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Oral-B Pro 2 2000 Electric Toothbrush with Travel Case (Black) $79 ($69 with Welcome Code) @ Shaver Shop


Not sure when deal started, but been looking up electric toothbrush prices since my oral-b vitality's battery started to die.

Excellent price for a pro 2000 with travel case.

Same product on amazon is $99.


  • The built-in timer helps you brush for at least 2 minutes, the minimum brushing time dentists and hygienists recommend.

  • Pressure Control reduces brushing speed and alerts you if you're brushing too hard.

  • The Oral-B PRO 2 2000 has a state-of-the-art, lithium-ion battery that lasts more than 2 weeks. This way, you won't need to worry about bringing your charger during your holidays.

  • Oscillations 9,900

  • Pulsations 45,000

How to get welcome code?
Open shavershop in incognito on desktop, and you'll get a pop up to sign up for $10 off

EDIT: Got the camelx3 notification that amazon has dropped their price to $79 to match

20/07 7:30pm (Melb/Syd time) Back in stock
21/07 8:57am Out of stock
24/07 2:30pm Back in Stock

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • +3

    Damn it just bought the Pro 800 from Woollies yesterday…

    The 2000 was 40% off at Shaver Shop just a few days ago

    • Have you used it yet? Take it back otherwise?

      • You can't do change of mind returns at Woolies any more.

        • +4

          Sure can: "If you’ve changed your mind about a purchase made from 11 May 2020, we will happily provide an exchange or refund provided that the product is returned to us with a receipt within 30 days of purchase and the product is in its original condition."

          It's Coles who doesn't allow it. Wesfarmers…

          • @team teri: Cheers, I didn't realise they had reinstated change of mind returns.

          • +1

            @team teri: Highly disappointed Coles customer. They didn't refund n made me read more on receipt n hoarding :(

            Glad Woolies is allowing….

          • @team teri: Wesfarmers don’t own coles anymore. They’re there own entity now.

    • Me too - I'm happy with it though. The only difference is the battery right ? Cheers

      • The 2000 has a light up pressure sensor as well but not sure if that's useful or a gimmick.

        • +2

          Useful. Reminds people not to apply too much lateral pressure and risk scouring their teeth and gums away

          • +1

            @dw070: Just started using mine and it definitely is useful that it lights up

            • @Skxkwkei: I can vouch for this too, often I'll zone out and I don't even realise I'm using that much pressure.

      • +2

        anything below the 2000 model has less oscillations and does not pulsate. Doesn't remove as much plaque.

  • +1

    Champion. Been looking for three days, decided to wait until this very moment.

  • +5

    Smart 4000 is $109 if anyone is interested…

    It comes with 2 extra brush head and also 3 different modes and app connectivity…

    I went with Pro2 2000 instead since I don't really need to use the app…

    • +2

      It's a good decision. The NY Times did a write up and say that the Pro 1000 is actually the best one, however that one seems to be discontinued or something as I couldn't find it when I looked. The next one up is this one, the Pro 2 2000 which has a better battery as the only other non-gimmicky feature. The extra speed sitting is a bit useless but I just won't use it. The Bluetooth on the higher models are not required and very gimmicky. Do you really need a freaking app to brush your teeth?


      Keep in mind that other dentists and health experts are paid by dental companies like Oral B, Colgate, Phillips etc for their opinion. NY Times did not accept it for that article.

      • +1

        yeah I got receding gum issue as told by my dentist and was interested in Smart 4000 due to the 3 modes being one is the "Sensitive" mode…

        However, the Pro 2 already has a pressure sensor which I think should be enough for my sensitive gums and have lithium battery unlike the Pro 800 which I nearly bought yesterday…

        • +2

          I have gum recession too, from when I first got an electric toothbrush and was pushing too hard. I have the Pro 2 2000 and surprised at how HARD you have to press before the pressure sensor comes on. I just took the advice from my dentist that you shouldn't push at all and just let the toothbrush rotations do eveything.

          • @albot: Hmm rip, I just bought it for this very purpose, oh well, I'll give my old electric to family.

      • +4

        Surprised to hear this. I bought the Pro 1000 (from this https://www.groupon.com.au/deals/groupon-goods-719370850) - and have been unhappy with the battery life: less than a week brushing twice a day - about 15 minutes total. If rechargeable vibrators lasted that long, men would have a chance.

        Strangely though that ad or the box in the ad doesn't mention Lithium though, so wondering if it really is.

        • +2

          Pro 1000 is not lithium. Pro 2 2000 (in this deal) is lithium.

