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MSI Trident A 9th Gaming Desktop (20% off Was $3299) + Free MSI G27CQ4 Monitor $2639.20 + Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


20% off + free monitor via redemption.

Key Features:

Intel® Core™ i7-9700F (8 Cores, 3.0 GHz-4.7 GHz 12MB Cache)


16GB DDR4-2666MHz SODIMM (1x16GB) RAM


512GB (1 x 512GB) M.2 NVMe PCIe GEN3x4 SSD

Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 9462 1x1 802.11ac + BT5

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  • B360 mobo, 9th Gen Intel, single channel 2666mhz ram and a 2060 super.. seems expensive….

    • and only half terabyte of storage with no HDD's included. For this kind of price you would expect some over-the-top storage too…

    • Got a Z390M, i7-9700, RTX 2080 Super and 16 Gb RAM for a lot less (around $2k mark) from TechFast.
      The only difference is warranty.
      I paid another $200 for an AOC 27" monitor.

    • Yeah the original price of $3200 made me think it would have alot better specs.

  • It's not apples-for-apples / brand-for-brand but this recent one from TechFast is $1599

    Core i7 9700 - Just the 9700F with an integrated GPU? Which isn't needed because of the discrete GPU.
    RTX 2070 Super 8GB - Better than 2060.
    16GB 2666MHz RAM - Same memory
    480GB 2.5" SSD - Smaller, non NVMe SSD
    Gigabyte 650W 80+ Bronze PSU
    B365 motherboard - Older motherboard/chipset
    MSI MAG Forge 100R case

    So… is it worth paying an extra $1000 for a slightly updated motherboard, worse graphics card, and an extra 30GB of SSD storage?

    • You have the MSI 'brand' however much that's worth (sweet FA imo) and you get a 'free' 27"

    • The MSI is a niche product .. sfx build.. expect to pay a premium.. it also seems to be prebuilt and ready to ship… easily worth the extra $1000 … then add in the legit copy of windows ($169 RRP).. 3 years warranty ($Priceless)… k/b & mouse ($120 RRP)and bonus monitor($598)

      Similar to comparing David Jones and the Reject Shop I guess..

      • You know what, you've convinced me. Once you add up all the extras, especially the monitor and the Windows licence, it's a much more comparable bundle. Neg revoked.
        (Only just saw the reply notification now, or I'd have responded on Thursday)

  • Underpowered GPU for the money if gaming is the priority

  • Not a deal at all

  • There's been so many good deals posted for prebuilt PCs in recent times, and it's clear that this is not one of them

  • It is pretty expensive but i will say i do rate the aesthetics of the case

  • Very expensive. The monitor makes it a slightly better deal as it's worth over $700. But you're still paying a lot for what you get.

    • I was thinking this but with the release of the g7 we might see some monitor prices drop to compete hopefully.

  • I have an older Arctic version with a i7 7700 and GTX 1070. Heres some of my experience in these MSI Tridents for anyone interested in one of these:

    It runs well, a lot of gaming power in a tiny PC, but you pay for the form factor. If you are willing to get a normal sized PC you can get something more powerful for the same price or same power cheaper.

    It runs pretty cool considering the cramp inside when you make a decent cooling profile, by default it is garbage, like a gaming laptop and will throttle. Make sure you turn on CPU cooling to active instead of passive (which is default) in Windows to keep the CPU temps at a good temp all round.

    Also make your own custom fan curve for your GPU. By default the fans don't run unless they have to, so the gpu gets very hot very quickly and jets the fans. It's better to make a curve so the fan is always running preventing that huge spike in heat and keeping the fans running quietly but smoothly and efficiently.

    Another good point is these are quite customisable if you are willing to fiddle inside. You could change nearly every component you just have to be cautious of the power, as these use a brick which will only draw so much. You could upgrade the CPU and RAM, but have to be rather picky about it. The SSD and HDD's you can change to pretty much anything you want, m.2, sata ssd and hard drive. The GPU's used are MSI Aero ITX. I could upgrade the GTX 1070 to a RTX 2060 Super and probably not run into any power problems, but waiting on the next gen cards for more bang for buck. I believe these also fit Gigabyte ITX cards, it just won't sit as well as the Aero has the right tabs to screw onto the case.

    I've only run into a couple actual issues using it:

    • The bios seems to reset settings every now and then which leads to me needing to set up the ssd/hard drive boots so it will actually boot windows. Not sure what that is, maybe the CMOS battery needs changing? Not a big issue just annoying when it happens.

    • Being a kind of custom motherboard it needs specific firmware and programs to use it efficiently. Some MSI websites are missing some of them, so I needed to go to the Chinese version website to get the file there. I find this is a common problem with MSI websites, not very well organised and not easy to use for their customers considering the price you pay.

    • MSI's help desk are all Chinese staff with poor english, it is very hard to understand their help when you have an issue like the above and ask them for help. I basically needed to figure everything out myself.

  • I bought this and think its a pretty decent PC. It looks great, comes with a monitor (via redemption) and a decent keyboard/mouse.

    Yeah I could have built one cheaper, I had some gift cards I wanted to use so didn't fork out too much out of pocket.

    The size of the case was the deal winner for me, I wanted something that would look good on my desk. Those custom built ones can be huge and ugly.

    It's super quiet and has that 'wow' factor when someone is to see it for the first time.

  • Can I purchase, get the monitor and return the PC? Lol

  • LOL
    I built my self i7 1070 with Asus tuf gaming z490, 16 GB 3200 ram geforce 2060 super, 1GB WD SN750 etc for much less that this

  • Yes, it is not that great of a deal for the parts.
    But as someone who values aesthetics and space this is still a deal.
    This is one of those special mini ITX formfactor prebuilts meant like the corsair one, so the comparisons here are not fair.

    It's not for everyone but this price makes sense, especially now that there is a monitor included.
    I'm not getting it myself, but I built myself a mini ITX system before and the price of the parts (especially a decent sfx psu, riser, mini itx board etc) are way more than the normal ATX size parts and it was harder to build.

  • MB is 6 phases small ITX board, I doubt 9 gen i7 will hit power limitation wall. Also it uses single channel DDR RAM instead of dual channel RAM.

    I'd rather to say it should not be called as "GAMING DESKTOP"!