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Telstra Plus Points Option: Oppo A5 2020 Purple, 64GB, 4GB Memory, $102 with 56,000 Points


Needed to move out of Telstra Postpaid and had 56,000+ points. Not much available in Telstra Plus Rewards Store, so ordered this phone. Price elsewhere is around $299. Got it for $102 with 56,000 points. Received the phone within a week, and looking pretty good after a few days use. Not a 5G phone.

Just in case if someone else is looking to use their points.

PS: And then there is 12-month free subscription with Telstra Plus membership.

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  • How much is 56,000 points worth? I ask because this phone was selling for $189 from Coles a month or two back.

    • 56k points around $150-$200

    • You can order 7 Nest mini with 55000 points.
      3- Nest mini Bundle(15,000)
      1- Nest mini(10,000)

      • Got 2 Nest Mini when the Telstra Plus had an offer for 15,000 points. Still lying somewhere as already have Google Home.
        Lots of Nest Minis on FB Marketplace going for cheap since then.

    • I swapped 80,000 points or was it 55,000 points down from 80,000, for a bluetooth speaker that can't be had for les than $350. I liked it so much I bought a second one to hear it in stereo. It made me realise though that these points are actually worth something when built up. If I'm paying over a thousand to telstra each year I think I'd want more than a discount on an $300 oppo phone. One day they will add something amazing and we'll regret wasting our points.

      • Telstra have been very generous with the points since launching.

        I’ve collected around 90000 points just for signing up early and then signing to direct debit.

        It’s money for old rope.

        I’ve claimed 2 plantronic earphones and still have a truckload.

      • Most of my points were from Telstra offers. I was spending less than $800/year on Telstra. For my situation when I needed a decent phone, it was a good trade, especially while leaving Telstra.

        One day they will add something amazing and we'll regret wasting our points.
        I enjoyed those points while I still could. Good luck waiting for that day. :-)

        • -1

          There will be the new Xbox for 100,000 points or something, Mark my words.

  • Hi is it locked to Telstra or unlocked

    • +1

      It says it is Telstra Prepaid locked, but it is working fine with Boost Prepaid sim.

  • I just redeemed 23,000 points $21 for a Google Nest Hub, pretty happy

    • same!

      The hub doesn't respond as well as the mini's :(

  • This looks like a downgrade of the Oppo A52.

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