          • @b2dz: That makes sense - I was going by a post below that said the Pro 1000 was lithium, but they've been corrected.

    • +3

      i had an app versions oral B with the lcd on the wall …..novelty wears off very quick …..

      • App is useful for turning off the annoying stop cycle they may do (depending on the model) every 30s. Can't imagine anyone using its monitoring features more than once. I think I used it three times in total, since I wanted to turn off the stopping function.

        If you get one, the wall mounted LCD is good for telling the time and telling you when you are done, but uses 2xCR2032 batteries, not rechargeables

        I just brush to 2mins with little to no pressure.

        Great that they built logging in, but not giving customers access to the data, just showing it as the last 7 days on the app- this kind of short sightedness makes it as useless as the 3 brushing modes.

    • Hard for me to buy any of them when they were $70 for the 4000 last year (I know a lot has changed)

    • +1

      I'm very satisfied with the Smart 4 4000. I wrote a review here for anyone interested.

  • +1

    Terrific deal. Thank you!

  • How much are the brush head and best place to buy them?

  • +1

    Don't forget Cashrewards

    • +1

      Cashrewards probably won't work if you've used the welcome voucher unfortunately

      • -1

        I can confirm, it does work

        • +2

          it works but the claim will be declined.

          • @PissLUR: I used ShopBack with shavershop welcome voucher code back in May, the Cashback was approved / redeemable 2 weeks ago, YMMV.

  • So would this model be the one to go if you are not wanting the extra bells and whistles of the app connectivity?

    Just trying to wrap my head around the oral b line up of electric tooth brushes.

    • Yes

    • Definitely especially on discount.
      I had previously bought my wife one the top of the line versions but she doesn't use all of the functionality so when I had to buy another one to take overseas, I just bought this one (from Shaver Shop on discount) and it's been great. You might want a higher spec model with the charging travel case if you travel a lot…
      I think this is the cheapest version that features Lithium battery pack.

    • +7

      Biggest difference apart from the app is the rotation speed and battery type.
      Models under 500 I wouldn’t bother with
      Models 500 to 7000 are up to 9900rpm
      Model 1000 upwards have the lithium battery vs nicad
      Model 8000 and upwards are up to 10,500rpm

      Sensitive mode and tongue cleaner mode etc just seems to slow down the rotation speed but aren’t doing anything special

      I find the app to be a waste of time - the position detection uses your phones camera so is pretty inaccurate

      • I don't think the 1000 has a Li-ion battery. I think 1000 has NiMH and 2000 upwards have Li-ion.

        I also don't think your rotation speed figures are right. This is what I posted in a previous deal although some people questioned some of my numbers as well.

        • +1

          The product in this deal mentions lithium - but note this is the Pro 2 2000, not Pro 2000 which has been discontinued (same with Pro 1000)
          edit - seems the model name hasn't changed but the Pro 2000 changed from NiMH to lithium in 2017

          Details on the rotational speed here from the Oral B dentist resources:
          Products 1
          Products 2

          In my personal opinion, this Pro2 2000 is the best value since it's lithium, has a pressure sensor and has the same rotation speed as some of the "better models" + sometimes tracks cashrewards even when using $10 off new customers
          Otherwise next best would be the Genius 9000 which has the higher rotation speed, bettery battery life and charging travel case - which means 2x chargers (one is multivoltage where as the default one is 240v only) for $170 before discount/cashrewards (8000 is similar but without the charging case or tongue clean mode)

          Genius X/10000/20000 is about to be superseded and has the true motion sensor in the handle but it's not any faster/better at cleaning so wouldn't recommend at $220

      • Helpful! I was trying to work out whether this would make sense vs the 8000 I bought from deals on OzBargain last year.

        Whilst some people say these are gimmicky, I legitimately can feel the difference vs the cheap $20 (half price) Oral B ones at Coles, and I like the pressure sensor since I too have been pressing too hard in the past.

  • just bought this for 99 3 days ago. livid

    • +2

      Joys of the internet. Before ozbargain, you wouldn't have a clue it is cheaper today, unless you happened to pass by the shop.

  • Thanks op. Bought.

  • Cheers OP, wasn't even looking for one but comments and summary made the decision very simple…

  • There’s no clock built into it? The expensive one has a clock and it updates to correct daylight savings time through the app.

    • +1

      No built in clock but it syncs with your partners brush to allow connected brushing.

      • Lucky us, we still have the one with a digital clock so it serves both as a timer and a clock.

