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TPG Fibre To The Building 3 Months Free (Available to TPG FTTB Locations Only) @ TPG Internet


Already an existing customer but called yesterday and they applied this voucher to my account anyway. Saved $180 in total
worth it
And honestly TPG works better than the top Vodafone $95 joke plan I used before. Though service isn't so good.
Not FTTN sorry, if you are still using vodafone you can also call them and tell them you are going to leave then they will either offer you a 5% off for 6 months or 1 month free for one time to keep your business.

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      • Yup, you gotta pay $10 delivery fee

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    I've have an ultra stable and fast connection since moving to TPG FTTB a couple of years ago - NBN was just installed to the building also but from what I heard from local buildings that had both, NBN was very problematic….. I almost feel bad for calling up / trying this - they asked for an email of the brochure image… I cut and paste a section of the offer but kinda obvious that they are all the same image if others are doing the same.. Not sure it's worthwhile - I suspect they are getting a bunch of calls at the moment the same..

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      there's no harm in trying, the worst they can do is say "sorry, but no". It's not like you've done anything wrong by asking that they attempt to apply the promo code to your account.

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    The customer service rep said the code will be applied in 24-48hrs. Already an existing FTTB customer, I just provided the code, the rep didn't ask any questions.

  • I have TPG FTTB with the Archer VR1600v modem/router provided. One thing I noticed is that the speed keeps getting limited to around 50mbps.

    If you login to the router admin settings and go to advanced, and go to bandwidth control, the box is ticked by default. Turning that off gives you 100mbps, but it keeps turning itself back on every few days which is incredibly frustrating. Not sure if I've got a faulty router or if others experience the same.

    • Get a new/better VDSL modem. :)

      • Anything you'd recommend?

        • TPLink VR2800
          TPLink VR400
          Draytek Vigor130
          Asus DSL-AC68U

          I have the VR2800 and also a Draytek, the Draytek has issues syncing higher speeds, no idea why.

          • @Turd: How do you find the VR1600v vs VR2800?

            • @tlai: I never got the VR1600v, I had the Chinaspyware HG659 which I had in bridge mode. It was ok, sync'ed at around 85/34. VR2800 is also in bridge mode but sync is higher ~93/33.

    • I don't know if my modem is good or not, but this is my test result on TPG FTTB + Netgear D7800


  • I just called and was also told, "no promises i have requested it and you will be emailed within 24-48hrs". thanks OP and everyone else with their comments, gave it a try, call took 10mins. Called 131423, Option 1, 3, 2.

    Worth a try. Good luck everyone.

    • Called 131423
      Option 1 - Sales
      Option 3 - Mobile ??? Line got answered at that point. That person redirected me somewhere else.
      Was talking to the person, was asked to email the photo, used the provided one.
      Was told the request is sent and it might take 3-6 business days.
      So I guess some manual process is involved.
      Not holding my breath though since it supposed to be for new accounts only.

      • The code should be working with existing and new customers

    • Did you get confirmation?

  • I called them up. They said I need to move the plan to FTTB and take up a new contract. Not valid on my NBN 50 plan

  • Hmm, if this gets knocked back, would switching to iiNet with code ULTRA3 be a good option? Currently TPG FTTB. Or would that code not apply because of same parent company.

  • Rang them requesting the credit to my FTTB account. Didn't work unfortunately they said it's only for new FTTB accounts. T_T

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    Didn't work for me, new customers only

  • If interested in TPGs FTTB network, I found them quite eager to install into more buildings if they are in your area . When I was living in my apartment which is only served by Telstras own fibre network, TPG were happy to come install our building even if I was the only customer. Body corp didn't mind as it wasn't going to cost them anything. Sadly Telstra had ruined the copper wiring they would have used and our building wasn't suitable. But still I thought it was quite cool and at the time would have roughly halved my internet costs.

  • well I called them, they requested to send the offer through the email ( as they said that only apply for new customer, there, I said okay If I have to cancel my current plan, I will =D ) after that they said that they will back to me within 24/48 Hrs or earlier. one thing that I noticed is that they already familiar with that code or they are getting a bunch of calls about it :D xD.


  • According to @boku iiNet has the same promotion, code is "ULTRA3". To avoid setup fee, it's only 6 month contract as oppose to the 12 months of TPG.

    However, I believe will have to pay extra for the modem with iiNet

    • Nop, it's free, I just signed up today - you do however have to pay $10 to get the modem delivered, but that applies for TPG as well I believe.

      • Is this a call in offer? I cannot see the textbox to add the voucher code.

        • I'm not too sure, my plan was claimed through phone.

  • called just now ( existing FTTB customer) and was told the best they can offer is one month free.

  • I'm with iiNet FTTB and seeing all the screenshots posted in here, I'm wondering why I'm only getting 20 Up compared to the 30+ others are getting. :(

    • I'm only getting 20 up as well and it's synced at that. I suspect my complex has been throttled due to high density and high demand.
      My download speeds are only around 60Mbps. When it was first installed in the complex, I used to get similar to everyone else posting here. 90+ up and ~40 down.

      • I had TPG FTTB here when it first came out ~7days after it got connected, at the time speeds on the ChinWei modem was ~80/34, overtime it stayed that way, recently I bought a new modem (not one given by TPG) and got syncs of 93/34.

