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Miele Complete C3 Allergy Tech Blue $279.20 (Normally $469) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


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This deal is back https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488807

Missed out last time so got in early.

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  • Which bags does this model use? The GN Hyclean 3D?

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting for a deal on this for a while.

  • does it come with any bags with the box or we need to buy it for first use it self ?
    can someone suggest the compatible bags and link to buy it

    thanks in advance
    thanks to OP as i got one :)

  • any difference between the C3 models apart from the attachments?
    My understanding is that the actual vacuum unit is the same, but they come with different attachments ie cat&dog has the turbobrush etc

    • I don't have any references to back this up, but I believe the main difference is some are a sealed unit and some are not. The allergy should be the sealed ones and already shipping with the allergy filters. Other differences are then as you said, the included attachments.

      There is a brochure around, possibly this one

    • As far as i know, this has a HEPA filter. The cat and dog has a Carbon filter for odours but no HEPA. Not sure about other models.

    • Yo Hello, might as well use my previous appliance salesman knowledge:

      The things you want to look for in terms of differences between the C3 models are:

      • Heads

      Hard Floor - Contains Hard floor head, regular head
      Cat and Dog - Contains Mini Turbo, Turbo head, regular head
      Totalcare - Contains Mini Turbo, Turbo head, Hard Floor Head, regular head

      • Filters

      Hard Floor - Contains HEPA
      Cat and Dog - Contains Carbon Filter (For Odours)
      Totalcare - Contains HEPA

      There's another top of the line model, I can't remember the name of that has a powered turbo head.

      • So is this a good deal?

        • It's a pretty good price for this vacuum I would say. If you want a good comparison point the C3 "Family All Rounder" is the one you want to benchmark against. It's the same as this, but doesn't have a HEPA. A HEPA Filter is around $40.

      • I forgot the C3 Family Model:

        It comes with just the regular floor head and no HEPA/Carbon filter. It simply comes with a cage which you can put the regular cloth filters into.

    • some have electric powered heads, top models have controls on the handle instead of on the vac.

  • How much are bags and filters?

      • bagless has terrible suction compared to these.

        It takes no more than a minute to change a bag - if your game, you can empty and reuse them too

          • @samelight: LMAO you have no idea.

            Dyson, the leading bagless vacuum, has ZERO on a bagged Miele vacuum.

              • @samelight: Your logic is flawed. I will not be replying to you any further. You are likely trying to justify your recent purchase of a bagless vacuum.
                Perhaps its to diversify their product range and take some of the bagless vacuum market share.

                Bagless vacuums have a place and I own one. and often use it for the car when I need a quick vacuum or for little sweeps when I don't need to pull out the bagged vacuum.

                I will say it once more - a bagged vacuum is SUPERIOR to a bagless vacuum. Now this statement is true when it's new out of the box and when its 5 years old. Let me know how your bagless vacuum sucks two years down the track

                • @Suspect420: this is my recent purchase of a bagless vacuum from david jones.
                  i know exactly how good or bad for both of the bagged and bagless vacuum from Miele.

                  so ya cut the BS and tell me now u want to keep clearing ur stock for the baged one or promote the new modle??

                • @Suspect420: oh btw Miele is not trying to explan the bagless vacuum market share,
                  they ar making bagless vacuums to replace the bagged ones !
                  they ar discontinuing their bagged vacuum, so "Your logic is flawed".

                • @Suspect420: I concur, we have an old Nilfisk bagged vacuum and a Dyson V11 bagless/cordless

                  We use the Dyson daily for quick clean ups but still need the Nilfisk for a once a week proper clean.

                  And we've been through 3 Dysons while our 15 year old Nilfisk just won't die! I think I might just replace it with this Miele?

                  • @samelight: Getting bored at job eh?
                    I did not say anything in favor or against the vacuum. what do you want me to back up?

                    If you have had a bad experience with a product, go for it.

                    Thanks OP. Bought one. 2 left.

                    • @Ash SA: hey, u found me first! and u were the one dig up my history with Miele and call me a troller !
                      if u ar so careless why u started?

                      seriously, i gave out many honest reviews on lots items, some bad some good, but only this "Miele baged vacuum" got ppl attack me like this, and not just once but over and over again !
                      Miele got too much stocks need to be clear out ?

                      • @samelight: I've had a fair few vacuums including dyson ball, dyson handstick, miele bagless. Without a doubt bagged is always better at suction and thats just pure fact. If you really don't believe it why dont you look at suction rating of miele vs dyson or even miele vs miele bagless.

                        It's like people who argue that battery powered tools are more powerful than the corded counterpart, they may be more convenient but never more powerful.

