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[PC, SUBS] Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Included on Xbox Game Pass PC from Launch (RRP $99.95) @ Microsoft


Greetings everyone, Microsoft Flight Simulator has been confirmed for an August release and it has been confirmed that this will be included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC which is awesome :)

Start preparing for take-off. Xbox Game Studios and Asobo Studio are thrilled to announce that Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on August 18, and you can pre-order on Windows 10* or pre-install with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) today.

We have been thrilled and humbled by the support and dedication that has fueled the Flight Sim community for the past 38 years. Since the launch of the very first Microsoft Flight Simulator in 1982, we knew it was finally the right time to develop the next-generation version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. We have the right tools, technology, partners and hardware to release the most realistic and authentic flight simulator to date. Microsoft Flight Simulator features include:

  • Vivid and Detailed Landscapes – Immerse yourself in the vast and beautiful world that is our planet with more than 37 thousand airports, 1.5 billion buildings, 2 trillion trees, mountains, roads, rivers and more.

  • A Living World – Earth is vibrant and ever-changing and so is the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator which includes live traffic, real-time weather and animals.

  • Highly Detailed Aircraft – Hone your pilot skills in a variety of aircraft from light planes to commercial jets with comprehensive flight models. Every aircraft includes highly detailed and accurate cockpits with realistic instrumentation.

  • New Checklist System – From pro to beginner, scale your level from full manual to full assist with interactive and highlighted instrument guidance and checklist.

  • Dynamic Weather – The new weather engine enables users to switch on the live weather mode to experience real-time weather including accurate wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rain and more.

  • New Day & Night Engine – Experience flight at any time of day or year allowing for night VFR, visual flight rules, navigation.

  • Aerodynamic Modeling – A state-of-the-art physics engine with over 1,000 control surfaces per plane allows for a truly realistic experience.

As always, enjoy :)

Credit: HUKD

Users who wish to block "Additions to Subscription Services" can do so by adding SUBS to their front page customisation. * Xbox Game Pass, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus are considered additions to subscription services.

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  • YMMB here I come

    • For maximum reality remember to keep the game off for 14 days after arriving at your next destination.

  • Genuinely had no desire to play this, but what the heck, it's in my sub. Will give it a go and see if it's any good. Visuals look amazing.

      • Sadly if what alpha testers are saying is right then, despite the downvotes you're comment might be pretty accurate.

        No VR - VR take a bit more to implement so a later addition of VR is vaguely understandable.
        No Head Tracking - unforgivable, very easy to implement and should be the minimum standard.
        Bad physics
        Bad controls
        Airports described as 'empty'

        Sounds like they are pushing it out way too early.

        • I hadn't heard that and it's definitely a shame. Though I was (am) an X-Plane fan, and wish they would partner with Google Maps and do something similar, FS2020 had the potential to actually be the perfect sim, and would've been worth waiting another year for. On the bright side, it's certainly exciting that there's still room for improvement, as long as someone does actually improve on it.

        • I 100% agree on with the no VR. Microsoft's fear of VR is starting to piss off a lot of people when everyone is on board with VR in many flight sims but Microsoft.

          this may have been good back in 2002 but useless in 2020

          you also can't fly into building anymore it seems in flight simulator.

          I don't agree with you on the controls since its designed to be paired with real flight controls in a real simulator.

          The controls are meant to be based on a real aircraft. I suggest if you want a toy simulator with controls a 2 year old can fly I would play GTA V.

        • No Head Tracking! I can't think of anything resembling a Simulator that doesn't support head tracking! This is a hard no deal for me. That being said, these things will be implemented at some point, can't ask for everything at launch these days

  • Only Standard edition is included. Deluxe and Premium Deluxe are not. They add more planes and airports.

    Also need that you need Win 10 1909, a relatively recent processor, and a spare 150GB.


    Minimum requirements
    OS Windows 10 (v. 1909)
    Processor Intel i5-4460, Ryzen 3 1200
    GPU NVIDIA GTX 770, Radeon RX 570
    Memory 8 GB RAM, 2 GB VRAM
    Storage 150 GB
    DirectX DirectX 11

    • Honestly not as demanding as I thought it'd be.

      • Bare in mind those are minimum's not recommended. I don't think the experience will be very nice on a machine that just meets minimums.

      • +3 votes

        This example from the Alpha (from a couple of months back) running on an i9-9900k/2080 shows it struggling to hit 30 fps at 1080p with settings at max: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1RT4y137Ao?from=search&seid...

        (Yes, that poster broke the NDA.)

        I'm personally thinking that my 2080 won't be able to handle this at 4K or when they release the VR update.

        • I'd probably wait for a release review, an Alpha is usually very poorly optimised with lots of debugging still turned on. I understand some of the rendering is taking place in the cloud so it should be easier to run, but hence the required subscription.

          • @jkart:

            I understand some of the rendering is taking place in the cloud so it should be easier to run, but hence the required subscription.

            There's no subscription required, you get the standard edition included if you have Games Pass but you can still just buy the game standalone (and have to for the Deluxe/Premium Deluxe Versions) — you don't need to pay a seperate subscription to play the game though.

