are just as one eyed and myopic as each other. Both are rogue states, both consistently defy international courts and veto human rights in the UN, both have established empires and colonies and are expanding their militarys, both have rampant inequality and blatant corruption to the core of their governments, both pretend to be democracies and are anything but.
                      They are belligerent, xenophobic, nationalistic and supremacist. They are run by egotistical autocrats and oligarchs.
                      We should be distancing ourselves from both.
                      And trying not to bruise either's bloated nationalistic egos.
                      The whataboutist BS is pointless.

                      • @mycosys: what a rediculous assertion - size of nuclear arsenal - size of military - number of bio- warfare labs please. China is surrounded by countries pointing nulear missiles at it, mostly American. The usa warmongers have well over 6000 warheads v china's paltry 300 - china also has a no first use policy unlike the yanks who invade anyone whenever there's money to be made.

                        Nice try to find a new line of falsely asserting China to be a major world threat when it lives under constant threat of attack from America and its puppet ally country's.

                        your assertion don't stand up -and any country that embraces the Taliban rather than its american occupiers says all u need to know about American help.

          • @salin: One article has not been peer reviewed yet (it's a pre-print), and the other article suggests the detection could be a false positive and needs verification.

            Not saying the conclusions are wrong, but worth noting.

      • The hilarity is that we have a massive trade surplus on China, that means we've been stealing their jobs on steel/minerals, primary production and education for decades.

        China even accepted our 80% tariff on steel imports upon signing a free trade agreement.

        On the flip side we have a trade deficit with all our liberal allies…

        • Australia is the biggest exporter of iron ore in the world followed by Brazil and China is the biggest importer of it. Unfortunately it has currently bad relations with both and has no alternative. After all, all that cheap rubbish that keeps filling our landfills need raw materials from somewhere.

          • @Ozama Bean Bargain: Yes we have cheap rubbish, but we also collect all the crap from Japan (Cars etc), EU+UK (medical/ heavy machinery), US (weapons, financial investment, big-pharma etc). Which is really where all our jobs are going, no Australian company was making the rubbish that China is so keen on scooping.

            And now Victoria lost 1000+ jobs because Huawei was closed here on 5G, we were going to be a 5G world leader. Those jobs are all going to bolster the Scandinavian jobs (Nokia/Ericsson) for sure.

            I get the anger, but Australia has had the rug pulled from under and redirected that energy to the wrong places.

            • @plmko:

              we were going to be a 5G world leader.

              nonsense - being dependent don’t make anyone a leader. If we’re going to be dependent, best not be to a totalitarian bully.

              • @AlexF: why then is our ONLY FOREIGN policy NOW to be totally dependent on America? They are far worse than nazi germany or stalin's russia, in fact there has never been such an evil destructive empire..

            • @plmko: Australia is a minor state of america now, our energies go into america's war on china as directed. if we don't exist after the war begins do you really think anyone in america cares? the yanks kill each other everyday without batting an eye - you think we matter to them?

              • @petry: Thanks for putting up the good fight against hate mongers, the world is bad enough with trump and his racist Maga agenda, sad to see Australians buying this crap.

    • I agree with your boycott. We need to take this on a larger scale. And we also need to make it clear to the nation's leaders that we will not stand to bullying. Economically or physically.

      • Decouple from China. They're not our friend

        • Do you think US/UK are friends?

          • @ti6331: mate you're wasting your time they are are out to kill us all and they probably will. The biggest laugh is if they actually live in australia they'll vapourise like the rest of us.

            we are being to setup to fight and die for america, and this anti chinese propaganda is so blatantly garbage it reflects badly on everyone buying into it. Arguably we deserve to die for being that dumb and stupid.

        • Belt and Road is meant to ensnare, not befriend.

          • @AlexF: I like the belt metaphor. They are making a belt to hold their pants up.
            This is extremely benefitial for some countries where they will otherwise have no means to built those infrastructure. Other countries see no commercial value in investing in those countries

            Non-chinese civilizations really need to understand ancient chinese culture and history, juxtapose against ccp culture and history. Once there is an understanding, certain a lot will become clear. I always try to understand HOW a person thinks rather than WHAT a person thinks.

            • @BuyoTheCat:

              I like the belt metaphor. They are making a belt to hold their pants up.

              this particular belt is to bind, and this particular road is towards new masters.

          • @AlexF: better rates than the american owned world bank by far which probably wasn't in the 4 line bulletin you were sent to sell

          • @AlexF: actually its a form of marketing for big contracts at lower rates than the yanks like - they always want more - and they are going to put china out of business if it kills a third of the world.

        • I can have good relationship with other people without being their friend. I do not wish them ill and I do not expect them to do harm to me intentionally.

          The word friend has been thrown around meaninglessly for far too long. I need not be friends with my neighbours. I look out for them. They look out for me. If someone suss is hanging around. I call the cops. If they see someone suss, they call. If there is a fire outside. I try to put it out. I dont necessary invite them over for dinner or drinks.

  • No Google services.. wait what……

  • Every single Huawei thread gets fecking politicized.

    Ignoring the trolls, how is this laptop for gaming like civilization?

    • Ignoring the trolls, …

      “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing”

  • can someone explain the amd ryzen naming? Is this a new processor, if not what are the new ones? Intel has the 8th/9th/10th generation etc seems more clear