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Heineken 0.0 Non Alcoholic Lager Bottles 12×330ml $18 @ My Dan Murphy's*


*Free membership required

Just got this in my emails. Looks like a good offer, just in time for a weekend session.

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    Heineken 0.0 Non Alcoholic Lager

    I thought these were banned from OzBargain ?

    • Why?

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        Why did I think that? or Why are they banned?

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    looks like a good offer, just in time for a weekend session

    lol… You had me fooled for a minute there…

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      I think Heineken people made bad investment bringing 0.0% alcohol to Australia.. like seriously, they bring this here in Australia? They don't know much about us or their market. On the plus side, I use this beer to make Beer battered chips of Beer battered Fish. There is no way I am wasting a beer with alcohol in it for cooking.

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        I bought a beer mixed pack from Aldi a while back, had some really nice Italian and German beers but also had Corona, which I am not a fan of. But Corona beer battered fish is really delicious.

        • I got the same one. I have had 2x Corona's sitting in my fridge for months.
          The others were all pretty decent

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    What kind of session?

  • Death :/

  • Im going to get smashed on the weekend

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      Only way of that happening is cracking the bottles over your head .

  • Serious question - are these any good on KETO?

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      Not as good as water… I don't understand why people drink these?

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          That's a good argument in favour of water.

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            @jv: Everyone has different tastes.

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          These are one of the worst things I'm ever tried (which was by accident in an airport lounge). Truly terrible - yes, go for water… add lemon/lime to your water if u need taste.

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            @T-Quizzle: But it's not what I prefer. You can have your lemon water, and I can have my beer.

            • @Zenith2k3: I'd definitely go for beer over lemon water… just not this one.

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        Partner liked them when pregnant.

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        Taste, cooking, social settings where everyone else is drinking

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      Probably not the best idea but the alcohol does make you put on weight + dry July

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        alcohol does make you put on weight

        No it doesn't.

        Eating more calories that you burn makes you put on weight.

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          Not sure why you getting neg but this is absolutely true. More calories intake than calories burned = put more weight. If all you have is alcohol for the day but still burn it, you won’t get fat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          • -2

            @bargainwhore: Eat 10,000 calories of wood and tell me how much weight you gain. Quality of calories is an important factor.

          • @bargainwhore: By the time your liver goes through the work of metabolising alcohol to acetaldehyde, and then metabolising that, the net energy yield from alcohol is negative. You're not going to get fat from drinking neat vodka, no matter how much of it you take.

        • +2

          What about drinking more calories that you burn?

        • What about drinking more calories that you burn?

          JV wrong again…

      • Every time I drink, I end up puking out my dinner, so actually alcohol makes me lose weight.

    • These have carbs so not ideal for keto, however there are less carbs and sugar in these than in the Carlton zero for example

    • Not really as they have carbs - 15.84g per bottle.

    • 70 calories 4.8 gram carbs
      Better than normal beer, but why you would bother drinking this is beyond me. Stick to water.

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    Perfect, I can now drink during Dry July, without breaking the rules :)

    • They changed the rules.. Now you can buy a golden-ticket to have a day on the piss.

    • Carlton have jumped on this too with a case of 30 Carlton zero cans for $42. One can a day throughout July.

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    might as well drink piss

    • 0% alcohol is only good if you like to urinate a lot.

    • +3

      what do you think is in the bottle?

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    I find these pretty average. A couple of better alcohol-free beers include Peroni Libera and Coopers Ultra Light Birell (which is actually 0.5% ABV, but qualifies as alcohol-free for taxation).

    • I like the bitburger drive
      Hollandia zero is good too

      • +1 for Hollandia. Though to me, it has a slight iced tea flavour (not that I'm complaining).

        My vote also goes for Schlossgold which has a hearty taste. You can also buy it from Woolies.

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    So I will receive $18 for drinking 12 of these, um no thanks

    • +1

      I'd give it a go. They can't really be that bad.

      Huh? They want me to pay? No, no, that can't be right.

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    your better off drinking a couple a beers full strength and then calling it then trying to pretend,

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      What if you're pregnant or can't consume alcohol?

      • +10

        If you're pregnant, chances are you will have a baby.

        I don't know the answer to the second question. Sorry

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    better drink bottle of milk.

    • Milk is for babies

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        Non alcoholic beers are for babies

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          It's cheaper than formula too, that's why some people feed it to their baby.

    • not if you are lactose intolerant

  • The perfect companion for a Facon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich.

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    Oh the irony of this deal ending up in the alcohol section.

    Stay hydrated everyone

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    how much alcohol excise tax do they pay on this lol
    it amazes me how alcohol beer costs much the same as alcoholic beer.

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    Yeah, this stuff ain't worth the $$

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    There is something wrong with these beers, no matter how much I drink I don't get drunk!

  • If you home brew and have any boring friends that drink these, hit them up for the bottles… About the only thing they are good for.

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      I gave up drinking after 20+ years of problem drinking to full blown alcoholism. I don't drink zero beer to be a pretentious (profanity), I like the taste of one in the afternoon after work some days. There should be more available.

      • Serous question, (I haven't had any so don't know) if it tastes the same, does it not make you want to drink a proper beer? Or you're happy with the taste and it fills the need?

        • +3

          Tastes pretty much the same to me. I haven't had the heineken yet, but bitburger drive is a really good german flavour. I may be incorrect, nearly up to 3 years sober so probably can't remember properly the taste but I was never a beer snob anyway, I liked them all and wine, and spirits lol. Fills my need perfectly. I just wish they would get them at the pubs so I can have a beer with a meal.

  • damn these are expensive my local sells the alcoholic version for the same price!

    • If your local is selling cases of Heineken for $36 I’d love to know where your local is

      • Craft Beer King it was $35 but they raised it by $2 recently still much not bad

  • Water?

  • zero alcohol, nooooooo…o

  • How's the taste if mix with vodka? 🤤

    I love mixing cider with vodka! 😋😋

  • 12 for $18 - what a joke…

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    very expensive considering the lack of exise on it

    • +1

      What about the extra cost of removing the alcohol?

    • +1

      Regular Heineken is $42.98 for 12

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    great with fake meat patties, artificially sweetened soft drinks, and dairy-free ice cream.

  • +11

    Thanks OP. Bought to include in my kids' school bags when school resumes.

  • -2

    This product serves no purpose…

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