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Nakamichi Delta 100 Bluetooth 3-Way Hi Fi Speaker System White $69 + Shipping @ Soniq via MyDeal


Found this deal looking for another one I purchased a while ago (for a lot more money b.t.w 😬)
I think I paid approx $250.00 or so on sale from J.B.
I love this little powerhouse and for this money good luck beating it for quality and output.
Its not portable i.e needs mains power but as an allrounder for small homes/flats etc it can't be beat.
Their r.r.p is a little wacky bit still a good deal.
Have a good day.

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  • I have the Delta 50. And it sounds great. Bought for a couple hundred from JB's.
    Just bought the 100 now.

    Thank you.

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    Is that an image of the Delta 50?

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        I wonder which model they will send out?

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    Nakamichi is just another has been JP brand now CN owned

    same mob as sansui and akai

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      I miss those years with real hi fi equipments.

      • Still got a Nak deck and Sansui tuner lurking in my rack.

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    Yes - the brand doesn't have the gravitas of its glory days - which was a looong time ago.

  • Image is different on the black this is missing the woofer

  • Just got one thanks - says 4 left - so if anyone hesitating now is the time (was 10+ when I first looked at it).

  • OOS

  • Wow that was quick. Enjoy 👍

  • Bluetooth 4.0 or 5.0?

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    Ordered one about 30 minutes ago.
    Just got an email saying my order has been refunded - no reason given.

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      I got the same notice, very unfortunate

  • Has to be a pricing error

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    I'm the OP
    Just got the same mail.
    I'm a little mad.
    Sorry to all who ordered. I assume all will get the message since I was the first purchaser.
    Not happy Jan.

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      Not your fault :)
      Saved myself $81 haha

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        I've mailed them asking for a reason. Only fair.
        Bets on a response ? 🤔
        Have a great day

  • $169 now.

    • Lol. I imagine office staff and web devs rigorously scurrying around all irate because mistakes were made ! 😛
      Never mind.

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    What's the difference between the 50 and the 100?

  • I can't any difference in appearance or in the (limited) specs available to me.


  • "+50W RMS woofer output"

    Oh, I see. I was confused by the 50 being shown here.

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