Kewpie Mayo 300g $2.99, Baby Wipes 480pk $9.99, Telescope $119, Day Bed $249, Rice Cooker $49.99 @ ALDI


Upcoming catalogue from Aldi starting with baby sale on 22/7 and special buys from 25/7.

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  • Thoughts on the telescope? Can I see Saturn's rings?

    • Maybe see Uranus.

    • Seems like a very basic telescope. You'll be able to see the rings of saturn but dont expect the optics to be sharp. Also the size of saturn would probably be the size of the front camera lens on your phone.

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        I was expecting a scaled down hubble telescope. Can't believe Aldi skimped on the quality here for $119.

    • Save your money and space at home and go to observatorium.

    • Not sure you'd be able to make out the rings, you'd be better off trying to pick up a second hand 8" dobsonian telescope on gumtree. Expect to pay about $250-300 but you can see much much more

    • My first telescope was an Aldi one. It does its job brilliantly for the price (was $99 last year) and the mirrors are well collimated (ie calibrated) out of the box. But the eyepieces are crap, and they have a fair bit of aberration (ie rainbow colours towards the edge of your target).

      You can see Saturn and it's ring as a tiny object, but you will not be able to discern the 3 bands within Saturn's ring. Though, you will be able to spot some of Saturn's brighter moons.

      Jupiter (and it's 4 Galilean moons), Venus, Mercury and Mars are viewable with this telescope too. Not so for the other planets

      • how would it compare to 25x70 or 20x80 binoculars?

        • If your binocular lenses are of excellent quality (ie uses extra low dispersion glass) and, more importantly, mounted on a tripod then they offer comparable views on the lower zoom levels (especially if your binoculars are as wide as 70 or 80mm)

          But this telescope is likely able to go up to 50x magnification with good clarity.

          However higher magnifications that this telescope is supposedly capable of (eg 233x), just has too much aberration to get any enjoyment (not to mention the image will be too dark).

          On my specific Aldi scope, the Barlow 3x lens was poorly aligned and the 9mm Plossl eyepiece had distortion.
          Which meant my best views were only with 12.5mm and the 1.5x erecting lens.
          This corresponds to a magnification of 84x (700÷12.5mm x 1.5 = 84x) that I got for the planets.

    • This is a 76/700EQ scope. The aperture on this would be too small too identify any detail on Jupiter but the biggest bands as well as the Galilean moons. Saturn will appear as a smudge with handles. You will be unable to identify the rings any further detail than this but for a gateway into astronomy, that would still be an awesome sight.

      This scope is only good enough to admire the moon and its craters. This in itself would be worth the money IMO. You could do a lot worse for the price.


      That photo was taken using a phone camera and that telescope. Although the picture is zoomed in quite significantly and Saturn looks pretty small when looking at it through the telescope. But the rings are definitely visible.

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    Nice effort for scanning the catalog, saves me from having to touch the one in my mailbox 🤣.

  • Has anyone had/used this rice cooker before? :) Been in the market for a panasonic 5 Cup but haven't seen one go on sale yet..

    • I am interested as well. Anyone has an idea who could have produced this? In Germany Aldi items are often produced by renowned companies and just not branded.

    • I think people can overlook (or over complicate) how simple rice cookers are. Even a cheap (dumb) cooker will cook perfect rice every time.

      • As much as I want the cooker as my parents always had one. Sort of a set and forget a thing. We have just been using a pot and always comes out good….till the time you do forget :P

        It might be one of those things that just end up in the trolley if I see

        • Automatic rice cookers are worth having. I use my digital pressure cooker (on rice mode) as it saves me having to own yet another kitchen appliance and I personally think that a little pressure does the rice good anyway.

          If you eat lots of rice why not use something that is set and forget that lets you focus on cooking something to go with the rice.

      • After our rice cookers non-stick base started to not stick to the base, got a microwave rice cooker bowl. Hit the rice program on the microwave and comes out perfect. Depends how important a keep warm function is I guess but can get a Sistema bowl for $10. ($11 at Big W)

    • The rice cooker looks like a similar shape to the Tiger brand ones

    • I used to have a rice cooker, but now use a joseph joseph microwave bowl. Absolutely brilliant. You just have to adjust the microwave times according to the rice.

      • That is a terrible deal. $46.85 (shipping is $9.90) for a piece of plastic that you need to microwave vs $49.99 for a proper rice cooker.

  • That hot pot 2-way thing looks pretty good. Thanks OP!

    • I think the divider is removable bruh.

    • if you don’t need 2 types of soup can just use any pot over portable gas cooker. we eat hot pot regularly and it’s just 2 of us so we yse a small pot.

      the electric ones with apot and a grill are great too. but make sure the temp with pot and grill can be separately adjusted.

      • yes! finally, have been wanting to get this when we had our hotpot at friend's place.

        question, so all Aldi should have it in stock and which section does all this thing at, we dont really shop at Aldi :(

  • With all the bicycle sales because of the lockdown, Aldi need to bring back the $40 workstand.

    • Where are the bike sales? Haven't seen any bike deals on ozbargain lately.

      • Sorry, I meant bike sold. You won't find any bike on discounted sales or any bike available. People is just snapping it up.

  • Anyone tried that steamboat pot?

  • Nappies are cheaper this week $8.99

  • I wish they'd bring back their 50$ deep fryer. It was brilliant.

  • Ive seen the day bed gone down to $199 before. This is a normal price.

  • Today bought kewpie siracha mayo at Tong Li asian shop (Campsie NSW) for $1.99. Maybe store specific.

  • grabbed the telescope, try it out on the weekend.

  • Just bought the Aldi day bed. Do not sit on it or you ll break it. I think it s only made to support kids weight, like 10kg max ( i m 75kg).

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