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Cenovis Sugarless Chewable Vitamin C 500mg 300 Tablets $7 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This looks like a fantastic price, $1.40 cheaper then the last deal. Equal cheapest price according to Camels.

Amazon appear to be price matching the Woolworths Online Only Offer, if you prefer you can also order there (click & collect with $30 minimum spend or + Delivery). It's currently $16.49 at CW.

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    Mom, could you get me some of those Flintstones chewable morphine?

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      There's no such thing!

  • thanks ordered!

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    FYI these aren't like gummies they are more like tictacs in flavour with the texture of a fruit tingle

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      sounds good to me. Because the vitamin gummies are NASTY

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        Also I find most vitamin gummies smell REALLY bad (even though they sometimes taste alright)
        Is that the same for you too?

        • yeah just depends which one.
          I just think in general they either smell bad or taste bad.

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    thanks OP, about time for a restock

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    This year's the first time I've religiously taken these, and I haven't had a bad cold or flu yet. knocks on wood

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      It's probably the knocking on wood that's preventing you from getting the cold not the vitamin C

      • I have a rock that keeps tigers away if you're interested?

  • It puzzles me why the stores sell Vitamin C tablets in such a big dosing. The recommended intake for Vitamin C is 75mg-90mg, assuming you don't get it from your diet at all. Any expert care to share some advise?

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      This is rough from what I remember about vitamins but it usually depends on the form the vitamin comes in. 500mg of ascorbic acid (vit. c) does not mean 500mg of vitamin c. That said you don't always get a 100% absorption rate either depending on the vitamin form.

      I'll delete this comment if someone corrects me.

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        Yeah I recall Derek from Veritasium doing a video about vitamins. I recall the source of the vitamin being important. Also, water soluble vitamins such as C are simply ejected when you take too much. Fat soluble vitamins such as A and E can fairly easily be overdosed and cause blindness or worse.

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          Also, water soluble vitamins such as C are simply ejected when you take too much.

          "People with chronic liver or kidney conditions, gout, or a history of calcium-oxalate kidney stones should take no more than 1,000 mg a day." — from Harvard Health.

          So you are not so healthy, you might get kidney stones from taking too much Vitamin C. If you are a healthy person, do you really need to take 500mg of Vitamin C daily?

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        500mg of ascorbic acid (vit. c) does not mean 500mg of vitamin c

        I am not sure if I agree with this comment. The recommended dosage is for ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), if a supplement company decides to list that as the active ingredient, then they are referring to the same ascorbic acid we are talking about here.

        • He's talking about bioavailability. that just because you take a 500mg pill, didn't mean your body will actually absorb all 500mgs

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            @damontyler: Correct. Your body would absorb what it needs, which is usually 75mg-90mg daily for an average healthy adult, you pee the rest out, or they ended up being kidney stones…

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      The recommend intake is the bare minimum to not get deficiencies / scurvy. Not necessarily the optimal amount.

      • I am not sure what you mean by "the optimal amount", there is very little evidence to support what these companies are claiming about taking a large amount of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) daily, you should only take supplements when you have a deficiencies. The daily limit of Vitamin C is 1000mg, over that, you might experience side effects like diarrhoea and gastro discomfort. If you are old and less than healthy, then the occurrence of kidney stones is increased.

        Above all, taking unnecessary amount of water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin C is the same as flashing your money down the toilet, you are just expelling expensive pee. You can't even store it in your fats like Vitamin D for laters.

        • And I was deficient, and I had to take much more than the "recommended intake" to get back to normal levels.

          So in my particular case, RDI was not optimal

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            @damontyler: Vitamin C is not stored in your body, you don't take more to "get back to normal levels", if you are deficient, you take the amount you need daily, assuming you get none from your diet.

            EDIT: Upon research, the treatment for Vitamin C deficiency is to take higher dose of Vitamin C (so I was wrong there), as advised by your doctor. The supplement should stop after and eating a balanced diet would prevent the deficiency in the future.

            Eat more fruits and vegetables, kids. Australia has amazing produce, no need to waste money and pee your money down the toilet!

            • @Banana: Idk what to tell you. I got tested and came back deficient, despite eating an orange every day.
              Doc told me to try supplements. Re-test and I was back slightly above normal levels.

              I'll trust professional medical advice, over a random on a bargain website. (Especially now I've checked your profile)

              • @damontyler: An orange has about 50mg of Vit C, so if that's the only source of Vit C you were getting…well you do the math…

                If you've checked my profile you would know that I have a Bach in Sci. Not saying I am an expert in anything, but I at least know how to identify a primary source of information and read a few scientific reports. Fair enough that you were tested and advised by a doctor to take supplements for your deficiency. My original comment was more targeted towards why these companies are selling such high dosages and questioning whether ozbargainers know that taking excess supplements and peeing them out is not a bargain.

                • @Banana: Oranges are much lower than most people think for Vit C. It was a marketing campaign by the orange growers in the USA ages ago, that hung around. Bit like if I say "We all enjoy our vegemite…" or "2 all beef patties, special sauce…" you can complete it. Broccoli is a much better source of vitamin C.

    • That low amount keeps you alive. All water soluble vitamins will go through you, that's why rather than 1 big dose, you are better to have a bit through out the day. But the big question is how much is too much? Your bowels will let you know. Google 'bowel tolerance for vitamin C' and you will see that too much will give you the runs. Here is the thing… When I have a cold, the point of bowel tolerance is much higher. Yep when I'm sick I can smash big doses of Vit C, and have a speedy recovery. If I have more than say 10% of that much when I'm not sick, I would have the runs. Give it a try, slowly increase your vit c and see what your number is to get loose bowels, then reduce it back a bit, so it's back to normal down stairs and that's your bowel tolerance number. When you have a cold, try it again, and you will be amazed as to how much you can take. I use straight ascorbic acid powder in a capsule, not these lollies with fillers, flavors and sweeteners.

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    CW have Wagner Vitamin C 500mg Chewable 500 Tablets available for $10 when on special for those interested

    • Yes. The Wanger and Swisse one look safe, although Wanger one contains sugar

      • How do they look safer than the Cenovis… just out of interest

  • got one cheers OP

  • 300 pack out of stock from Amazon fulfilment? 100 pack for $7.49 is available.

    • Available again on backorder, in case you missed out.

      • How do I back order?

        • Sorry it's sold out completely now.

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    Woolworth online is at same price

  • Nice tasting and cheap snack. Cheers

  • Now none of you guys concern with the saccharine sodium in Cenovis Vit C

  • The 1000mg 60 tablets is cheap too

  • +1

    Back in stock

    • Thanks just bought 1

  • Available again (5 remaining)

    Edit: More now

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