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Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 $221.81 Delivered @ The Gamesmen via eBay


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I was looking to buy an Elite Series 2 controller and this is the cheapest deal I can find currently. It will be fully compatible with the upcoming Xbox Series X. I'm not sure if it's eBay Plus exclusive but it is free express post for me as a Plus member.

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  • $2xx enough to buy the console XD

  • I bought one on launch and aside from having to return my first one for a faulty (clicky noise) trigger, it's a really good controller.

    • I have the original still going strong after a couple of years but I really am buying the new one because I want bluetooth compatibility for the occasional phone game and when I game on my computer, it'll save me having to use the wireless USB receiver on my PC from now on.

    • $200 plus good?!?!?! wow

    • I have an Elite V1 which I use with my Switch - so very comfortable! Question - does anyone know if the Brook X One Adapter works with the Elite V2? Thanks

      • Going to say no, as the elite V2 is usb-c not micro-usb

        • Dammit! That's a small but very important detail. Thank you

          Might grab one anyway to use it cabled on the Switch (ie USB-C —> USB-A —> COOV N100 Pro adaptor)

    • I returned mine three times for the same. Never broken a controller before that.

      While this is series 2, I wont go near it after that experience.

  • Did they fix the rubber grip issue from the Gen 1?

    • I believe so - But I had the issue after 24 months (happened randomly and was pretty distraught as I'm super careful) - bought some replacement grips off Amazon for about $20 (https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B01M0Q0QI8/) - can't even tell they're aftermarket and took 20 seconds to replace - so now it's like new.

      • I bought those, but it doesn't include the inner part of the rubber grip, just the side part. And both parts have come off on my v1 Elite.

    • It seems the "grip" on the V2 is actually part of the controller now and not a separate piece glued on, haven't seen any reports of the grip being displaced in the 9 months since released. A few people with complaints of sticky buttons/triggers, stick drift, squeaky triggers and whilst still probably not great for a $200+ controller only really a small % of overall sales you'd think.

      We are lucky in Aus though giving you'll get at least a 2 year warranty out of it from MS if not longer with ACL.

    • Diff grips completely

  • Can someone please explain to me why anyone would spend 50-75% of a console's price on a single controller?

  • +2 votes

    This makes me feel not so bad about how much I have spent on PC components.

  • please enlighten me how this is x2.5 price of standard controller?

    • Adjustable tension on the thumb sticks, swappable height thumbsticks, swappable D pads, adjustable trigger locks, can add on paddles for more functions, can program it to save 3 different button profiles and swap on the fly, built in battery and charges in the case or supplied dock…probably more but that's off the top of my head.

  • Just wanted to say a controller is the core part of a gaming machine, just the same as buying mechanical keyboards and gaming mouse

    You always pay a premium for obscure electronics like this and it is the best available

    • Arguable in regards to best available but yes why not pay more for what you use heaps.

    • Well, it's the best Microsoft one available.

    • I'd say it actually depends on the games you're playing. You wouldn't use a controller if you play CSGO or Dota 2 religiously for example. If you play those games mainly but want to play I dunno, GTA V or Sleeping Dogs casually, I would say a DS4 or vanilla Xbox controller would work fine in that sort of setup.

      I don't see many gaming mice that are $200+, keyboards can go for $200+ but there are plenty that go for $100-$200, and keyboards are used for much more than just gaming, I.e. you can use them for general typing, work, programming etc.

      A controller is only really used for games (I guess you can use it for Netflix or something too but I doubt many people do that). It seems that this controller has more buttons but I'd say the RRP should be $200 max. If it was $150 that would be easier to stomach. But hey it seems people are ok with this price, so whatever.

  • I got this from jbhifi asking for their best price. $215

  • Some of you have clearly never heard of SCUF and the likes…
    A lot more expensive for essentially the same thing. This being this price and a first party product is great in comparison.

    I own one of these since Nov last year and it is by far my best purchase. The weight is great along with the feel and especially as I get sweaty hands.
    The paddles with racers are great too, can’t go back to a normal controller

    • I’ve been looking at a controller for PC and I’d agree this is the best “value”. More expensive ones $350-$400 have issues too. If it wasn’t for the fact i have a ps4 and likely to get a ps5 I’d have gotten this. Holding out till next gen release now

  • Makes the original controller feel like you're holding a brick.

