Koofr Cloud Storage 1TB Lifetime US$169.99 (~A$244.77) @ Stacksocial


Similar to pcloud's lifetime offering yesterday but only for 1TB.

"View all your files in one place by easily connecting to existing cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, and OneDrive)"

I'm too lazy to convince people of their legitimacy etc, so here are review sites and a comment from their CEO on reddit for those that can't Google.


Deal expires in 19 hrs from now, unsure how frequent they offer it.

After applying for your 1TB Lifetime,
2.5TB becomes accessible for an extra:
€299 / $485AUD / 2.5TB

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  • Whilst 1TB and its price seems tempting. You still have to deal with the reality that all startups don't always stay on for lifetime. I've had a huge number of startups lifetime deals that shutdown on me.

  • You can buy a 2 tb ssd for that much and not deal with shutdowns and have a reliable drive, or have slow transfer speed on their servers

    • Can't shove that drive into my phone or family's house etc.

      • not with that attitude.

      • +1 vote

        It's call a Network Attached Storage.

        I have 10Tb of the stuff for a little over double this price.

        I'm 150+km from home and currently connected to it.

        • Ya I was considering the new 2bays synology for usenet with docker etc.

          But maintaining it and forking out around 1k seemed too much for me at the moment.

          Maybe during Black Friday/Xmas when the discounts are more substantial.

          • @Zeral: if cost is your concern, you could always consider doing something with freenas/unraid.

            • @phoenx: Will look into it after, looks similar to pfsense/opnsense etc.

              I got a qotom router arriving sometimes this week but comments around said to just get a dedicated device better + security flaws.

              • @Zeral: freenas/unraid? they're more storage solutions. i moved from synology NAS to unraid for storage+docker containers.

  • pretty expensive even for lifetime storage. I mean if the company goes down or if it shuts down all your data will be gone.
    How reliable is this service anyways. How can we trust lifetime deal when annual subscription to google drive costs just as much in 2 years.
    google drive cloud storage for 2TB is 125 bucks a year so i doubt that koofr can sustain this kind of business model of offering lifetime cloud storage. Sounds like a fishy deal.

    What happens if they are trying to milk us for the money now and then turn off the servers a year later from now. Not worth the risk.

    • Ya but when they're expensive, I'm more confident with it for some reason lol.

      Look at the reddit post, ceo talks about lifetime aint offered on their site and only for marketing partners.

      Dupe finder sounds cool too.


      Oh and I expect to be dead by the time they shutdown… Hopefully.

      • Notice that that post explains nothing about how their business model is going to function.

      • i;m all for cloud storage snd stuff but what makes you more confident in this? I'm going through their page and nothing genuinely jumps out at me tbh.

        • Not offering more than 1TB as lifetime and even when they do… It's "ridiculously expensive".

          That means they're aiming for sustainability and they do offer up to 10TB but only as a monthly plan.

          It makes me wonder… If we bought 2TB lifetime for an extra $500… Will the 10TB lifetime show up for $1k?

          Can't even find anything about 2.5TB lifetime without me seeing it in the account myself.

  • Lifetime means how long this company survives, which could be 1 or 2 years, maybe a bit longer if you are lucky.

  • rather pay the $70-$80 a year for M$ 365 home sub… less chance of them dissapearing and everyone gets 1TB each and office… main reason these businesses dont survive is the value you get from the bigger guys in the market….

    • This. Even large enterprise sells off unprofitable business units to equity funds so often.

    • Overall agree with and even better value with family plan at $129 for 1Tb per person up to 6 people ($32pp per year if family of 4). Depends if you really need that much storage and if you need Office365 over free Google Docs. with $2.49 per month for 100GB for Google One storage is enough for many.
      New features coming to OneDrive too:

      Minor point; it's $100 per year for 1, not $70 or $80 unless you know how to get it cheaper?

      • yeh thats the plan i was talking about and i havent ever payed the $129 lol most i paid was $99 when i got stuck without a deal… i've stacked the last few times there's been a deal so ok for a few years but 5 of us use it so cant think of a better bargain than that :)

      • yeah i'm on the Google One 100gb sub and i don't think i have ever paid out of pocket because of their Google Opinion Rewards scheme. I could almost go up to the 200gb package break even if i needed to, but atm the extra credit is better used to offset some of my GPM Family Plan

        100gb for $2.08/m if you pay annually.
        As at 06/07, i have already been paid $1.25 in GOR.


          Cheers for the idea! Ever since relocating my music to India, I've need something to spend my excess google credit in.

    • I know people are always skeptical about businesses disappearing and lifetime plans etc.

      But I always think of it as an opportunity and investment for early adoptors before they get too big and expand as well… Similar to buying shares or with the multiple broadband providers that you see.

      Like Telstra, big brand name, but only within Oz, Microsoft and Google, but on a global scale, lesser corporate pressure and freedom to do the things that they want to do etc.

      Everything comes with a risk but you may even win some.

      For example, I took a risk with future broadband 2 yrs ago, paid setup, got into a contract, and I'm getting a way better pricing than what's being offered to this day, even though it's not for everybody, they turned out to be great.


        That's ok when you only live money.. You can make that back. You can't make you dates back if they shut up shop. Even if they give you s week's notice, their servers will be clogged and your unlikely to be able to recover it.

        If you're using it as a second/backup, go for it.

        Also you've got to wonder why they're so cheap, are they using your data for mining?

        • Alot of people and other businesses keep questioning how they offer enterprise plans for $30+ cheaper all the time…

          He's obviously not gonna share or competition would follow.

          I'm not fussed with data retention etc, because I wouldn't put "super important" data on the cloud anyway.

          You'd get signs in some form or another if you know they're a sinking ship, slower downloads/uploads, incompleted files etc.

          The option is just there for those that have the money or don't wanna deal with ongoing maintenance cost.

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