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TCL 75" C815 4K Android QLED TV $2188 + Delivery @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


This deal 'should' also include a bonus $200 e-gift card as well as 1 year of Disney+. Therefore bringing the price down to $1,988 after redemption.

Currently $2545 on the consumer TGG website: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/tcl-75-inches-c815-4k-premium...

The TCL C815 television sets itself apart with its 10-bit 100 Hz VA panel on the 65 and 75 inch models (TCL 65C815 and 75C815). Therefore $2,188 seems to be a good deal if the TV meets your needs and you can access GGC

(from the TGGC page)
TV Technology:QLED
TV Processor:Quad Core Processor
Screen Size:75"
Screen Resolution:3840 x 2160
Display Resolution:Ultra High Definition
Colour Technology:Quantum Dot
Refresh Rate:100
Motion Rate:400CMR
Smart TV:Android TV
HDR Format:HDR10 Plus
Sound:Dolby Atmos
HDMI Input:3
USB Input:2
VESA Wall Mount Size (mm):400 x 200
Weight with stand (without stand):37.5kg (36.8kg)
What's In The Box:User Manual, Remote, Voice activate remote, batteries, AV lead
Manufacturer's Warranty:3 Years
Release Year:2020

EDIT: Screengrab of the deal for those who want to pricematch without TGG Commercial membership:

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    How does this TV compare to the Hisense Q8 75 inch ?

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    I just find it difficult to fork this much for a TCL

  • Strange, still showing up as 2208 when I login.. Im thinking about grabbing one of these, id just love to read/see a review on it first. On paper the only thing that might be an issue is the nits (only 400) but it ticks all other boxes.

  • +1

    I don't believe you can use gift cards on their commercial website.

    • +1

      I don’t think any of the promo stuff applies to commercial website

      • So you would be better off trying to price match instore to get all the extras?

        • Yep. I read that a few people on the 65" C815 deal got TGG to price match the OzB/Commercial deal - so would then get the Disney+ and e gift card.

        • +3

          I would, yes. When I recently bought a split system, Fujitsu cash back, store credit, Cashrewards etc did not apply to the commercial site and it was cheaper for me to pay ticket price from the normal store with those benefits.
          But obviously do the math yourself before purchase to figure out what’s best

  • +1

    Interesting how TCL has
    3 year warranty, most other brands are on 12 months

    • In reality others with 12 month warranty won't run away with it. If my TV dies on 13 month and don't get it fixed or replaced, I'll talk to Fair Trading. 12 month is not reasonable lifetime for a TV.
      My Samsung 50" is still running strong since 8 years.

      • My last Samsung plasma got replaced by Samsung after 4 years, because I came back from holidays and it had a huge lines down the screen.

  • Is the panel on the 55 inch model not the same?

  • +2

    Why should there be a gift card? Nothing is written about gift card on the commercial website. If you're assuming that bonus is transferred from the consumer website but the price isn't, thats not a realistic assumption.

    Otherwise that price without bonus is pretty bad.

    • Why is it a bad price? Even if you take into consideration the $200 gift card you get from the normal GG, this price is still cheaper?

      Or are you just saying you wouldn't spend this on a TCL?

      • I dont care about the brand. Its more the deal. I can literally post every single TV on GG commercial site otherwise.

  • +2

    I'm looking for a 4k 65" HDR screen for movies and also for streaming games in 4k from my PC (Shield TV) and have a preferred budget of under $1500. Any recommendations TV gurus? I'm tempted by the TU8000 for $1295.

    • If anyone's interested I ended up picking up the above mentioned TV for $1200 from HN. They were the only ones that had it in stock (I didn't let them know that though of course)

  • Lots of discounting on the Chinese brand televisions (TCL, Hisense, Changhong, Konka) and tv brands owned by Chinese companies like: Toshiba, Hitachi, Phillips, AWA, JVC, Polaroid, TEAC. Guess it’s a sign of the times….

    • +3

      TCL and Hisense are not in the same league as Chandhong, Konka, Toshiba, Hitachi, Phillips, AWA, JVC, Polaroid and TEAC.

  • +1

    No HDMI 2.1

  • +1

    I tried to call locals for price match, they didn't eve bother to listen to which TV. As I said price match with commercial good guys…straight way answer you need to buy from them we do not price match with them. I read as well from OzBargain previous post ppl managed to get it but not me..

    • +1

      Try your luck going in store. I think if you go in store, look at the TV, and then have a rep come up to you. You can then say, I'm interested in this TV, but not the price. Commercial has it for x amount, as listed on the sale website OzBargain. Can you match that? If they so no, walk out. They want your business.

  • "What's In The Box:User Manual, Remote, Voice activate remote, batteries, AV lead" - TV is not in the box?!

    • lol come on mate.

  • How does this compare to the hisense q8 75 inch?

    • Really?

      Read the above specs. Then read the specs of the Q8. As a starting point, the Q8 is ~$1300 more expensive.

    • q8 is better in every way, because q8 is (back lit with FALD which gives close to OLED like blacks)

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