    Probably the best $200 I've spent in a while. Yes, I paid $200, or thereabouts for a Elite Series2.

    • Same around Nov last year from Microsoft on eBay.

      • I had to use an old controller last week because I'd put the Elite on charge but it wasn't sitting properly on its base.

        I quit playing after a couple of minutes because of the lack of response and the awful feel; there's no going back now.

  • It's funny seeing people complain about the price - I recently upgraded from using my Switch Joycons in the controller dock to a Pro controller and it's utterly night and day. Makes playing a much better experience and I can only imagine this controller provides a similar (if not far better) experience than the default option. Those customisable options are great too - I always wished Sony brought out something like this.

    • The Switch Pro Controller is a lot cheaper than this though. Granted this one has paddles etc. But its more than twice the price than the Switch Pro controller. Even for $100 or whatever the RRP is, the Switch Pro controller is less painful to buy considering how average the standard joycons are and how much of an ergonomic benefit you'd be getting from the Pro.

      The standard Xbox controller is about $70-$80, so this is about 3 times the price. The standard joycons are about $100, would you have happily bought the Switch Pro controller for $175? (Discounted for the fact the Pro controller doesn't have extra paddles etc).

      Seriously surprised people think $200+ for a controller is a good deal.

      • I guess where I was coming from with that is I was more than happy with the Joycons for 18 months, paid the extra coin and couldn't have been happier. The same would go for this - there's nothing wrong with the standard controller but once you've tried the Pro I feel you'd never want to go back. $220 is no short change, but there is absolutely a market for this kind of item.

        • I don't disagree that there's a market. Was simply trying to equate the price of this to the price of the Pro controller (which is much cheaper and easier to stomach), and that it's not really comparable to say paying $100 for a Pro controller is the same as paying $200+ for this controller. It'd be like paying $175 for a Pro controller and IMO that's a rip off even if it gives you a noticeable benefit.

          For the average person the Pro controller would provide a much better experience because of how average the joy cons are. This controller seems to be for the more hardcore gamers that need the paddles for extra inputs. Not worth $200+ IMO.

  • I think if the quality control was much greater on these they would be well worth while.

    • I think there were issues with the first generation controllers but I've not read too much about the latest model.
      My S2 certainly is superbly put together.

      • My V1 was replaced several times (mostly the grips) so now I've got a Razer, which is better quality, bizarrely enough.

        Mate has the Elite V2 and it has already been replaced once…

    • Kind of shocking that if they're gonna sell something at this price there are quality issues.

      Thanks for whoever downvoted this, you must think that defects are acceptable.

      • As far as I am aware the quality hasn't changed between the series 1 and series 2 just the design changes that have eliminated some of the problems.

        Down voting should be a privilege at this point on this website

      • Got 2 year warranty why worry?

        • Why after paying $200+ should one be bothered with having to get a replacement?

          If it was cheaper then sure that wouldn't be an issue but for that much you would expect it to be defect free IMO.

  • I realised I had enough Telstra points to redeem for one of these and it arrived last week. Very happy with the build and feel of it, I probably wouldn't have paid over $200 though.. but I'm a bit cheap like that ;)

  • Honestly i would consider it if a little cheaper.

    Sole Purpose is for use on PC.
    My current Xbox 360 controller i've had now since 2010,
    I wouldn't mind getting a wireless model, given how long they last it's not that bad value.

    My keyboard and mouse were about the same price ;/

  • +1 vote

    How long is the warranty? 2 years? :/

  • I've had the first version for over four years now and I've been lucky enough to have never had any problems. I was tempted to sell my original and get the Series 2 but the built in battery has turned me off. I always have Eneloops ready to pop into my Xbox controllers when the batteries run out so hate the idea of having to keep charging the controller itself like I do with my DualShock 4s. I really hope Microsoft don't have batteries built in to the controllers of the Xbox Series X!

  • Best controller ever 2 year warranty as well from Ms

  • Anyone know if these are part of JB’s frequent 20% of gaming accessories promos?

  • These are quite good, I have one.

    I would recommend people purchase reWASD with it though so you can get the best out of the paddles.

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