    • Ok why in the actual fack do you need an app-conmected clock in your toothbrush? The things you see on OzBargain…

      • It saves you having to manually adjust to daylight savings time twice a year, like the cavemen used to with the premium oral b brushes 20 years ago.

        • Why do you need a clock on your toothbrush at all?

          • @DisabledUser220804: Because you can.

            • +1

              @xoom: You can also put one on your guitar, your dildo, your shoe… but that doesn't make it any more necessary or useful.

              • +1

                @DisabledUser220804: Its just challenge accepted for some people.

                Not that I'm disagreeing with you though.

          • @DisabledUser220804: It's handy having a clock in the bathroom. Without it there would be no clock in my bathroom.

            • +1

              @AustriaBargain: Phone in your pocket? Watch? Small wall clock? There's a lot of ways to solve that problem that don't require a triple figure toothbrush lmao

  • +1

    join their mailing list for $10 off code as well

    edit; whoops, I see you noted this

  • Is the welcome code unique? WELCOME-MV97-Z64N-VM is what I got and used it twice with no issues.

    • +1

      Yes, it's unique.

    • Did you use it twice on the same account? Didn't work for me when I tried to make another purchase on the same account

      • I did, absolutely got the discount on both purchases.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, can't even do a full brush without losing charge on my old toothbrush.

    • How old is it?

      • Not even sure to be honest, only been in use for about 2 years but was in storage for a while before that.

    • My Soocas in on its third year.
      Still doing 2+ weeks on a charge. Used to do a month on one charge!
      How come Oral B still can't match that?

  • Thanks. Have been looking for a new Oral B toothbrush for a couple days now as my old one was leaking something that looked like mould from the base 🤮

    • Same here with the vitality one. Oh well, guess it's time for a change

  • Thank you OP - got one! I was just thinking yesterday that I need a new one (8 years my current one lasted) but the battery is now weak.

  • +1

    Got one though I hated how my gums were left from the cheapest Oral B electric 24.99 that you see always on discount. Hope this is better.
    For anyone trying a budget option, I would recommend what I have been doing and great results!

    Aldi vibrating electric toothbrush (3 weeks of battery) and then a second round of brushing with colgate manual brush (300% one that is super soft and fine tip - gold charcoal one)

    Lastly, from time to time philips air floss (too harsh but already own one - aka bleeds more than I think I should)

    Hopefully, this replaces the 1.5 year old aldi one.

  • Thanks OP. Great deal. Just an FYI. I called my local store and they had it in stock despite the website saying otherwise.

    • You cant use the $10 welcome code by calling them up tho haha

      • True, but my wife's birthday is tomorrow ;)

        • I used the code for c&c and picked up 20 minutes after ordering
          Edit didn’t see the site was oos - wonder if they could update the website quantity for you to order

          • @blonky: C&C wasn't available "Due to low stock". It didn't really matter given the decent discount already.

    • There should be free delivery for over $50 spend

  • I've been waiting for the lithium ion ones for ages

    Cheers OP

    Ended up going with the 7000 because I like gimmicks (but do have a gum issue)

  • +5

    Not sure it'll work but here's a code for some that needs it.


    • +3

      thank you sir, I used it successfully!

      • My pleasure. Glad it worked!

  • +1

    Love that toothbrushes are this months thing for the community. Learning a lot as an onlooker.

    • I reckon woollies drove the prices down and shavers shop who is more specialised was losing pieces of the cake. Plus with the product made popular by woollies many people are probably thinking of getting one so it makes sense for shaver shop to just ride along the trend.
      Just my 2 cents though

  • Would the Smart 7000 better buy? $269 down to $119 - welcome code $109 delivered?

    • It's what I got… Didn't mind paying extra. Keen to try the gum stuff out

      I looked quickly and excluding a second hand one (ewww?), it was the cheapest I could find.

  • Thanks op. I've been using this since last year and very happy with it. Bought one for my partner.

    • I bought 1 with the intention of swapping heads and sharing it with the missus. Is that something that most people don't do?

      • +2

        I said the same thing to my partner… she said its weird so I bought another one for her lol

        • Lol! My missus would probably say the same thing, so I've just bought a second one too.

        • That's what mine said, haha.

          And I'm like - IT'S HOW THEY'RE DESIGNED.

          She'll kiss me but toothbrush is a step too far.

      • +3

        Some of the higher models have the thing which has four brush heads which could be suitable for a family. Sharing the handle is fine.

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • ordered one, thanks OP

  • +4

    Does this have rubber grip on the handle? I find the rubber to be the biggest flaw with oral b toothbrushes as it's very easy for mould to start growing on it unless you wipe it dry everytime after use.

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