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Mercusys Halo S12 (3-Pack) AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System $89 + Free Delivery @ Wireless1


I received this code and deal details from Wireless1 staff.
Mercusys is TP-Link sub brand and quality is similar to deco series m4 3 pack and cheapest.

Apply S12 Code at checkout. Enjoy :)

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Mercusys Halo S12(3-pack) AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System | One Unified Network | Seamless Roaming | Whole-Home Coverage | Hi-Speed Wi-Fi | Ultra-High Performance | 2 Year Warranty

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  • Ethernet Ports:
    2 10/100 Mbps ports per Halo unit

    • Does it mean that it can't actually go faster than 100mbps? That's pretty bad

      EDIT: it's either a typo on their spec screen, or this thing is a ripoff: doesn't matter how fast your wireless is if you can't go faster than 100mbps outside of your wifi network

      • Yeah 100 Mbps max.

      • how fast is your wireless?

      • Um, our NBN service in majority of Australia is averaged at 100mbps, unless you are lucky enough to get the super costly 1Gbps service. FTTC/FTTN is between 25-90mbps, HFC/FTTP in VERY limited areas caps out at 100mbps -150 mbps to 1Gbps select areas.

        From the specs its ac1200, on 2.4 ghz it has a bandwidth of 300mbps and 5 ghz has 867 mbps.

        Unless you have a media server (HTPC) )for multiple users or doing a lot of local network file transfers, this is plenty for NBN internet.

        • Isn't the point of a mesh that they interconnect using WiFi for better coverage of your house/business? Not ethernet? The Ethernet ports are for if you happen to have a device that cannot use wi-fi?

          • @The Bolta: depends how you set it up, you can use mesh systems as an extender so the base device is ethernet cabled to the router and the others are repeaters that are connected wirelessly.

            the other way is all the devices are cabled into the main router and acts as a separate access point but will be using the same SSID.

            either way it will create the mesh network and extend the wireless internet range, and looking at the specs you can cable directly like you said for non wireless devices

        • It doesn't matter necessarily that your Internet is capped at 100Mb. If you have content you stream internally within your home network such as files and media content then you would utilise higher than 100Mb if it was available.

  • M4 has gigabit ethernet connection.
    Similar to Tenda Nova MW3 in spec and price. May even be rebadged by specs and looks.
    Still good to see affordable mesh solutions on the market.

  • Looks good for the price. Anyone have experience with this product? Cant find any decent reviews online.

    • Havent used any other mesh systems, just these.
      A bit dopey to pair together, so watched YouTube videos repetitively in foreign languages felt like I was an idiot.
      Had a power surge and then all the devices overlapped ips or something so had to reset them.
      Apart from that, im really happy. Main router has strong wifi as a backup and ethernets for the main stuff.

  • Its free delivery.

  • Ordered it now, didn't find any reviews but for $89 no harm in trying, thanks for the post :)

    • They look like kids building blocks but im happy with mine

      • I'm just curious, what is you NBN plan and how are you speeds with this wifi mesh

        • Nbn 100. Havent tested a whole lot as everything seemed alright and its not devices i particularly care about being fast.
          40-70s up.. 30-40s down?
          My router wifi with minimal devices seldom gets 75+. Varies hugely. Shit building and not much choice in the matter. Its a huge upgrade from what i had.
          Having issues though since the power went out on my apartment. Think i need to replace my router so cant fully tell. The mesh is up but the internet keeps dropping out, but there are ethernet ports around the house that have lost connection lately. (Renting in an embedded networked apartment)

          • @Cinnamon Crunch: What mesh system are you using?

          • @Cinnamon Crunch: I miss having a patch panel and ethernet ports throughout the house - would be great for connectivity… for those who read this and do, the original Google Wifi mesh supports ethernet as a backbone between the mesh units!

            • @jace88: Ah my apartment has built in ethernet ports in the nbn box, 2 to the living room and 1 to the bedroom.
              Last night decided to put the bedroom ethernet into another mesh unit. The port or router wasnt working when I tried to do it originally. Now is, so hoping it drops out less.
              Was amazing the first week until the power went out.
              I was on mobile internet before this and had a good modem/cradle router setup but new building crippled it. Now im back on a stock nbn router

  • Not much reviews available. Not sure to buy these or Tenda.

  • Or Kogan…
    you know, they fluctuate between between $370 and $99 lol

    at least that way u get it in english

  • Is this better than Netgear Orbi RBK50 ?

    • Nope, Mercusys Halo S12 is lower end & Netgear Orbi RBK50 is top of the range for wifi 5.

  • Deco and Tenda have perfect app maintenance and updates ….. I question these ….

  • Thanks OP - grabbed one and will see how it goes!

  • Super random, but is anyone aware of a mesh networking system that does NOT require the main unit to take control of your network? For example, I use an Untangle firewall, DHCP, cache, etc but my Google Wifi is only being used as an AC point, as to mesh it requires the Google Wifi to become the router (which would be a drop in security and performance for the network).

    • Yes, most mesh systems allow you to run them in "bridge mode". I do this with the Tenda MW3 system and it works flawlessly in conjunction with my Nighthawk R7000 (running a port of Asuswrt-merlin firmware).

    • +2 votes

      TP-Link Deco, Netgear Orbi & AmpliFi by Ubiquiti Labs can be configured as the mesh wifi access point & let Untangle do it's thing.

