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Extra 30% off Outlet + Free Shipping @ adidas (Ultraboost 19/20 $127.40 Delivered) (Stack with 7.5% Cashback @ ShopBack Expired)


Stack with existing 30% off outlet (51% off in total).

~~Shopback 7.5% cashback~~ EXPIRED, now 6%

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  • Adidas is offering discounts again and again. This plus 30% off should be stack with any 40%off; otherwise, there is nothing to buy

  • There's already too many Ultraboost sales, and I feel like this should be the normal price.

  • Why I tried checking out and the price shown is $182? Is there any promo I forgot to enter?

  • Anyone know how they’re going with shipping? It’s been over 2 months and only part of my order from the Reebok sale arrived yesterday. Don’t want to order and wait that long again 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • thanks, ordered 5 pairs of shoes and some clothing for my family.

  • Does anyone have experience with the size adidas are using? Is it us or uk size?

  • I wear 11 in Nike Pegasus and NB running shoes has anyone got any experience in how the sizing runs in these? Feel like 11 will be ok but I’ve never tried on ultraboost before.

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      I wear 11 in both Nike and Adidas.
      I can wear a 10.5 if I'm using an NMD though.

    • I wear Men’s US10s for the Nike Pegasus 36s, NB Zante Pursuits, and the Ultraboost 19s (all for running). All are true to size but the UB 19s ‘feel’ the biggest as it’s a little roomier in the toe box, but it is still snug as outer knit hugs your foot.

      I ran about 100kms in the UB19s and retired them for walking because I've got too many other shoes that run better than the UBs. But all in all, very solid shoe for a casual run / walk / lifestyle and is true to size so go with US11s

      • 100% agree, these are really sloppy for anything but running slow recovery kms on dead flat ground. Yes they are super comfortable for walking and as a lifestyle shoe - they're a shoe I might put on after my long run.

      • argh! thanks mate. I was genuinely thinking of switching from my GK23s to UBs, on account of their cooler form factor (and to retire them to lifestyle sneakers at end of their running life). Might look at Asics Gliderunners instead, got enough lifestyle sneakers as is I guess.

        • Gel-Kayanos? If you only had one shoe I'd still say Kayanos for stability or Nimbus for neutral are a good pick because they're durable and versatile. I have a pair in the boot of my car because they're not in my rotation but still good for most terrain and distances - I use them in emergencies or to protect my other shoes from bad conditions.

          • @bxpressiv: Yeah sorry, Gel-Kayanos. I use it as a mileage shoe and have have adizeros for faster days (or racedays) but that never happens anymore. My mileage isn't huge, I'll get to 1000ks in 2-3 years. I might try Nimbus (on account of better value than GK maybe), I'm between neutral and mild under, heal striker, and given quite a few New Balance 40% sales am leaning that way too. Do you have an opinion on the Gliderider?

            • @herrod: I haven't tried them but they caught my interest, not a heap of reviews. They're pretty much a take on a Clifton from Hoka with the high stack height and rockered sole. I'm in a Clifton 6 for my non-max effort long run and recovery right now and been really enjoying it. A bit lighter than the Glideride but the ASICS looks more durable with the extra rubber.

              I would try the Novablasts before the Gliderides though as they have been reviewing strongly, my mate got some yesterday and I'll get a pair soon to see if it fits in the rotation.

              I'll get some Nimbus 22s when a colour I like pops up, I need to replace my boot Kayanos.

              I got a pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo yesterday, basically a faster 1080 v10, and the toe box is a little narrow and very stiff under foot. I'll give it a few more runs to see if it softens/stretches otherwise they're going back. I ran in my Peg 36s this morning for a short jog and they felt a lot better than the NBs in fit and comfort for a similar feel for speed.

              TLDR- There's a lot of good options available and totally subjective, highly recommend Running Warehouse for their 30 Day 'Love the Shoe Guarantee', which gives a bit of peace of mind in case your option is all bad.

              Can talk shoes.

      • Thanks for that info! Appreciate it. Went with 11s.

  • Bought a pair of these last year and they are/were so comfy. But I gotta say, the sole just disappears so quick! Must be a super soft rubber. The rest of the shoe is in good condition but the base just melts.. lol. Not a shoe for longevity.

    • Interesting. I'm hitting 250kms on my UB19s - 100km running, 150km walking and don't feel like they're giving out at all

    • Thanks for the heads up

    • I have just retired my UB19 after 650km. Shoes still look good, but a could feel extra effort I have to put while. I think 640km is good milage for these.

    • My logic is changing slightly about running shoes. Been running in GKs for two generations and I push them out to 1000km, over 2-3 years, (I only use them for running, no casual wearing, no walking, no gym). The upper is perfect, and the soul is worn but Asics do well in placing harder rubber around heal/regular hit points depending on the model so it holds together fine. Problem is, they're ugly shoes, and I'm about to retire my GK23s and am thinking if they were prettier like UBs, they would transition into casual/walk shoes which I have a couple of Nikes for. Just can't do it with GKs. You end up looking like some tech CEO from the 90s. So time to ditch the GKs and go for UBs I reckon, with a longer, post run life for them maybe.

    • This is my experience as well. Maybe a forefoot striker thing, I wear through the front outsole really quick. I seem to get better longevity out of low drop shoes.

  • Cracking deal, thanks OP !!

  • Not much sizes left.

  • I’d stay away from adidas - at least for the time being. I placed an order back in mid April and returned one pair of shoes as they didn’t fit me. They received the shoes at their warehouse in Melbourne on 7th may. I just received my refund last Thursday. Took them 8 weeks to refund $78. I spoke to their online chat about 6-8 times during this time with the same repeated answers from every consultant that they are emailing warehouse and finance team etc and promises of keeping me up updated etc (which never happened). I then managed to get a hold of their customer service team by phone in mid June all with the same promises. Overall, I think I spoke to about 10 different consultants.

    Apparently, delivery times have also blown out (from previous comments). Overall, I’d stay away from adidas (at least for the time being)

    • Do you have an Adidas store close to you by any chance? I bought 10 pairs online and returned 7 in store (Chatswood), no fuss - got the refund same day.

      • I wasn't aware you could do that? Even their website doesn't mention this as an option:

        In-store purchases

        To successfully make a return or exchange in-store please bring your original purchase receipt in-store with you.

        Online purchases

        Online purchases can be returned using ParcelPoint or Australia Post as per below instructions.

        I'll keep that in mind for next time as a 8-week turnaround time frame for my refund (which included me having to keep contacting to try to sort this issue out) is definitely no fun.

        • They're sneaky, it was on their website during the first week of the 40% off sale last month but they removed it. You can still do it though, just did it last week. They'll just ask you to forward the email invoice to their store email address.

    • Same issue here, bought football boots in a few different sizes, sent back two pairs in separate boxes, same day, tracking on both says delivered, one refund processed still nothing on other, no response from Adidas…

  • Is UB20 better than UB19?

    • UB19 boost seems a bit softer then the UB20 and also has a bit more room around the toe area as the UB20 have extra stitching around the toe area , i have both and i enjoy the UB19's better for causal walking

  • Thanks op - I was waiting for an adidas sale - they come up so often I knew I wouldn't be waiting long.
    Just picked up a pair of predators for $63 delivered. Much love!

  • it seems its always these same colourways on special wish the other ones are , like pure black and black boast without all the fancy artwork ,

  • If anyone living in Sydney around Auburn area, you can return your order to adidas outlet store there, they processed my return in few minutes, no dramas.

  • Just got an email saying that my order had been cancelled…