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DEAMOS International Power Board 6 Way Outlets, 3 Fast USB w/Surge Protector 1.8m $28.04 + Postage ($0 Prime/$39+) @ Amazon AU


【Portable Power Strip with USB】total power output of up to 2500W with a 1.8M power cord, 6 AC outlets and 3USB charging ports enables you to power up to 4 appliances and 2 USB powered devices simultaneously. It is perfect for home or office use
【Multiple Protection】CE and RoHS certified. Built with high-quality components, enhanced circuitry, and flame retardant housing, it offers up to 1050 joules of surge protection, output over-current protection, over-voltage protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, overload protection and Surge Protection
【3 USB Charging Ports】Smart USB charging ports can intelligently detect your device and deliver the optimal current to USB powered devices, up to 5V/1.5A per USB port and up to 2.0A in total. Meet energy efficiency requirements of Level
【Easy to Use】Power on or off several electronics at a push of the power switch. Know the On/Off status at a glance of the LED indicator. The 1.8M heavy-duty power cord delivers optimal, safe power and enables easy connections to a distant wall outlet
【Delicate Design】Well-placed outlets enable more convenient plugging and less conflict between plugs. It can accommodate larger power adapters.

4 Way for $23.79
6 Way for $28.04

Cheapest on eBay for the 6 Way is $54.80, 4 Way is $43.99

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  • What countries does it support?

  • 2a total?. Yea nah.

  • No WiFi, no deal.

  • Got me interested for a sec, but then I noticed that that it seems to have a permanently attached Aussie plug on the end of the power cord.

    So, not really targeted at aussie travelers abroad, more useful to running foreign devices back home.

    • I find this design useful for travelling abroad with the family as power points are often in short supply, so I combine this with a country appropriate adaptor you can charge multiple devices from a single power point.

      • Couldnt you just use a regular powerboard then?

        • I took an AU powerboard overseas with an adapter and quickly hit the gotcha when I couldn't plug the local things into the powerboard.

          Not that I would go for this powerboard specifically, due to the low amperage of the USB ports.

          • @meeowth: Deal expired… but regardless, running all the current for a powerboard through an $10 adapter is a no-no for me. It's kinda the same as not plugging a powerboard into a double adapter back home.

            For my regular destinations I have local powerboards and a few adapters for my individual aussie devices.

            Still I do find the idea a good travel board appealing.

    • Wrong reply :S

  • 100% Claimed

  • Seems good, is it Aussie certified?

    6-port out of stock.

  • the plugs are facing the wrong way for our power packs etc, right?

  • Note, this only can be used in Australia unless you carry other adaptor/s for AU Plug.
    This is not meant to be for a traveller.

  • +10 votes

    No ground pin for all but Australian plugs, and no UK plug support. IMO this is pretty useless as an international power board unless you only have 2 pin plugs.

    And don't fall for the surge protector claims. While there are some cheap no name surge protectors (like this one) out there that claim to work without a ground pin, their effectiveness is questionable, where is all that energy going to go? If this is a grounded surge protector then the protection only works for AU plugs. USB charging is also pretty mediocre at just 5V/1.5A.
    IMHO this is a waste of money. If you just want a local powerboard with proper surge protection then get something like this. Then get few cheap plug adaptors like this if you want to use international plugs, thats a far better setup for few $$ more.

  • Eyes for the switches.

  • "3 Fast USB "
    but it's only 1.5A with a max of 2A if trying to charge more than 1 device so hardly fast

  • This is basically Chinese Power Board, not International
    Chinese use US 2pins and AU 3pins
    it doesn't even support UK plug
    If I am going to buy a Chinese standard powerboard
    I'd rather get the Xiaomi one

    • Totally agree, and would have no guarantee have surge protection. I would pay a little bit more to buy CyberPower for $33 from trusted local store.

  • These powerboard must be Australian approved/certified. From the look of picture the plug appears to be a Chinese plug - Australian plugs will have insulated live pins.

  • Does no one make a powerboard with interchangeable/switchable plug, international outlets and USB ports that will run off 100-240V?

    If you look at the specs this board basically just runs the USB off 240V so if you plugged it in on a 110V power it'll probably kill it. I need a powerboard for travelling (one day) as at the moment I just bring a standard powerboard and plug in chargers, etc. Seems I can get rid of some chargers and weight by something as simple as above but no one seems to make it.

  • Got the board today. Looks and feels very flimsy. Going to return it.

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