            This example from the Alpha (from a couple of months back) running on an i9-9900k/2080 shows it struggling to hit 30 fps at 1080p with settings at max

            Keep in mind max settings is probably using a lot of computation power rendering parcticles in clouds and light refractions, reflections, etc. — you don't have to play at max to have it looking great and often the difference between High & Max in games is not very noticeable except for your FPS halving. It's nice to have when you come back to the game in 5-10yrs time and can run it on max without a hitch though as you know you are getting the best possible fidelity.

        • thats ok most people don't own a 4K VR headset.

          most people will have a oculus rift S or oculus quest to use.

        • I’ve been running it on a 3600x and 2080 at 1440 ultrawide on very high/ultra settings and it’s been perfect.

    • will this work on macbook pro 2017? i7 16gb.

      • No Idea I'm afraid. I didn't make the cut for the beta program so I'm finding out at the same time as everyone else, and I'm not a Mac user but it looks like 7th gen i7. If so you should be okay but I wouldn't order till I was sure.

      • +13 votes

        Apple computers and gaming are mutually exclusive XD

      • Probably well enough but not at retina resolution if you have that

      • With Intel integrated graphics? No

      • Not a chance with a default setup. Add an eGPU to your MacBook Pro with say a GTX 1080 graphics minimum and you should be good to go (get as much graphics power as you can afford, go higher if you can).

    • Is this 100%? I was able to select the Premium Deluxe edition and do the pre-order download on my game pass sub.

    • Running 30-40fps on 1080 medium
      I7 2600k @4ghz
      8gb ram
      Gtx 780

      Its definitely doable

  • Will it support VR headsets (Vive, Oculus, etc)?

  • Pricing for pre-order on the Microsoft AU store:

    • Standard $99.95
    • Deluxe $139.95
    • Premium Deluxe $179.95


    Definitely go with Gamepass if you're just wanting to play Standard.


      You might be able to buy the upgrade packs for the Game Pass version too, based on some of the comments I've read and as is the case with some other Game Pass games.

  • Premium Deluxe for $179.95, that's pretty steep but if you really into flight sim, so be it.

    • For that price you can get a pretty sweet yoke or joystick or pedals (not all 3) and the older FSX or X-Plane. So even if you're a simmer it's not a straight up choice.

      • Apparently planes and airports in Xplane i think it is are like $60 per plane and $30 per airport so that'll add up.

        • You can get free planes including those that come with the sim or you can pay USD400 and up for the right to use addon aircraft commercially. MSFS will come with planes as well but the addons won't be free for it either and if you've ever heard of PMDG, you'll now that $60 is dirt cheap..

    • I look at it this way, the next flight sim is more than likely over 10 years away so whats an extra $80…

    • people pay more than this for Collectors version of games.

      pretty sure this is not as expensive as people think.

  • What’s the cheapest way to get a game pass subscription?

  • I've played it, and without breaking NDA, it's worth the money.

    • With respect, that's going to be very subjective. People get very different things out of sims, and some people find them too boring to play if they're free.

      Don't get me wrong. At that price I am glad some people are impressed.

    • This is the first post on a public forum that I've seen that has recommended it.
      I'm sceptical.

  • Anyone have any idea if Cashrewards/Shopback consider Xbox Live Games as Xbox Games for that 5.5% cashback?

  • Do I have to serve 14 day quarantine if flying into Melbourne Airport?

    • You can't fly into Melbourne airport. In the game or real life 🤣

      • +2 votes

        You can fly into MEL, it just won't be a handcrafted airport.

    • you should fly a bomber and fix the problem of Melbourne right away in flight simulator………… too much??

    • Seems like Sydney Airport (YSSY) is included in the standard edition? Its in the list on the linked page.

    • Sydney International is available.

    • +8 votes

      The 30-40 airports included with the game packs are "handcrafted", meaning they're manually modelled with a high degree of fidelity. The layouts and visual appearance should be pretty true-to-life. The ~37,000 other airports are procedurally generated based off satellite imagery/aerial photos (and other data).

      Edit: Replying to edited comment.

      • Correct you are. Sydney is there, sorry don't sure how I missed it. It's a start, here's hoping a lot more come out

    • That does not sound correct. My understanding is you can use all airports in the game.
      But some are much more detailed and true to life because they have been handcrafted.
      Happy to be corrected if I am wrong.

    • This is not true. All airports available to use, only 20-40 will be as high detail as what you see in the trailers.

    • Its not "just for show" there are 37,000 airports available to land and takeoff with them being hand created. The one seen between editions are merely super detailed. Think of default airports being a 9/10 compared to P3D or X-Plane, with the detailed being 10/10.

      All other airports are designed with azure and Bing maps telemetry, combined with crowdsourcing from the alpha forums. These have still been "hand crafted" but to a lesser degree.

      Ive played it.

  • Will be epic once Orbx improve Aus from default (that's if there's still a decent market in them doing their home country first before the bigger markets..)

  • When this was announced I was really hoping, despite not believing, that it would come to Xbox. When I saw "Xbox Game Pass" in the title I was like YEEEEEAH but here I am with my Chromebook sitting in envy for the first time in, basically ever, of computer gamers. Enjoy, you (profanity).

    • It's bound to come to Xbox Series X, and based on Microsoft's policy going forward, if they make one for Xbox Series X then they'll have to release it on Xbox One too.

  • Omg omg omg omg omg

    Need to talk to wife about getting a joystick
    Also just bought an ultrawide for dis shit.