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$15 Free Credit @ BunnyCDN


Have been using BunnyCDN for about a month now and noticed their credit coupons stack ($5 credit per coupon).

Their pricing and service is very good, with only $1/mo minimum spend.

I've been running 6 small business websites on it over the last month and didn't go over the $1, therefore this $15 credit should last me the next 15 months of use.

They also have a 14 day trial which is used before using the credit.

Would highly recommend this for anyone running a website.

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$20 for referrer.

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    Nice, thanks! Added to my existing account balance via promo code button @ https://bunnycdn.com/dashboard/billing#

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    Another $5: WPLOGOUT

  • I've been using them for the last 2 or 3 years for a handful of projects.
    Fantastic service and support. I rarely pay more than a few cents per month for it.

    I use gitlab pages, to create a Static Site Generated website (Pelican, Jekyll, etc).
    During the page build process, I SFTP the site over to BunnyCDN Storage and purge the existing BunnyCDN Pullzone cache
    This means that anytime there is a cache miss, it retrieves the website from it's own storage and serves it out.

    Without BunnyCDN, page load times were > 5 seconds.
    With BunnyCDN, page load times were ~1 second, but occasionally peaked > 5 seconds.
    With BunnyCDN and Storage, page load times are consistently under 1 second.

    … Page load times matters for SEO and your users!

    EDIT: Note! Credit expires after 12 months. Minimum recharge is $10USD (credits do not count). This effectivly makes it $10 per year to run, with the free credits ensuring you shouldn't need to top up more than that.

  • Traceroute's like this is what makes BunnyCDN fantastic too …

    traceroute to <myURL>.b-cdn.net (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
    1 <my router> 0.922 ms 0.486 ms 0.565 ms
    2 loop11918240.bng2.ia-dcb.portmel.aussiebb.net ( 6.531 ms 6.629 ms 6.239 ms
    3 ( 5.997 ms 6.206 ms 6.218 ms

    • What has your router got to do with remote site visitors though?

      • Nothing, obviously.

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