      • Bagless can never compete with bagged vacuum cleaners. How hard is it to have 2-3 bags spare and order a few in advance so you're never left with none?

      • Hello, I used to sell appliances, I have no bias in this argument anymore.

        Bagless can be good, but if you want it to last as long as a bagged unit you will need to maintain it diligently. That means, consistently cleaning out the filters, emptying the vacuum after every vaccuum.

        Bagged units in my experience last alot longer. When you change the bags and filters on a unit, you are essentially performing maintenance on it and as such these units tend to last longer with most people.

        I personally don't believe that the "washable" filters are as good as the replacement ones, as things deteriorate over time, so, you would really have to question the effectiveness of these after a long time.

        Yes, bags and replacement filters cost money but they essentially force you to "service" your vacuum. Take your pick, you do you.

        • im replying to those who said bagged could beat the sh it out of bagless "in suction",
          not talking about the maintains the longer lasting and this and that.
          i respect your comments but we ar not in the same page.

          i just knew that Miele discontinuing their bagged vacuum,
          no wonder why those retailers ar going to clear their stock by lower the price,
          and also no wonder why so many ppl trying to bite my head off when i said something bad.

          • @samelight: Do you have anything else to show that Miele are discontinuing bagged vacuums?
            To me that just looks like their old models, most companies release new models each year and discontinue the old ones for cheaper - thats normal (just look at TV's for example) doesn't mean they aren't going to make bagged vacuums any more.

            • @macfudd: if u don't belive it then u just don't, doens't matter what else i put in front of u.

              as you said

              companies release new models each year and discontinue the old ones for cheaper,

              Miele Complete C3 was first released in 2004, what newer bagged models they released to replace it ? i don't know much of their histories but according to google, in the pass 5 year all they released ar the bagless models.

              • @samelight:

                Miele Complete C3 was first released in 2004, what newer bagged models they released to replace it ?

                C3 has a bunch of sub models. Sort of like iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max. Or S20, S20+, S20 Pro, S20 Ultra.

                They've released a ton of new C3 models and discontinued older ones.

                • @lostn:

                  C3 has a bunch of sub models. Sort of like iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max. Or S20, S20+, S20 Pro, S20 Ultra.

                  if u counting the same disign same mortor but different colours or with different attachments as a "new model", then yes u ar right, its not 2004.
                  but not new "sub models" since 2015! prove me wrong plz!

              • @samelight: It's a vacuum cleaner, not a religion, I'm open to new information.

                I think they're coasting on a good motor they built a while back and have optimised production so they probably make a very healthy profit. But there's a difference between focusing R&D on bagless due to their popularity vs exiting an existing market altogether and that was what I was interested in.

                Didn't neg you either btw.

                • @macfudd: Hey let me weight into this one, I only stopped selling appliances a year ago so I'm still fresh in the biz.

                  Miele have not abandoned bagged vaccuums, more so they wanted to enter the bagless market because they were getting destroyed by Dyson on this front and especially since Dyson abandoned their corded bagless units. They are still releasing their bagged units. eg. The C3 range while it may have been first released in 2004, however, they released the "C3 2 models" in 2019. You may have noticed a drop in C3 prices last year and then they mysteriously went up. Most retailers still advertised them as the C3's but salesmen would know that they did change up the models slightly.

                  I know in my workplace they actually significantly dropped the price of the bagless units as they were not selling as well as the bagged units.

                  While personally I believe that the bagged units will last longer because I don't really believe in the whole "lifetime hepa" shiel that Miele are selling, their bagless units are fairly solid.

    • Miele has consumables offers going each six months for members of the Miele 'family'(ugh!), so that's when you stock up on bags, laundry detergent etc.

      Once you purchase a Miele item, they sign you up for such offers.

      We have the "Cat and Dog" and it's the best cleaner we've ever used for general cleaning as well as for scooping up pet hair (which is every-bloody-where in our place).

      • Endorse your comment. We loved our C3 Cat and Dog model so much we bought another one to keep downstairs. It has great performing suction, easy to manoeuvre, relatively quiet, and light. All round a little ripper.

  • Why is this not on the Miele Website?

    Seems it's a model exclusive to Good Guys?

    Can someone differentiate between all the C3 models? The cat and dog seems to have 2000w motor, this one only 1700w?

  • Is the only difference between the C3 Cat and dog and this one is - air power turbo head, HEPA filter vs carbon filter, and slightly different wattage motor? Why else is Cat and Dog so much more expensive?

    The Miele range can be confusing working out the differences between all the C3 options.

    • the "air power turbo head" is completely useless,
      but i belive the "Cat and dog" is using mortor head.