  • Probably a really daft question but how do you power these things? With the way they market these things it's like you can expect them to power themselves. 😂

    I have the combined issue of two extreme dead zones combined with no power outlet along the way, and no Powerline/EoP or PoE without cabling the place up.

    Footnote: We had Powerline, which worked, but Strata had to install hard-wired fire alarms which destroyed the signal for some reason.

  • Interesting that the box and photos show 3 units but the specs say 2 - anyone not realise this and ordered?

  • Hey guys, I have bought a set of these from this deal, too late really to ask this, but can i just connect this to my IInet modem, and use the Halo 12 just for the Wifi mesh side of things?



  • Bought one, thanks Op, will see how it goes after reading above comments as there are no reviews much on line

  • I just paid $342 for the Orbi RBK23 and i cant tell if i have made a good or bad decision….Should i cancel order and get something like this?

  • Does anyone know if this can create a meshed network using the SSID from a 4g modem? I'm using a 4g modem that doesn't have any network ports to connect to the base station.

  • I ordered these on the 17th and got a PayPal confirmation, but never got a receipt or confirmation from wireless1. Is this normal?

  • I just got these and am trying to set them up with no luck.

    How does it work if I want this to replace my nbn FTTC modem (am on TPG)

    Tried inputting the wan settings but does not seem to work

    • I am having the exact same issue !!
      got mine one delivered today and unable to set it up
      I am having same FTTC nbn and TPG as ISP :(

      I don't think you can bypass that white NBN device (with blue lights) but I thought we can bypass existing TP-link wi-fi modem/router provided wih NBN device and just use this one of the mesh router….but if I do that I even don't get solid green light as mentioned here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xe8hleqtdc

      If I connect back that TP-link modem/router and connect one of this Mesh box to it then I get the solid green light but still can't load the gateway page as mentioned in Instruction Manual.

      Has anyone had any luck ?!!

      • EDIT: I've got mine working finally

        • how did you get it working? it seems no matter what i do it stays red.

          Both with and without the original modem. What ports did you plug in and in which order did you do it?

          • @applekorez: I called their support (TP-link) no. actually.
            After waiting for an hr. I got to speak to their consultant…. who had no clue either about this product.
            She was reading out the Instructions from the manual too basically, but when nothing worked…… she asked me to RESET this Mesh router.
            So I did that and to our surprise I got landed to that gateway page which I couldn't open before.

            However, I couldn't bypass that TP-link router as I thought.
            If I connect this Mesh router directly to NBN device, I don't get Solid green light on it (which indicates connection to Internet)
            So, I had to connect NBN device to TP-Link router (WAN port) and then connected this Mesh router to TP-Link router (one of the LAN port) which gives me solid Green light on Mesh router and I got Internet connection too.

            So, please try to RESET that Mesh router you're connecting to Modem/Router…….it should do the trick!!

            • @P4phantom: Yeah I can't seem to get mine working either haha.
              I tried directly connecting it to the HFC Arris Modem (the black NBN box) and it won't light up green. Does this mean I HAVE to use the stock Huawei HG659 router and just use the S12 as access points?

              The reason I got this was to get away from the limited stock router TPG gave us.

              • @Castcore: Yes, I'm afraid.
                I also wanted to get rid of my TP-link Wi-Fi router provided by TPG and thought that this will replace it.
                But that doesn't seem the case.

                You have to leave your NBN Dervice connected to wall socket > Then comes your Huawei Router > which then connects to one of this Mercusys Mesh router.

                Also, as I mentioned please try to RESET this Mesh router. I could only able to connect after I RESET it.

                I also posted this query on Whirlpool forum > https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/32k2yjx9
                and got couple of response as well.
                I tried following steps mentioned by one of the guy but had no luck !!
                see if that works for you.


                • @P4phantom: Thank you! I did get it working by plugging it in the ethernet port of my old Huawei router which is a shame because I wanted to use the mesh system as the router and not just as the wifi but looks like it won't be possible.
                  The reason I wanted it was because TPG has my Huawei router setting locked down without root access so I can't change basic things like DNS settings :(

                  Will continue to work on a better solution but for now looks like these don't work as routers and only work as wifi mesh APs

          • @applekorez: and @P4phantom
            I have posted a comment below describing how to setup the router without needing to use your old TP-link or supplied router. You will still need to use your HFC Modem or FTTC modem though, the one that converts the cable signal to WAN.

            Hope this helps!

    • [SOLVED]
      For those that are having issues and are with TPG, iiNet or Internode, these companies use 'PPPoE' and 'VLAN Tagging' for their NBN which has a few extra steps to get the Halo S12 router working directly with the HFC modem (no need for old router).

      1. When setting up the router select PPPoE as your WAN setting (even if Dynamic IP is suggested or Auto-recommended).
      2. Enter the username and password that your ISP gave to you when you signed up. For TPG it's just you login username and password.
      3. If using the quick setup, continue with setting up your SSID and adding your additional wifi points.
      4. Once complete with the quick setup. Go to Network then IPTV and enable IPTV. Also make sure you set your mode to "Australia-TPG" if you're with TPG (this mode will also work with iiNet and Internode). Click save!
      5. Once you've done that, the LED should light up green and you're good to go!

      See settings here: https://imgur.com/a/4CsaFIQ

      Big thanks to Remode over on the whirlpool forums for giving this info! (See here: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/32k2yjx9)

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