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Apple AirPods Pro $316.31 + Delivery @ Mediaform ($300.49 with Officeworks Pricebeat)


This deal would be great for people in NSW and QLD where Mediaform has their stores so they can either pick up or try OW price beat.
Other states can try ask OW price beat without shipping cost added (it worked for some people in OB, see thread below). Mediaform quoted delivery to Perth $40 so price beat may be less over here!

Edit 21/07/20: MediaForm has increased $6 bucks to $316.31 - still a good price for OW PB (advised by FrugalNotStingy).

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  • Do y'all think the price will drop any lower?

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    I can confirm that price matching at OW still works at 4:50pm today.

    I called the 1300 number, waited to speak to a customer service officer (not selecting any of the preset options), provided my post code (ACT), who I wanted to price match with (Media Form), and the price listed ($316.31). They put me on hold for 5mins, came back and said “we can price match, but will need to add $15 for shipping, so total price is $314.74”.

    No typo. $314.74 including “$15 shipping”, and already in store ready to pick up by 6:40pm.

    • They should deliver to your front door if shipping was included…

      • They added the $15 shipping to simulate the price it would've been if I had purchased directly from MediaForm (Qld/NSW). They also offerred to deliver it home but I wouldn't have been available during business hours, and I'd rather not have to go to the Post Office during business hours either. At least OW is open from 7.30am to 7pm. NB they also didn't allow delivery to a parcel locker.

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    Melbourne price match with OW for $309.90.

    Cheers OP

    • My gosh Officeworks is terrible for delivery.

  • Perth priced matched Mediaform for pickup $300.45

    Also, priced matched instore for Airpods Gen2 with Pheepmart last fri to $174.76
    (lady next in line purchased for $249 while i waited for deal, so tempting to want to say something but didn't want it altering my chances)
    (sold for $200 cash unopened and upgraded as above)

    They wouldn't do Tobydeals as first requested to match.

    • Nice. Interesting they accepted Pheepmart's price which does not have an ABN on their web site and the address is residential…

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    Thanks OP.

    Price matched at OW Hornsby on 17/08 for ~$300

  • can someone upload OW reciept?

  • how do u pricebeat with OW, do we call 1300? i called waited 15mins nobody answered

    • Keep waiting until someone speaks to you.

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