      • Doesn't seem like it.

        From the Miele website, the turbo brush is this one:

        Powered by air….

        • sorry my bad, is the bagless one with mortor head.

          • @samelight: Maybe that is because the bagless one doesn't have suction to spare?

            • @bargainpersona: sorry i should say "the bagless version of the cat and dog" got mortor head, other bagless versions don't.

              as i said at the top i got both bag and bagless one from Miele,
              i would say the suctions ar about the same, and if ur bag ar neally full then the bagless one wins.
              like it or not, this is my user review.

              • @samelight: Nice try mate. but I'd rather take advice from an actual certified vacuum repair tech than some random chump trying to sound smart to justify their purchase.

                Dollar for dollar, bagged always beat bagless. Period.

                BIG hint: you NEVER see cleaning professionals use bagless vacuums.

                • @Erkel: ah yes. I remember I used to have a DC39 and a C3 Cat and Dog and our cleaner always chose the C3.

                • @Erkel: im trying to do what ? everyone can comment on the produce, im not forcing u to do waht i told u to !!!

                  as for ur link, u could found 100s of post like this said otherwise,
                  ppl ar make comments base on their own exp, there is no perspective! we ar the customers after all! u don't like what i said,then just go away instead of trying to bite his head off!
                  i don't c the reason of mocking ppl when they have different opinions on a product, unless u ar the one selling it !!

                  BIG hint: you NEVER see cleaning professionals use a house hold vacuums!!
                  and we ar talking about hold vacuums here right ???

                  and btw u ar making lots of comments on other items,
                  how u feel when ppl call u

                  some random chump trying to sound smart to justify their purchase

  • So could you literally turn this into the Cat and Dog version by just buying the additional air powered turbo head down the track?? Yes the filter would be different, but some could argue better filtration.

  • Just grabbed one, hope it's good (coming from a 8 year old Hoover hygiene plus). Was having a hard time comparing models probably would have preferred the cat and dog one since I have two dogs.

    • The only difference I can see if a few extra tools, and filter. This one IMO has a better filter (finer), whereas cat and dog is more focused to remove smell by filter not so much dust (carbon vs HEPA).

      You can always down the track source some cat and dog attachments to use on this one, and it'll effectively be the same machine.

      • Thanks! we've always used a turbo brush and I thought this had one from a video I watched on youtube. Glad to hear I can upgrade.

        • I haven't done any real calculations myself but I feel the attachments can get quite expensive when purchased separately.

          • @bargainpersona: Yeah the turbo brush head is $135 on Amazon and the mini one is $99, would have definitely preferred the cat and dog for $400-$450 but oh well. I only really want the turbo head anyways

    • As a dog owner I would recommend the carbon filter as vacuuming can really stink with dogs

      The Cat and Dog comes with a few nifty features -> The turbo brush is alot better at getting hair out of carpets and the mini turbo brush is pretty handy in the car. But as placard said you can order these online.

      • $250 for both from Harvey Norman, although I'll probably only get the turbo head if I need it. Our dogs aren't inside dogs and they tend to stay off the carpet so hopefully it's good enough.

  • This or Dyson?

    • Interested too. Lots of chat about bagged being so much better than bagless above. I'd be interested where the truth lies. I'd assume the bagged are a bit better?

      • that depends on you. Both have pros and cons.

        The only pros for bagless are: don't need to purchase filters or bags.

        Everything else, the bagged wins. The cost of the bags is about $20 for 4 bags which should last you 2-4 years depending on your house. That's about $5 a bag and I get at least 6 months use out of them.

        The frequency at which you have to empty the bagless is a deal breaker for me. The dust bin is very tiny. And you have to clean it regularly along with the filters.

        If you hate cleaning it or getting dirty as dust kicks up every time you empty it, it's a lot more convenient and less messy to go bagged. I don't know of any reputable vacuum cleaner professionals (salesman or cleaners) who would pick a bagless over a Miele.

    • I can't stand Dyson - they are stupidly loud!

    • i got to say a motorhead vacuum cleans better then the one without. regardless the suctions, bagged or bagless.
      if this and dyson ar on the same price, get dyson. but dysons' price ar no way near this.

    • Dyson no longer make their corded versions. So you're now comparing a handheld battery unit vs a miele corded unit.

      There are pro's and con's to both.


      Pro's: Portable, less storage required.
      Con's: Need to empty more, need to charge, less overall suction.

      Pro's Beter suction (Walled units provide more suction overall), Typically longer life. Less Emptying.
      Con's: Price for bags. Less portability. Bigger overall footprint (storage wise)

      Take your pick. Both have their situations.

  • It's time to get excited about vacuums.