Ryzen 7 3700X 4.4GHz | 8GB | 240GB SSD | GT710 $899 @ PCbyte


Good price for a 3700x system. CPU alone around $500… but the GPU and motherboard are a bit of a let down.

Post better deals if you see them.

Kinda hoping techfast will post something around this price with a better GPU but not many good sub 1k machines on offer ATM.

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  • Doesn't include Windows either

  • Misleading putting the Max boost clock.

    • It's a popular move for pre-built sellers. They rely on the ignorance of the buyer as they are looking at a complete system and may be unaware of the component specifications.

    • I just copy pasted.

    • How many people understand what that is but don't know what a 3700x is?

    • if you are ignorant enough to be fooled by the boost clock then chances are you wouldn't have been able to successfully evaluate the machines strengths/weaknesses in the first place.

      • Are you calling, "you" to me as in first person. Or are you saying you in the 3rd person referring to "someone" ?

        • 3rd person. Not you mate as you obviously noticed it :-). The reality is to understand enough about the CPU to understand the difference between boost and base clock speeds you would already know enough to not be affected by how they list the CPU. likewise if listing the boost clock was enough to make a difference to their decision they really don't have the knowledge to evaluate the CPU or machine in the first place regardless of what is listed.

  • GT 710 Video Graphics Card

    oof that video card

    is that the most underpowered gpu matched to the most overpowered cpu?

    although the CPU is $500 realise that $400 left over is essentially trash… a320 board and the 710 are crap

    you're probably better off selecting your own chosen components and paying a little more

    • If you aren't gaming, no big deal.

      Though I'd go a lower CPU too in that case.

    • Just to get a signal on the screen, not gaming.

    • These are great for work computers or even just normal usage without gaming, why pay more? Not everybody plays games.

      Yes the 710 is low powered, but if you're doing work, such as programming, you won't need anything more powerful than that.
      The ram is a bit low, 16gb would be better, but you can always add another one in very easily later on if you find you need it.
      a320 is perfectly fine for most people.

  • Is this system any good if i already have a decent graphics card i can implant? The 3700X is the CPU i have had my eye on for a while. Im not in a massive hurry as my i7 4790K is still chugging away nicely, but need to upgrade at some point

  • Power Supply
    Quality 500W PSU

    Sounds like a bomb to me.

  • I feel they should have just used a low level Ryzen G APU, done away with the 3700x / 710 and priced accordingly, as the rest of the components are suitable only for a budget desktop.

    • I'm pretty sure Vega 8 does better than the 710.

      If they allow upgrades it'd be a bit better.



  • What you can do is just put in a $150 Ryzen 3100, give it to someone, and then just keep the 3700x CPU.

    Or you can just go and buy another system.

    • Then you would have spent $1049 plus effort for a CPU that can be had for $440.

      The leftover 3100 8GB system would be costing you over $600 which is not great.

  • The A320M motherboards provide the most fascinating in-studio advantages, designed to satisfy any professional workflow


  • Cost of building an equivalent system. Parts chosen to match as closely as possible:

    Part Price
    AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8-Core processor 456
    CPU Cooler (Stock) 0
    DDR4 Patriot DDR4 3000MHZ 8GB Single DIMM 51.99
    MSI Motherboard A320M-A PRO 85
    GeForce GT 710 1GB VRAM $55.00
    Thermaltake LitePower 500watt psu 59
    Deepcool Matrexx 30 Tempered Glass Mini Tower $45.00
    Kingston A400 240GB 48
    Cost of Having Someone Build Computer for You $80.00
    Grand Total $879.99

    In case anyone wonders what the case being shown by PC Byte is, it is the Deepcool Tesseract SW, specifically the blue variant with Blue LED fan. It's a pretty old case and I had one, not great not terrible. (the first 5.2" drive bay is unusable because internal cables block it)

    • Assuming you get a Thermaltake PSU, Patriot 3000mhz stick and MSI mobo… system builders have a tendency to cheap out on these components.



  • How is this a good deal OP

    Have u not seen techfast selling PCs for $700-800 with 1660???

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