Galax GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER (1-Click OC) $759 Free Shipping @ PCByte


Not as good as the deals from a couple month ago when I was able to get a Gigabyte model for $630 but this seems to be about the best you can get for the time being.

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  • Hold out guys.. RDNA2 and Ampere come out in a few months. 5x better raytracing for Ampere and 3x better ray tracing for RDNA2 over geforce 2000 series

    • Link to confirmed info?

    • We've already seen enough data on the consoles to know that the RDNA2 figure you've produced isn't right. Pound for pound (SM vs CU), it will likely match Turing, which is to say it falls behind architecturally (i.e. clock for clock it is inferior).

      Rumours for Ampere suggest 3-4x improvements, and that correlates with what we've seen so far from the GA100. They've clearly invested R&D in widening the Tensor cores, with standard GPU compute (and thus rasterisation performance) not really improving versus Turing, so it's safe to assume the same kind of work has been done on the RT cores.

  • Must….be….strong……resist……resist

  • Was thinking of getting this as a stop-gap until the 30xx then sell up if those are in budget. (Any RTX will get you Death Stranding free is that right also?) Currently I have a 1060 6Gb… and it's driving an Oculus Quest VR headset, so it would help for that. I'm also gaming at 1440p so this should be sweet all round.

    • Wait wait wait is all you hear..

      Know what you're doing while there sitting around waiting? Gaming..

      • Appreciate the sentiment but there's different degrees of waiting, particulary for something pricey in current market that'll last you 4-5 years+ easily. The 2070S came out a year ago now and the 3000 series is meant to be imminent.

      • Well they're gaming as well unless they're buying a completely new PC instead of upgrading.

  • So I should wait for 5 times better ray tracing in the next series of video cards. Hahahaha just tell me how many games have ray tracing , 5-6 ? Even if it tripled in size RT is not a factor in purchasing a damn game.

    • RT includes DLSS 2, which improves FPS. We may see better lighting with minimal frame hit. Worth watching a few vids if you are in the market.

    • We're coming up on a two year development cycle, so expect hardware features introduced by Turing to start to become mainstream, particularly DLSS 2.0.

    • With the next gen consoles both supporting RT, the library of games will probably explode over the next couple of years.

      Anyway, it would be silly to buy at the end of a generation where the price is substantially higher than it has been…

      • Depends on your situation. I definitely missed the right time to upgrade, probably November last year. Who knew about all the issues we'd be having in 2020, disrupting prices. Now I'm stuck with my 1060, prices are not coming down, etc. I'll probably not be getting more than a 3060 when they come out anyway, which could be into 2021. Good thing is cards are still getting good prices on ebay, and I think will continue to. So even if I take a couple of hundred $ hit in 6 months time, well it could be worse. So I don't think you can blanket say that it's silly.

        • Assuming you're playing at 1080p, I'd hardly call the 1060 being stuck.

          October-January is the window for the RTX 3060, likely around $275-$325 USD at launch. Sit tight, you're doing just fine. :)

          • @jasswolf: Sure, it's all a matter of perspective. The 1060 is 4 year old tech. I used to upgrade yearly, no need now. Anyway I went for it and got another 2070s deal on here. Now I can crank up HL Alyx to Ultra, etc. etc. All good. Will sit back and see what happens with the 30xx.