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Dyson Big Ball Extra Vacuum $399 Delivered @ Dyson eBay


This model is available for $399 again. Save $200 off RRP.

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    I'd get a Miele any day over a Dyson…

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        Better suction, much much quieter, bags aren't that expensive and last ages, better built. I've used both and wouldn't go back to a Dyson.

        • is there a specific model for Miele?

          • @bogak: The one I've got is the C3 one


            Bought from this deal. It's been fantastic. I run it on the 2nd from bottom suction it's that strong!

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              @placard: thanks, ill do some research, i would assume Dyson cordless are the best due to the motorhead.

            • @placard: I also recommend the c3. Previously had a dyson stick but got a crack and lost suction. I was looking at the V12 but realised there were still compromises to achieve cordless. Bought the c3 cat and dog model with turbo heads through E&s.

              Some of the considerations that changed my mind were:

              Bagless often still have pricey consumables if you have HEPA filters.

              Bags have higher capacity without the bagless tech taking up room so bags last several months

              For allergies having a HEPA filter and bags ensure less matter can make it out of the exhaust and bags avoid the plume of dust when emptying.

              • @jayel: Hi Jayel, hope you're having a great day.

                Just to clarify, did you mean the V11? There is no V12 that is currently available or announced at this stage.

                Absolutely everyone has different needs, and it's great to have different options to cater to everyone.

                For reference, the Dyson cordless and corded devices all include washable pre and post filters, these shouldn't need to be replaced for several years if cleaned appropriately.

                Whilst bagged vacuums are fantastic, one factor that some people are unaware of is the loss of suction as the bag fills and the bag's pores become clogged. This results in lower suction when the bag is fuller than when empty, requiring a larger, heavier and more powerful motor to compensate.

                That said, the C3 is a very high quality device, and relatives that own one have loved theirs (at least until they tried the V11).

                Hope this helps provide some additional information!

    • Are the new range of Miele Bagless vacuums any good? I've only used the Miele bagged canister vaccum and so far it's been great. No problems whatsoever.

    • Do Miele sell any battery operated models? I like the idea of not worrying about a cable every time you want to suck something up.

      • Don't think so. The handsticks are great for quick vacuums, but don't come anywhere near the suction of a Miele bagged vacuum so I find I still use the Miele every 2nd or 3rd vacuum to do a proper clean.

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          There's always a more powerful vacuum cleaner. Maybe a robot would be better, a robot that does it twice a day is better than a Miele I pull out once a week.

        • Hope you're having a great day.

          Next time you come instore, give the V11 a try!

          Many customers actually report that the newest model almost has too much suction on the highest setting.

          Absolutely some of the older models were targetted primarily as a quick and easy cleaner, however with the more powerful high torque motorised head, and increased suction (220AW) you can get much better effeciency in deep cleaning when compared to most competing products.

          My parents actually have a Miele C3 and loved it until I got a V11, now they nag me almost weekly to get my hands on one for them!
          They were genuinely shocked how much the powered (not air-driven a-la C3) motorised head helped to pull dust from deep in the carpets.

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        Currently not in Australia. Overseas they sell a model called the Triflex, which sells for a price around and slightly higher than the dyson V11

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      Miele is the best, no doubt.
      Miele is made in Germany compared with Dyson which is made in Asia.
      Miele Suction is the best, much quieter, better built. I bought this Dyson and went to pick it up. When I was in the shop I asked to see both and you can definitely see and feel the difference side by side. I asked the shop assistant which one was better and without thinking he said 'Miele'.
      Ended up cancelling the Dyson order, got the refund and bought Miele C3 Cat & Dog. the best vacuum cleaner I have ever had.

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        suction on miele cx1cat & dogs i have is great (borrowed family member's temporarily) but it is way too big and heavy, especially for my wife to use. If you are not careful, that big bulky body will damage every wall and furniture around the house as it rolls on hardwood floor very easily.
        I also find the hose to be too short and as a result you end up pulling the body along as you vacuum which isnt great.

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      I prefer Dyson because I support the Anglosphere.

    • How about a commercial vacuum?

    • What is Miele's equivalent of this Dyson?

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        The CX1 series is closest, as it's Miele's bagless offering

  • Is this an obsolete model? I can't find it on Dyson Website.

    • Was literally the first search result in Google

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        It's not the same. 'Extra' is not the same as 'Multi Floor Extra'

        • I did hear that Dyson was moving to discontinue all barrel vacs and were going 100% battery some time ago, so they might be clearing out the last of these

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            @Jackson: The Big Ball Extra is an older SKU that doesn't have the self filtering Cinetic technology.
            Essentially just means you have a HEPA pre and post filter to clean sometimes.

            I can confirm Dyson is NOT discontinuing barrel vacs, this was a commonly spread mistake by several publications.
            What Dyson is doing is discontinuing the development of new barrel vacuum motors, as the technology has matured. This doesn't mean that they are being discontinued or that new models won't be released, but means that it'll be areas other than the motor which will be updated (i.e. cleaning tools and accessories).

            Hope that helps!

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              @dmgmelba: That's actually good news, it means that you can rely on motors being around to replace your own if it ever goes. Also means they are still making them so will be available to buy

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        The link is for Cinetic Big Ball, which is better model with no need of Hepa Filter.

  • I tested this dyson [wayyyyyyy overrated and a bit odd] and a Karcher back to back, and went for the Pro German Made Karcher VC6100, cost me a few pennies more, but works a treat, best HEPA air filter too. I still prefer sealed bags.

    Best price i count get $340 [RRP $499]

  • I used to love Dyson vacuums, very strong suction power. But have found that the suctions for the new models have been very disappointing. Will definitely not be supporting Dyson anymore with my next vacuum purchase. Was also told by the salesperson during my last Dyson purchase that Miele does much better vacuums than Dyson. Should have listened :(

  • I was considering buying a new vacuum as I thought it'd be about time (cheapo bigw unit riding on about 9 years I think). So my current choices are between getting a;
    - Miele C3 or CX1
    - Dyson Big Ball, or some kind of Dyson Stick
    - Xiaomi Dreame that's often on sale

    I know that you can't necessarily compare a stick and a wall unit, but I don't really have the budget right now to get both.
    After reading these comments, I think it's safe to say that a Miele wall unit will be better than a Dyson one and the Xiaomi Dreame is probably better value than a Dyson stick. So I was wondering if you guys having used some of these units might have any thoughts? Bagged vs bagless? Convenience = more often vacuuming? Looking at the continual cost, I think it's fair to say that 3 years worth of bags is around the same price a new battery for a stick will cost in that time?

    I have a 4 bedroom timber floor if that helps.


    • What's a wall unit?

      • Plugs into the wall at a guess

        • Yeh my bad if it wasn't clear, I'm just referring to a 'normal'? vacuum that has to be constantly plugged into the wall.

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            @ca1ypso: Back in the day it was popular for a time to have a ducted unit, which ducted through pvc pipe in the walls to a unit outside. It bore some convenience but you had a long hose which needed to be disconnected and reconnected when you changed rooms. I cant remember the last time I saw one

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