Dewalt DCM565M1-XE Cordless Chainsaw with 4AH Battery and Charger $299 @ Bunnings


Skin only is 349 at bunnings. Cheapest most other places sells skin only for $299.

Essentially 299 with free 4Ah battery and charger. Sydney tools had this deal before but out of stock.

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        • I’ve got 10”, 22” and 26” bar chainsaws. It’s easy to think “bigger is better”, but for work around the house, you aren’t exactly felling a tall pine in the middle of a forest with little regard to where it lands.

          My little 10” is a battery powered pole saw (Ego brand). The shit it has brought down is nothing short of amazing.

          The 22” is my next favourite. It’s light and fairly manoeuvrable. Usually tree work involves you up a tree, or on a ladder. Most often you aren’t doing it properly and are reaching out at full extension, cutting totally inappropriately.

          But to answer your question, you’d cut from each side and meet at the middle … though 40cm is bloody big, and I can’t imagine the battery lasting long.

  • outside of drills and drivers, dewalt flexvolt 56v is where the bigger tools come into play, though this chainsaw would be handy for pruning jobs that can’t be done with corded , or the once a year mix 2 stroke and use petrol chain saw tasks.

  • Did anyone get this on the last deal and can recommend?

  • A good alternative consumer chainsaw is the 2 x 18v Ozito chainsaw. Does logs and trees up to 300mm thick. Skin is $199 at Bunnings. We're really happy with ours.

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      I have the 18V and 2x18V Ozito. The 2x18V is great use it all the time. The 18V in my opinion is dangerous. The RPM is so slow that the blade kicks back unless held firmly against the timber which is not always possible with small branches etc. Not sure of the RPM etc of the Dewalt but something to consider.

      • Chain speed on the Dewalt is just under 8
        metres per second. Ozito 18v is just over 4 m/s and the Ozito 2 x 18v is 15 m/s.

      • I have a 18V Ryobi and it's good for small jobs. I also have the 80V (82V) Victa/Kobalt and it's been much more useful for the larger jobs.

        You do have to remember to keep the blades sharp.

        If I didn't already have the 80V I would definitely be looking at this as the 18V is hard work when there is a lot of cutting to be done.. and the 80V is much much quicker.

      • When battery capacity is at 35% or less to go, it will start to down.

    • I'm confused because you linked the 18v version? Or is this the 2 x 18v and it's just listed as the 18v?

  • I got this in the last deal and its a ripper!
    It has its place though, I've been cutting through tree's and logs on the property with no hassles, although I probably wouldn't go tackling logs over 30cm very often.
    Battery life is good, its nice and quite, light, easy to use and I can just throw it in the back of the ute with no worry about fuel.
    Perfect little camping chainsaw.

    • Agreed 100%

      My regular 2-stroke saw died on a job cutting gum trees into firewood. This worked brilliantly, even when tasked with 400mm trunks (cut from both sides). Went through 6 batteries in about 3 hours of solid use and never got hot etc.

      Excellent saw.

  • Do you have to oil the chain on these things/fill a chain bar oil reservoir like petrol chainsaws?

  • Will this battery work with their hedge trimmer skin? Or just use this as a hedge trimmer?

    They do an electric mower this could be used with?

  • This will help with the TP queues at Coles and Woolies!

  • A silly question to ask, would this or a reciprocating saw be easier to handle ? I have a few small to medium size trees that I would like to remove.

    • Personally I reckon a reciprocating saw is easier to handle. Potentially you can do more damage with a chainsaw.

    • Receip saw is slower to cut through vs chainsaw. Receip has more vibrations vs chainsaw.

      However Receip saw is much easier to manage and less likely to cut your hand off from safety perspective.

      For small single/few branches i'll pull out receip. For thicker or multiple branches i'll take out the chainsaw.

    • You can use reciprocating saw for cutting sticks no larger than 20cm but slower and lot of vibrations.

      I use Diablo 12" Carbide Pruning and Clean Wood Reciprocating Saw Blade, bought it from Bunnings for small to medium cutting.

      • feels bit daunting to use chainsaw given the size of it compared to reciprocating saw, lol.

        • Trust me Ken, there is nothing daunting about this little chainsaw, I reckon a 10 year old could handle it without any issues(obviously don't recommend doing this).
          Like I said in my previous post, It's a small, lightweight chainsaw for the purpose of cutting up small logs. There is very little kick back and it is very easy to control due to it's size and weight.
          I'm very happy with it.

  • Awesome now to cut the trees in my backyard and turn the wood into toilet paper… Anyone with a good guide on that? Hahaha

    • None of them have stock.

      Also I'd rather have bunnings warranty over any of the other mobs tbh.

  • Any extra discount for tradies?

  • I bought this as I needed another battery and charger to add to previous skin only purchases. Figured it would add a good small pruning saw while giving me the battery I wanted.
    I just used it….
    It fits the purpose of a small lightweight pruning saw while stretched out from a ladder and doing the unsafe stuff that I wouldn't do with my Stihl petrol saw. So it's good for what it is, but… the chain speed is so slow and even with the new sharp chain, it is slow to cut and a bit of a toy. Glad I have it and it does have a use… but don't think this is anywhere near a petrol chainsaw or useful for more than small pruning. If I was not adding to an existing dewalt collection, I would probably look at the ones with a faster chain speed. Yes no kickback as, well what's to kick back from as it so slow there's no real force. But that lack of force let me do the one handed stretched out from the top rung of a ladder stuff - all the stuff that you shouldn't do if you read the safety notes.

  • Bought one of these - once the weather is better the hedge down the side of my house is history. I have got sick of cutting it back every 6 months and risking life and limb up a ladder

  • Great fit to go with the $99 dewalt drill / 2ah kits that Bunnings were clearing out recently (and gives me a faster charger).

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