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2% off Bunnings Warehouse eGift Cards @ AGL Rewards (AGL Rewards Members)


2% isn't much but I'm not sure where else you can get discounted Bunnings gift cards, might be handy for someone planning a big project or tradies out there.
They come in $50, $100, $200 and $500 cards.
Maximum daily order of $500 and monthly maximum of $5000
1% Surcharge applies to credit card transactions (MasterCard and Visa), Direct deposit payments incur no surcharge.

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  • You can buy them using Coles gift cards in Coles. It will give you usually 4–5% discount + FlyBuys points (0.5% value).

    • Can you still buy gift cards with gift cards at Coles though?

      • I dont think so

        • do it all the time - last one was as recent as last week for Coles master gift card 2000 FB points..bought Bunnings GC couple of months ago, paid via coles GC

          • @maverick1: Yes, Just got the self serve check out and not the register !

          • @maverick1: That's a bit of a game changer if that's the case, I didn't think you could but maybe I just assumed it from the Woolworths changes ages ago. Anyone eligible for this deal (AGL rewards members) can still get 5% off Coles gift cards so that could be the way to go.

            • @donkcat: Yes, Cant do the same at woolworths but can at coles ..untill they change their POS

              • @niish150887: True. Coles eGC can be used to buy Cole Group & Myer physical card in the beginning, but was stopped later. If Coles management wants to adjust it further, it is an easy POS update. There are reasons that it is still OK to buy 3rd party cards with eGCs.

            • @donkcat: With AGL Reaards you can only get 4% off Coles gift cards now provided you pay by bank transfer. There will be 1% surcharge if paying by credit card.

          • @maverick1: The last time I did it (which was almost half a year ago), as long as you use self checkout and not choose split payment, the system will let you pay with gift card.

            A few points:
            1. The self checkout staff might be looking at you and depending on how “involved” they are, they can refuse to let you pay with a gift card.

            1. If you select split payments, then the transaction will get locked and you will need the self checkout staff to unlock it for you.

            2. Since you can’t use split payments, you have to make sure that you have enough balance on your existing gift card to fully pay for your new gift card purchase.

      • For Bunnings gift cards even staff approval on selfcheckouts is not required

    • Can you buy them with FlyBuy pts ?

    • hard to find 5% on coles Egc these days plus CC surcharge..hardly anything left on the table..

      • +1 vote

        In this case (AGL Rewards), if you can get Bunnings eGC, you can get Coles eGC.

        • Agl surcharge eat away the savings, and they take ages to deliver

          • @lgacb08: Not anymore, they have improved. It depend on which giftcard. WISH card always delivered within the same day. Coles one used to take up to 3 business days, but one day now.

  • You can buy 1% off (somehow even worse haha) macquarie marketplace (you'll need a free transaction account)

  • Combine with Bunnings Powerpass Card for extra 5% off most tradie items at Bunnings. ABN required in application.

    • And a phone call to verify etc. But pretty easy. That being said, many of the items that are on special arent any cheaper on powerpass. But for daily items 5% is the norm.

    • Be careful with powerpass, if you want to claim warranty then it'll be treated differently compared to domestic use

      • Do they deny warranty claims for Ryobi or ozito products as they are typically DIY? That is pretty much all I can see being an issue particularly as they have 3-5 year warranty. I fully expect my circular saw that has gone through a Forrest of timber on my DIY renovation to fail at some point.

    • Does that mean i can use my Powerpass 5% off, then use my bunnings giftcard obtained through coles self checkout method 5% to get a further discount?

  • You can print money with this deal, albeit very slowly. Bunnings gift cards don't carry balances. If you have credit left, they give you a new card in minimum $10 lots. So if you have a $50 card (that you paid $49.50 for) and buy a $0.05 nut, you get back 2 $20 cards and $9.95 cash. Use the $20 cards in the same way and you end up with 5 nuts and $49.75. Repeat over and over and over again, and boom; you're a millionaire with a huge amount of nuts.

    Questa mattina mi sono alzato.

    • Who wants to be a squirrelnaire!

    • True ozbargainer right there. Make sure you quit your day job (if you haven’t already) and go for job seeker payments.

    • Assuming your time is worth $0/hour, you can go for it.

    • I'm not sure electronic gift cards work this way. Other day I was refunded in Bunnings with a voucher with a barcode, which worked like a normal gift card.

      • I haven't used a Bunnings gift card in several months, so it may have changed entirely. Maybe too many millionaires gamed the system. I've only had experience with physical cards. They had a barcode and no magnetic strip if I recall correctly.

    • Then you can go to the petrol station and save 40% paying for 7c of fuel rounded down to 5 c :)

  • You can get 5% off bunnings egift cards from good guys concierge too (via the "Flexi" gift card options).