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Cooler Master MasterCase H100 Black Mini ITX Case - $39 Pickup / + Delivery (OOS) @ Centre Com


This popped up on Price Hipster, very good price for a branded Mini ITX case!

Around $7-12 for regular shipping

SERIES - MasterCase Series
MATERIALS - Steel, Plastic, Steel mesh
DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) - 312mm x 216mm x 301mm (incl. Protrusions), 278mm x 216mm x 294mm (excl. Protrusions)
5.25" DRIVE BAYS - 0
2.5" / 3.5" DRIVE BAYS (COMBO) - 1
2.5" DRIVE BAYS - 4 (3+1 combo)
I/O PANEL - 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 (formerly USB 3.0), 1x 3.5mm Audio Jack, 1x 3.5mm Mic Jack, 1x RGB Controller
PRE-INSTALLED FANS - FRONT - 1 x 200mm RGB Fan (Speed: 800RPM / Connector: 3Pin + RGB 4pin)
FAN SUPPORT - FRONT - 1x 120mm / 1x 140mm / 1x 200mm
RADIATOR SUPPORT - FRONT** - 120mm, 200mm, 140mm
CLEARANCE - GFX - 210mm (w/o radiator installed), 180mm (with radiator installed)
CLEARANCE - PSU - 210mm (w/o radiator installed), 160mm (with radiator installed)
EAN CODE - 4719512088951
UPC CODE - 884102061400

Edit 20/7: Delivery no longer available.

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  • +23

    Save your money for the NR200 isntead.

    here's a review of this case:

    • +9

      Much nicer for sure, it's 3x the price though..

      • +20

        haha yea, but I rather spend more money to buy it once and get it right the first time then buying a component because it's on sale just to have buyer's remorse in the future.

        • +2

          I know the feeling, I'm on my 5th ITX case haha

          Still, something like this for a 3400G build would be fine and save a couple pennies.

          • @XeKToReX: which cases you had? got pics?

            • +1

              @cortex: if you want a good itx case i'd highly recommend getting the fractal design nano s. few years old and has some things that i'd modify about it but other than that its a great case, great airflow and only thing i need to do one day is switch from an atx psu to sfx one so one of the gpu fans can breathe

            • @cortex: Cougar QBX x 2
              Node 304
              Node 202
              H200 now with all the RGB haha

              • @XeKToReX: Got my server running in a node 304, great airflow, although a bit cheap build quality. no complaints for the price.

              • @XeKToReX: dare I ask, what happened with the Cougars? I love mine so much I can't see what'll go wrong :O

                • @confidantduk: Just wanted something a little nicer (with TG), that's all.

                  Good little cases for the price!

        • *than

          Better to type a word right the first time rather than have typist's remorse…

          • +6

            @dm01: ⚠️ ⌨️ 👮🏼‍♂️

      • +7

        Unfortunately the H100 has bad thermals. This is a case of, you get what you pay for.

        • +7

          I see what you did there… 😏

      • Looks just as massive too..

    • It's bizarre that they could screw up the cooling so badly, particularly given CM also make the Elite 110 and130 which are so much better designed.

      • i havent seen reviews of the case but as soon as i saw where the PSU goes and the huge 200mm fan (bigger doesn't always mean better lol) thought this case looks like a bit of a mess… but its definitely ok if your build isn't for gaming… so i'll give it a plus since the price is definitely right.

    • agreed :) i've been waiting for H1 to become somewhat reasonable but i think NR200 will take its place on my list…

    • Came here to say this. Any idea when we get it locally? PLE has it listed but no ETA

      Awesome alternative to the NCase M1

      • +2

        Saw the review on optimum tech and it does look great - just a fair bit bigger. For anyone wondering when Ncase was going to begin shipping to Australia again, is available now

        • Ooh nice. I am holding out for the ghost S1 mark 3!

          • @balders: If their supply continues the way it has in the past I wouldn't hold your breath. They seem to sell out almost instantly then remain OOS for a long time

            • @lyle88: Yep their latest ETA is mid - late August on Amazon US. Also PCCG will be a local distributor but they won't be here until Christmas 2020

        • I wish we had a store that just specialised in SFFPC gear who would get in all these cases (ghost, form1d, dan A4 etc) it's a growing niche

      • PLE just have put up a listing to be first. the case hasnt even arrived in Australia yet

      • oh nice find! .. i think when i was scrounging around for release info i did see one US site mention Mid August release (around the 14th or so).

