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Everdure 60cm White Freestanding Dishwasher - DWF146WC - $294 (Was $493) @ Bunnings

  • 14 place settings
  • 6 washing programs
  • Third layer cutlery tray
  • Half load function
  • Height adjustable upper basket

Credit to Pricehipster

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  • Is this thing hard to install in old Unit?How much is the installation fees in Sydney?

    • Do you have an existing dishwasher you are replacing or would this be a new install?

      Existing is simple. Remove old by disconnecting water inlet hose and power plug.

      New install would require a new pipe connection for water and power point if there isn't one underneath.

    • Should be straight forward for most people. No tools required.

      Edit:A screw driver could be required depending on the clamp.

    • Shouldn't be that difficult, it's just clamp and hose that you need to open,remove and reconnect. Might have to remove the back panel to do all this but not that hard.

  • Anyone had any experience with this brand, model?

    • I'm still using the 2011 bought Everdure dishwasher, not a single issue. Dishwashers are very basic devices, yes, they can have issues, but those issues are created by making them more complicated or poor installation/usage. If you're not fuzzy with looks, brand names and you know how to stack a dishwasher and maintain it, this will be fine.

  • Everdure is bunnings made in China budget brand. I had an Everdure oven and induction cooktop both died just out of warranty and had hardly been used. Wouldn't touch the brand again.

    • you may need to fact check on Everdure being a Bunnings brand. Everdure have been around for years and are known for decent quality Bbqs and Gas heaters. Other stores e.g. HN stock Everdure.

      • Not sure what facts you object to. Fact #1 Sold by Bunnings as a budget option. Fact #2 Made in China. Fact #3 My personal experience of their quality and warranty back up was unsatisfactory and judging by their reviews I am not alone.

        • I don't consider Arnott's, Duracel and Smith's chips as Woolworths' Brands.. But if you want to say they are, that is fine with me.

  • My parents have the SS version, 3 years now and going strong.

  • $175 for delivery,anyone know why there's no click and collect for this item?

  • Expired back to $517