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Logitech G Pro Wireless $139 + Delivery @ Kogan


Was browsing around and found this great deal. Not the lowest it's ever been, but still lower than The Good Guys Christmas deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/508306. Most places seem to have it for $219+

Update: Thanks for the positive feedback! Also fixed a spelling mistake.

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  • Great price. Been looking for a while, bought one

    Thanks OP

  • Is it worth upgrading (if we can call it 'upgrade') from G703 ?

    • totally different mice

      shape weight.

      both mice are end game tier.

    • I've got the 903 and wondering the same. Had I never seen this post, I would have been completely happy with it XD

      • That G Pro wireless is very light. You will feel the difference in weight when compare to G703 and G903.

        I have and use both wireless Pro and G903. I prefer the wireless Pro because it is so light.

  • Amazing price.

  • Great Price, got one. Ty OP.

  • Really good price. Thanks.

  • Grabbed one. Cheers.

  • Good price, thanks

  • Does this have the hyper scrolling and side scrolling?? Doesn't seem to by the looks of it but I thought all Logi's had 'em..

    • This mouse is built entirely for gaming, that feature adds unnecessary weight.

    • Mx Master is the series, nice but heavy.

    • Just game with the MX Master Mouse…that's what i did until I bought a Model O. Now I have two mice, one for productivity and for gaming. Although the 59g weight of the Model O vs the 145g weight of the MX Master Mouse makes me want to use the Model O for productivity as well now and then since it's so light and therefore easier on the wrist.

  • I use this mouse with Logitech powerplay mouse pad/ charging base. Never need to charge mouse anymore.

  • Sold Out as of 8:37AM

  • Seems like it's ozbargained :(

  • I was thinking to go pricematch in JB, but its sold out already……

  • Noooo missed it.

    If someone bought multiple could you be a bro a sell me one haha

  • god damn it it got ozbargained…. i shouldn't have finished my breakfast first :(

  • great mouse. it is lighter than most mice as well. try to keep it away from any interference like a router. I had mine next to it and everything was fine for a few weeks and then the connection started to be inconsistent.

    Battery is great if you turn off the rgb

  • For anyone looking for something similar, I purchased a Logitech G304 on Catch of the Day for $80 using the $20 off ZipPay purchase promo.

    From what I've read they're very similar mice with the same sensor, though the G Pro can go up to 16000 DPI, where the G304 only goes to 12000 DPI, though I don't know anyone that plays with their DPI that high anyway. The big plus for me was 250 hours of use on a single AA battery with the G304, rather than frequently having to charge/buy a charging mouse pad for the G Pro.

    The Catch price isn't the cheapest it's been, however there seems to be less availability options for the G304 as it wasn't ever actually released in Australia.

    • I have both a wireless G Pro and a G304 and while they perform similarly, the plastic on the G304 is noticeably cheaper to touch. The G Pro also has two additional side buttons on the right hand side that i do use for some games.

    • I used the G304 for about a year and have been using the G Pro for about 7 months. My G304 just sits there gathering dust now.

      The main difference is the shape. The G Pro shape is (for me) a lot more comfortable because the G305 has a low profile and is a bit too small. G Pro is rounder, has a more solid build (giving it a more premium feel) and weighs less. You can do the al foil battery mod (to use AAA batteries) to reduce the weight on the G305, but the battery can move around which got really annoying after a while.

      Personally I would choose the G Pro, if you can get it at $130-$140 mark.

      • I've been using a G303 for yeeeeaaarrrss now, and even though I have giant hands, the small size just really works for me. I've tried a couple bigger Logitech mice and they just feel super uncomfortable for some reason, plus the extra side buttons always throw me off a bit, found myself always accidentally clicking them, or when I try to click them, I'd find myself also left or right clicking accidentally.

        Hoping the G304 does the trick for me, hopefully the extra weight won't throw me off. I've already ordered a AAA to AA adapter for a couple dollars from China in case the extra weight is too much. :P

      • The GPW would be slightly big for people with smaller hands. I almost purchased GPW but ended up choosing G305 which suits me perfectly.

        Not to mention you can further reduce the weight on G304 by using lithium AAA and fill the gap using aluminium foil.

        Edit: also the AAA battery should last you a couple of months (some mentioned 6 months) . I personally prefer this over wireless charging.

        • Good to hear.

          The only reason I started to look into a wireless upgrade was because I'd recently done some hardcore cable management with my desk, and the only other thing I could make tidier was the cables from my keyboard and mouse. Was really surprised to see that the bulk of the wireless mice out there require frequent charging. Glad I stumbled on the G304/305 as I'm already using a G303, so I figure it'll be very similar, minus the cable.

    • I have the G703 and was looking for a lighter mouse so i bought the g304 to use the battery mod and can confirm it feels much cheaper in both material and build than the g703.
      The g304 is still a good mouse but i ended up sticking with my g703.

  • Damn I’ve been waiting for a deal on this for months. I must have gone to bed 5 minutes before this was posted.

  • This is a damn good mouse, been using one for more than a year. Wish there was deal on the powerplay mat.

  • Damn sold out already…

  • Is it larger than G304? Bought one from deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/545930 and felt it is a bit too small for my hand.

  • If any of you are still looking for this, you could get it on the kogan/dicksmith ebay store for about 167 delivered

  • Bought one this morning. Eager to see how it goes when it comes in.

  • sold out at 8 am?

  • My main mouse, would recommend.

    I use it over the glorious o, have no cable is amazing

  • Be warned about the detachable cable….I don't really like this. Good for recharging while in use but better detach it before playing, happened to my Logitech Pro X Mechanical keyboard that didn't work properly due to that cable when using a laptop but ok for PC.

  • I've got 2 x G403 & 2 x G703, with PowerPlay wireless charging system. Can't be more satisfied about them.

  • I missed out, would you guys recommend waiting for another sale or just bite the bullet? How often is is discounted this deep?

  • Pretty bummed, missed out on the Kogan and eBay prices!

  • Ah, missed out. Great deal.

  • Anyone else get emailed that their order is going to be delayed by 3 weeks?

  • Your Kogan.com order of "Logitech G Pro Wireless…" has been shipped

    2 weeks earlier than expected