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Razer Blade 15 2019 (i7-9750H, GTX 1660 Ti) - ~A$1886.34 + ~A$313.79 Shipping @ eGoodies via Amazon US


I am currently looking for a laptop for my cyber security study next year and saw this on Amazon US
considering all the RTX model are normally above 2.5k for razer.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Shipping cost of the year

  • I dont think this can be delivered to aus.

  • Unless you really prefer Razer's build quality and design you can get better performance from an Asus g14.

    • I really want g14, but seem like I cant find any deal for it.

      • Fair enough, scorptech has one for 2500 with the 4800hs. Here's the link: https://bit.ly/3j63cI7

        Has a 512gb ssd instead of the 256gb one in the Razer and this g14 also has the 1660ti. Comes with assassin's Creed Valhalla too which you could probably sell or gift to someone.

      • check if this helps

      • SaveOnIT seems to have some. Better check with them.

      • The problem with the G14 is we don't get the 1080p 120hz screen in the 1660ti and RTX2060 models here. You're stuck with the WQHD 60hz screen which all the reviews don't seem to recommend as it is apparently a battery drainer and dimmer then the 120hz. Plus I don't see the point of 2k in a 14 inch laptop.

        I'm waiting until we get the option of the higher video card with the 1080p screen.

    • Razer's build quality and design?

      I had to return a Stealth 3 times (constant freezing) only to get a store credit and get a Blade (spent extra $1000), that also used to blue screen every 2 days (BUT OK now to be fair updates seem to have fixed a lot of the problems), but just after the warranty ran out the battery expanded and nearly destroyed the chassis and track pad so I had to remove it altogether.

      They look great, no doubt, but quality is very, very sub-par, add to that support that is overseas and takes 2 days to get back to you on every email and it's a brand I would NEVER buy again.

      Just FYI.

      • Wow a negative vote from an obvious Razer fanboi.

        Was giving a true account of my experience in response to a comment on here. It's not even an opinion it's fact. I'm pretty sure this is not how you're supposed to use a negative vote (for a truthful statement)

        I can show you the complete email trail if you like.

        Nevermind - you've already made up your mind.

  • Good choice considering that RGB is now a prerequisite for all cyber security courses

    • All real professionals are throwing out their Thinkpads and buying the hottest noisiest lowest battery-lifiest GaMiNg!1! deskbooks

    • Hahaha this comment got me good.

      Well done sir/maddame.

    • I picked up a refurb Lenovo Yoga 720 for $1050 for my course and it's a mild sleeper. GTX1050m 4GB with 7700HQ 16GB RAM. Works well after an undervolt and repaste to the CPU and GPU + slight GPU overclock.

      No RGB bullshit just full aluminum and glass construction with no hint of GAMER energy while other people in my class are coming in with chonk Dell G5s

  • Add the $ it's giving me anxiety without it

  • If you're going to drop this kind of money, either get latest 10th gen or Ryzen 4000+.

  • +2 votes

    Cyber security study and a gaming laptop. Yeah.

  • Not worth your money for this type of configuration.

  • should include taxes as well, its over $1000!

  • im thinking of buying a new future-proof gaming laptop.

    im seeing a lot of ryzen 4000+, is this the one i should buy?

    • I’m waiting for a well specced Ryzen too mate

      • does it matter which brand?

        • Hi danieroo honestly, I don’t think it matters which brand as I’m currently using a three year old Acer with the understanding that I am lucky it lasted just one year.
          Did have an issue with the mechanical HDD which I swapped out for SSD over a year ago, single biggest improvement ever.

          Not a brand snob, but having said that the Acer is 720 so I will be wanting a 1080p screen and a good one at that, so maybe 300+ NITS whatever that means.

          512 SSD desirable but not essential
          The new WIFI desirable not essential

          Bluetooth to Sennheisser headphones Essential.

  • I bought the Asus Tuf A15.
    Sure its got RGB and a shit battery life, but also has a 4800H, 16gb 3200 ram with second slot, 500gb m.2 with a second slot and a 1660ti all for $1900.
    Upgraded to a wifi6 card for $30 on amazon and ill upgrade to a second 16gb ram stick when a decent deal pops up.

  • Hi mate, I like the idea of Backlit keyboard but I have no idea about that colourful thing haha. Instead of Coloured can you make it White??

    The specs on the ASUS look good, not sure what the ‘45% NTSC’ means or if it’s good for 1500?

    Not so much actual Gaming, I don’t game except for a bit of NWN a very old game but, I am very handy at my own software and pretty simply I am just looking for the best specs for min $$$