        TPG/iiNet did say in the t&c's that upload is 20Mbps, but at the time when I got mine it was advertised as 100/40

      • see my comment below, might help you get back full speed.

        • I removed the bridge taps on the line and now get 100/40 sync speeds :)

    • Which modem are you using? Maybe yours is modem limited/locked?

      • I'm using the supplied TP-Link Archer VR1600 that iiNet gave me just as TPG is providing here.

        • Invest in either:

          TPLink VR2800
          TPLink VR400
          Draytek Vigor130
          Asus DSL-AC68U

          I have the VR2800 and also a Draytek, the Draytek has issues syncing higher speeds, no idea why.

          • @Turd: Bummer. I was going to get Draytek.

        • YMMV, but go into the router settings ( in your browser, username admin, pw admin) and untick bandwidth control under advanced and hit save. You'll get full speeds again.

          You may notice that your router crashes when uploading large files (happened to me on two separate Archer VR1600 modems).

          A workaround was to tick bandwidth control and set the uplink speed to 1mb less than the current upstream rate displayed. For instance, my upstream rate is 40957kbps, so i put 39*1024=39936kbps as my uplink limit.

          I've stress-tested the modem by uploading files totalling 50gb to onedrive with no issues now (modem would previously die at around 500mb uploaded and require a restart).

          this saved me from forking out a couple hundred bucks on a new modem/router. Good luck!

    • I removed the bridge taps in the apartment and now getting 37+ constantly


  • I just signed up! :( Do you think I can call?

  • No deal for me, only for new customer only, or for people that moved to FTTB plan

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    Legend…. way for it!!…. dary

  • Called customer service and was told it's only either for new customers or those switching to this service.

  • I'm an existing FTTB customer (not NBN), sent an email to TPG customer service and got the following response:

    "Thank you for your email.

    We note your FTTB promotion query.

    Please be advised that FTTBFREE promotion are offered to a new FTTB sign up, existing customer who change the plan or relocated their service to an FTTB address.

    We regret to advised that the promotion are no longer being offered to an existing FTTB customers.

    Please let me know if I can assist you further."

    • You came too late, I am also an existing customer for months but had it worked

      • Did you get confirmation?

        • it worked for me and other early birds

        • But i think you can still get at least 1 month off if you make a call

        • Pretend you are leaving

          • @ozbbcuk: I called them, talked to three people. I was on hold for most of the 20 minute call. Each one of them told me that I was not eligible because I was not a new customer (have been with them for few years). I told them to apply common sense as I was not under any contract terms with them and can disconnect and connect again. I asked to talk to a supervisor and she said 'you are not eligible' - couldn't answer me back when I said I can disconnect and reconnect again - just a solid 'no'.
            They said they received a lot of calls since yesterday with people like me asking for the same thing.
            I am quite tempted to disconnect with them for not applying common sense and the incompetence/poor customer service.

            • @zDave: switch to iiNet FTTB using the ULTRA3 code to have 3 mths free, easy

              • @objtrim92: Thanks.

                I had a look at iiNet FFTB and it says that there is a $110 installation fee (without Fetch)
                I am also considering if there would be any disruptions to connect with iiNet - now that I am working from home I cannot afford to spend a day without internet connection.
                all that for $70, but being without the internet for any period of time is a deal breaker.

  • Aside from this deal, I've started having FTTB issues… packet loss, when it has been relatively stable last few yrs. Hopefully it gets sorted soon.

  • Fair play. They called back as promised. Couldn’t have the deal as I already had it 18 months ago when I signed up :) That’s fair enough!

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    Hey guys,
    I called and they requested a front and back photo of the voucher lol - must have been ozbargained
    Any chance you could upload the back?

    • they asked for the same thing with me. when i questioned the value of doing it they referred to the terms and conditions which says you must be a new customer.
      waste of time.

    • happened to me too..

  • Party over they know it comes from a online forum!

  • I have been with TPG for 3 years now after my initial 18 month contract. I have never received any free month promotions. I called them and it was a painful process but I eventually was offered two months free for a 6 month contract.

    Let me simplify the process for you.

    Call TPG and ask to be transferred to the cancellations team. Explain that you want to cancel your service because new customers are offered better deals than loyal customers. Technically once you have cancelled you will then be categorised as a new customer. Or you could just change the account into your partners name if you have one. If they want to play hard ball you will have to disconnect and reconnect for $180 value ( 3 months free). Or in my case they offered 2 months free for a 6 month contract which avoides a lot of hassle for both parties.

    I understand that there business model is to send leaflets in the mail to encourage new customers, obviously TPG never wanted this flyer to end up online. However now that we all know that TPG are giving special treatment to new customers it's obviously going to leave a sour taste in the mouths of loyal existing customers that are not currently locked into a contract.

    As with all telecommunications companies, they will always play hard ball initially, but ultimately they don't want to lose your business, so as long as you stick to your guns you will end up better off $$$.

  • I am an existing TPG FTTB customer, moving house this weekend. Called them up regarding change of address and also gave them this code, and they applied it straight away. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, I was offered 3 months after stating about this pamphlet… The agent never asked me for the photo. Initially she told me one month is free and later after quoted about this pamphlet, I was given 3 free months without hassle. Apparently installation can take atleast 10 days.

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