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[Used] Dell UltraSharp 2007FPb 20.1 Inch LCD Monitor (1680x1200) $59 + Delivery @ MegaBuy


Dell UltraSharp 2007FPb 20.1 inch LCD Monitor - 1680x1200, 16:10, 5ms, 12 Mth Wty (A-Grade Refurbished)
Yes only 20 inch but would make a budget set up for WFH with warranty .
Another use case is for hooking up to your security DVR/NVR.
The main negative here is that it is using analog and DVI-D, no HDMI or DP.

$25.95 shipping to WA, I'd imagine it's cheaper to eastern states. Or pick up free at their Chermside store.

If you work on graphics intensive applications, then you need a monitor that can really capture all that graphical detail. Enjoy high definition viewing with this 20.1-inch Dell Ultra Sharp 2007FPb LCD Monitor.

With a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200, you'll get the most out of all your photos, movies, and even text. The 300 cd/m2 brightness, 800:1 contrast ratio, and 16.7 million colors support provide crisp, clear lines and vibrant color to the 20.1-inch TFT active matrix LCD display.

Enjoy easy access to your external USB devices with the built-in 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub. There are two ports on the side and two on the rear for increased connectivity to devices, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, external hard drives and more. In addition, you have a number of other connection options with DVI-D (with HDCP), VGA, S-Video and composite video ports.

The ultra wide 178°/178° (horizontal/vertical) viewing angle provides optimal viewing comfort.

They also have the Dell Professional P2411H 24 inch FHD LED Monitor - 1920x1080, 16:9, 5ms, DVI-D, VGA, VESA, 12 Mth Wty (Refurbished) for $109 plus delivery.

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  • Why would anyone buy this?

    • To pair up with their OzBargain Ryzen supercomputer they built for $58

    • I am at a standing stand looking at a 21" monitor now and ideally could go a bit smaller.

      But postage too much on this.

    • Yeah I always buy new modern products at a good discount, use for a few years then sell and upgrade. Work out to be not so expensive per year and you always get to use the latest hardware

    • Arcade machine, budget, don't care, geriatrics.

    • I would buy a 4:3 to use as a 3rd or 4th monitor.
      No point in having 3 ultra widescreens IMO.

    • So that you have something to put on the kerb for hard waste collection day …..

    • Lawyers office desk. Have two lawyers office customers who insist on 4:3 monitors.

      • I remember having to source a very high end 4:3 monitor for a desktop publisher I was supporting back in around 2010. Was a pain in the prick (and wallet).

        They insisted on a particular model for its colour, and the 4:3 ratio was like triple the price of an equivalent 24” widescreen.

        There was a business justification in that they needed it for creating media which could be displayed on non-widescreen devices, and the 1200 pixels deep meant a full website could be seen on the screen at once without scrolling down … but at least it was bigger than the 20 inch model advertised here.

        What an unexpected thing to be seen on ozbargain

    • I have three of these at work and two at home (second hand at auction for about $40 each probably 5 or so years ago). If you wanted the most pixels in the smallest space then these were the best monitors you could get for a long time as after this model was released am the newer monitors had bigger pixels for many years, so even though this is a 2007 model, many will be a bit newer than that.

      I’d never suggest getting a single one for a home setup (get a 1920x1080 or better for that), but two or even three side by side can be a good setup and if you need a single small monitor for a security camera or similar then they are probably the best monitor still for that job.

      These are old, the bezel is huge by today’s standards and $59 probably isn’t an amazing price for one, but they still have their uses.

  • Perfect for my Pentium 4 desktop

  • It's a 4:3 ratio and a lot of places were selling these $30 refurbished. Definitely not a deal.

  • really?

  • Genuinely curious - how long were these in storage? And what year?

    • From the model I would guess 2007? Probably some company cleared up their offices.

    • Model year = 2007

      I have a Dell 2407WFP (24", 2007 model, Wide Flat Panel)

      Use a DVI to HDMI cable to connect to a PC HDMI port. Still working perfectly and daily for 13 years. No dead pixels either. Now relegated for use with a secondary PC and a Raspberry PI 4. Nicely built and 100% reliable.

  • Ewwwww one way to burn your money. Won't keep you warm tho

  • 13 year old CCFL backlight with very high power on hours is gonna be dim as hell.

  • believe it or not, 4:3 ratio is still used alot in certain industrial applications. I can see the market for this. You really cannot get a good supply of 4:3 monitors brand new right now. Points to the cheaper link in this post for those looking

  • $20 delivery tho

  • $60 for a used non-full HD(1920 x1080) screen in 2020 isn't a deal, no one needs or wants this even at that price

  • I sold a 23.5 inch Samsung 1920 x 1080 LED screen second hand on eBay for this price, which is probably around the going price and I'd argue you'd be better going down that sort of route for this budget.

  • Considering this for retro consoles, anyone know this will be any good for them?

  • I had 2 of these for work a few years back. 1200 height is better than 1080 - makes a difference for excel spreadsheets.
    Was much nicer than the crappy 1280x1024 on the standard monitors other peeps got.

  • FWIW, one of these would make a decent cheap portrait side monitor - the 1200 pixel vertical would make for a useful width in portrait.

    I was previously using a 19" 1280x1024 (5:4) as a portrait side monitor, which I have now upgraded to a 1920x1200 (19:10). But if I was still using the 19", I would have rather upgrade to this 1680x1200 monitor than to a 1920x1080 (16:9), for my usage. I would have preferred the extra width over the extra height (the portrait width was my only problem with the 19").

    (But definitely I would choose a 1920x1200 over 1680x1200, if you can find a cheap one!) :)

  • nevabuy

  • We chucked these monitors out in our school!!

  • These are for those people who go on the internet and say "1080p at 27 inches is unusable"

  • Perfect for arcade cabinet builds.

  • Be aware of this seller. They don't provide you a full refund if their product's not working properly. Probably they make money out of the PayPal handling fee.

  • This is not a good deal, very old model with outdated Tech. Better off fishing for a decent used monitor on gumtree or something. Probably find something much better for not a lot more.

  • Good for arcade systems like a Pandora system. But they cost $10 or free if you search around.. Ive used a few in the past

  • Is this 2005?!

  • There is some use but only if you are looking for really specific monitors such as this. Obviously not intended for everyday-office and gaming uses. Like others have said, retro gaming on emulators or systems may be ideal for someone on a budget wanting to suit that need.

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