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XFX Radeon RX 590 Fatboy Core Edition 8GB OC $289.70 + $18.74 Delivery @ Amazon US via AU


I just saw this as i was hunting for a new cheapish GPU and thought it was fairly good deal, not including delivery cost, it's about $90 more expensive than an RX570 and going for about the same price as an RX580 with performance more or less equal to a GTX1660 (based on https://gpu.userbenchmark.com comparisons). However it is a slightly older card, about 6months or so i think.

Please note delivery times are not the best, for me it arrives 30th July - 10th August at the cheapest delivery option (in Melbourne, VIC) but i'm pretty patient as i'm building this for my mum and she isn't stressed about time.

First time poster as i'm more of a lurker so sorry if any rules were broken! >.< There's a GTX1660 version a few posts below this for those who prefer Nvidia cards for something in the same approximate performance range, hope i'm not conflicting with that poster, just thought i'd offer an AMD option :3

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  • Quoting automod over on r/amd

    UserBenchmark is a terrible source for benchmarks, as they're not representative of actual performance. The organization that runs it also lies and accuses critics of being "anonymous call center shills". Read more here.

    Just raising awareness, that site deserves as little traffic as possible. Otherwise this appears to be a good deal, nice find :)

    • From memory when that blew up, it's mainly to do with the way they compare CPU performance. GPU comparisons should still be pretty legit, but they are definitely dodge and avoiding them as possible is still a good idea.

    • 100% agree with that assessment of userbenchmark. In this case though, many legit reviews/benchmarks have indeed placed the RX590 and GTX1660 very close in performance.
      Additionally, the 1660 Super is a good step up in performance and generally worth the extra $50-60 if you've got it.

      • Bought a 1660 Super 2 hours ago. Did a double-take when I saw this on OzB, but I think Super will be worth it.

    • Be that as it may, it still doesn't invalidate his comparison.

      The RX 590's most equal, current-gen NVidia counterpart is the GTX 1660. I always favour Tom's Hardware GPU Heirarchy chart as a quick reference for GPU rankings.

    • I have that RX 580; FYI it's only 6pin power delivery and utilises a rather barebone design for the heatsink.

      In other words - Doesn't overclock very far, also hot & noisy AF under load.

      • nothing wrong with that heatsink it even has 3 heatpipes

        the main reason its noisy/hot is the rx 580 = pre-overclocked rx 480 which is why u don't have much headroom, also the thermals are terrible because heat output goes parabolic the more you overclock, on the flip side the opposite happens if u undervolt/clock, you can drastically reduce heat/noise particularly if you tweak the fan curves

      • i got the 1650s, was bout to go full build but decided to hold onto my moneys for now. currently using an rx 380

  • $289 for a 3 gen old card is ridiculous.

    • GPU market has stagnated the past few years, hoping RDNA2 and RTX 3000 cards are actual upgrades this time. The base RTX 2080 was more of a downgrade to the 1080ti and it hurt the whole generation of GPUs.

    • It's about performance not age. If I could get a 1080 ti for $289 when the 3000 series comes out, I would be ecstatic.

    • $289 for a 3 gen old card is ridiculous.

      So post a deal for an equivalent current generation GPU, like a GTX 1660 or a RX 5500 XT 8GB, for the same price.
      There aren't any.

      The performance-per-dollar ratio of GPUs has dropped dramatically since about 2018, hence why these old cards are still worthwhile purchases for entry-level gaming PCs.
      In 2017, $700 could buy you a GTX 1080; now that doesn't even get you an RTX 2070. Computing hardware prices have gotten rather inflated for everything except storage.

  • Damn, looks a good deal. I just paid and picked up a r580 8gb from umart for $279 this morning. Good value cards from my research.

    • bruh u got scammed, werent they those prices like 3 years ago…1660 Super for $350 provides wayyyyyyyyyyyy more performance. And the 8gb is completely unecessary and a waste unless its like 10 extra.

      • Really? I couldn't find better. Been out of PC world for more than 15 years. Nice to be back, ripped off or not!

  • OP don't forget to try undervolting the card for better thermals and potentially better performance.


    • +4 votes

      My 570 undervolts brilliantly, stock clock speed but draws a lot less power and produces less heat.

      Though at this kind of money at 1660 super is looking good if you can stretch a bit.

  • Isn't there 1660S going for $350 which is equivalent to a 1070…bad deal

    Offering "AMD options", horrible take…buy the best value..from AMD, nvidia or intel or whoever.