        • Yep that's right actually Amazon US has release date of August 15

  • +3

    looks like a lovely itx case UNTIL i watch the review. i would rather go up for matx case or throw some more bucks to get better itx case

  • +9

    Great price, but as others have pointed out reviews aren't the best.
    Silverstone SG-13 is a good alternative at around $60 that is generally well regarded.

    • +5

      +1 for the SG-13, fantastic little case - I run a full size GPU and atx PSU still with great thermals and low noise.

  • +1

    210mm graphics card clearance. OK next.

  • +2

    Just going thru the review, the case doesnt even look that much smaller than a small micro atx case… with micro atx you have much less restrictions for just a tad bit more space.

    You're better off with a slightly taller thinner case rather than a cube.

    • +5

      You're better off with a slightly taller thinner case rather than a cube.

      One of the rare times when advice for choosing a computer case also applies to choosing a life partner.

  • Inwin 301 is a very pretty, smaller matx case

  • Just built a itx build 2weeks ago, love the case bought it from Amazon for $99. :(

    • pleaseshare your specs n prices!

  • It's an amazing deal if you're not worried about high thermals. I really like the look of the case (from online haven't seen on in real life)

  • Majority of the mini ITX cases are vastly overpriced. Wish they were not. This is a very good deal :) If 3D printed materials were temperature restistant, I would have purchased a 3D printer instead of mini ITX case. Anyways I am not into mini ITX anyway. Prefer keeping the case under the desk and away from me.


      this is probably the first serious contender for mini ITX cases, along with the new NZXT vertical one. major manufactures are finally jumping in with great options. won't have to spend $400 on a boutique brand for the same thing

      • +1

        Looks promising for the price. I wish more manufacturers start including type C in the front. I already have a webcam and an external storage that are type C only.

    • "Cases are vastly overpriced" (really like $200 maybe)
      "Would have bought a ($400ish) 3d printer to print one" (using probably $50-100 in plastic too)

      Hmm, big think on that one buddy.
      im mainly taking the piss, but not entirely

      • +1

        You can use the printer for other purposes too you know. There are millions of interesting stuff that you can print. Just google. Some websites even list top 10 print plans of the month that are so nice.

        BTW Ncase M1 200 USD with pre order(excluding shipping to AUS). Ghost S1 - 450ish AUD without shipping?? THese were what I was comparing too. Imagine being able to print those! Make your own modifications if fans of GPU not able to fit etc.

  • +4

    Yeah this case is a complete dumpster fire. Almost certainly getting rid of stock. Might be worth it for a non gpu build but it's big and quite poor thermally.

    You'd be better off with the sg13 at $60 or even better, the Cooler Master NR200. PLE has it on pre order for $109 in white and black. By all accounts it the best mini itx case that doesn't have limited availability.

  • +1

    Meshify Mini 👍👍

  • +1

    Mini itx boards are so damn expensive these days, any recommendations?

    • Msi

    • +1

      b450i from MSI. It's $209 at centrecom. The b550 boards are way too close to the x570 boards to be worth it.

  • Am thinking of going an ITX build. Just got my 3800x. Anyone got any insights on this:

    only thing I'm worried about is if Ampere cards are long -_-

  • +1

    I have bought this and want to build a ryzen 3 3200 mini itx build. Can anyone tell me if cheapest a320 motherboard would work on this? I am thinking of this one. ASUS Prime A320I-K/CSM

    Ian very new to ryzen build and not sure what processor ram chipset combo works

    • I don't think there is an A320 mini itx board? Most are micro ATX (bigger)

      One option is to get one of the pre-built (e.g. Techfast) when on special. Then upgrade the components over time as you come across more specials

  • I have been thinking of building an external gpu with a thunderbolt 3 adapter to hook up to my dell xps 13 9300. I would also ideally want to attach a SSD to the build. Can anyone recommend if this mini case would be a good fit?

    External gpu build video guide:

  • Was so happy to have bought the Bitfenix Prodigy a few years back. One of the best cases I've worked with. Still using it!

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