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Xiaomi 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor $599 Delivered for Gearbite Members ($619 Otherwise) @ Gearbite


Greetings everyone, Our Gearbite store offer best price ever for popular monitor.
Update 6/8/2020, all orders were dispatched. Limit stock available now.

Update 30/7/2020, all orders were dispatched. All order after will ship next week.

Current stock was out.If you order after 10am 21/7/2020, we will ship out next week.

We also have Gearbite Member Exclusive Deal price for $599 for this wonderful game monitor. Please follow below instruction.

1.Please join our facebook group 'Gearbite Member Exclusive' at Here

2.Follow easy instruction there to get $599 price.

Come with 2 years Warranty.


  • 21:9 wide panoramic view. The 21:9 format of the game interface is 30% wider than the average 16:9
    screen player's field of view, especially in RTS and FPS games, the field of vision is extremely wide.

  • Ultra clear image with clear details. 3440×1440 ultra-clear resolution, every corner of the scene can
    be realistic and delicate, and the game world is spectacular and exquisite.

  • High brightness, high contrast, and vivid picture quality. The display brightness is up to 300 nits,
    with a high contrast ratio of 3000:1, the game screen is from bright white to deep black, clear and
    beautiful, vivid and vivid.

  • 1500R large curvature surrounded visual field, gives you an immersive experience. The 1500R's
    extremely large curvature design, the line of sight is surrounded by the screen, showing a
    panoramic view of the overall immersion; the curved screen has a smaller visual tilt angle, and
    the eyes are almost equidistant, reducing visual distortion, fully restore the true Horizons of each corner.

  • 144Hz high refresh rate, fast responses, every action is faster. 144Hz high refresh rate, 4ms response
    time, effectively reduce game picture stagnation and smear. Shooting games that require quick
    response are more likely to lock the target and hit the enemy with precisions.

  • AMD Free-Sync, the picture is smooth, not stuck, not tearing. AMD Free-Sync technology can
    consistently match the screen display at high frame rate input, reducing problems such as stucking
    or tearing during game play, improving visual fluency and greatly enhancing player competitiveness.

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As Alway, Enjoy and stay safe.

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  • @Gearbite, I ordered mine on 21 July. I have not received it nor any update. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Not hard to read OP

      If you order after 10am 21/7/2020, we will ship out next week.

      • Oh, thank you. When I ordered it, that was not indicated in OP. I guess that I was expecting an update via email than visiting ozbargain to find out. Cheers!

        • This Friday.

          • @Gearbite: Same as allphones.

            But they say yours is Grey import.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser194964: Official Xiaomi Australia sell for $699 if you want to spend extra $100 for assurance go for it

  • +2

    I just got an order shipped email from Gearbite, i thought it won't be until friday?

    • +1

      Same just got an order shipped emaol

      • same everyone rejoice

    • +1

      Some Stocks come earlier, so some were shipped today.

  • I bought the taobao version of this monitor… a friend of mine translated the details and we managed to get it sent to a third party shipper… $429 for monitor and about $40 for shipping. Since it is being sent by boat… it will probably take a few months to arrive. I wasn't in a rush so i thought i would try this approach.

    • Can you please PM me the shipping method? $40 is really cheap for shipping in recent day.

    • +4

      IS that really worth it to save $130?

      Few months wait, no way to return, risk damage to monitor etc

      • It wasn't so much the money or savings… i was just curious on the process of buying something from china directly… my mate was buying a few things and as i wasn't in a rush i thought why not. I would usually always buy from here… for the reasons you mentioned and for the fact of convenience…

        • your curiosity will cost you $429 if the monitor is a faulty..

          would have been better to try it with some cheap crap..

          is taobao that direct though?
          aren't you still buying it from some reseller?

          $130 is not that great of a saving
          when you actually think of how long it takes to get here (which means the price might have drop some more by then)
          and also return shipping it back would cost a lot (if you want to try warranty)

          • +1

            @pinkybrain: Yeah i understand where you are coming from… curiosity gets the better of me sometimes. If it breaks, i really don't plan on returning it… will fix it myself and that will be that :) i hope everyone here has a good experience with this deal and more importantly with delivery.

    • Can you please PM me the seller you used? I tried to buy it from one Taobao agent and another from TMall, and neither would ship it to the official Sea freight forwarding service.

  • Does this come with DP/HDMI cable?

    NVM: someone said it does

    • Comes with 1 x dp but no hdmi

  • Don't think my express post will arrive today in melbourne..damn covid

    • Can i have your tracking code, i will happy to check for you.

      • aa

      • nvm it's coming today!

  • Why does the product title say, 'Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34-Inch 21:9 Bring Fish Screen 144Hz' instead of 'Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor'? Is it the same product?

    • any angler would know that a free sinker rig brings the fish. der!

    • Same.

    • +4

      LOL. Is that really what it is translated into English?

      I will try to explain it… In China, they call this type of ultrawide monitor 帶魚, which means "Hairtail" or "beltfish", which is a type of fish that has a rather flat body but it's length could go up to a metre or even longer, although not necessarily on 16:9 or 21:9 ratio 😂😂

      The thing that makes me laugh is instead of translate the two characters into "beltfish", they do this one character by one character. 帶, when used as noun it can mean "belt" however when used as a verb it becomes "bring". Where 魚, most of the time it simply means "fish".

      Up to here I believe you can now understand why it is poorly translated into " bring first" loooool.

      • +1

        That's hilarious, thanks for sharing :D

  • Can we all expect dispatch tomorrow?:D Have not heard anything RE: order since.

    • All orders before 9am 30th July have been dispatched. Please let us know if your order has not been update by ps or facebook messenger. We will happy to follow up.

  • Interstate delivery of this item seems to be very delayed :(

    • If you need any help from us, please let us know.

      • If you know why it's taking longer then 3 days to get from VIC to SYD then that'd be great. I'm gathering that delay is expected of late?

        • Please ps your order or your tracking code, i will happy to check for you.

  • +1

    Received email that it has been posted on 29 July, after 2 days check the tracking and still at the same place and not received, im not too far from the place in melbourne as well but seems like Auspost has delay from their end.

    • Yup I’m in the same boat. Still hasn’t moved at all since Wednesday.

      • got it today at 5.50pm when i already gave up hopes that it will arrived today.

  • +3

    I ordered mine with express post on 22 July from Gearbite. Received a notification on 29 July that the item was ready for delivery within 3 business days, but I got it right in the next morning, which was quite impressive from Auspost…

    The monitor came with a local power cord and a DP cable. Super easy to instal and it feels great in terms of build quality. The only issue could be that the screen sometimes goes black for a sec during switching between different windows. I had the same issue with my old 24 aoc monitor as well, so I am not sure if this is an issue for this monitor or it is something relating to my pc. Overall, I am very happy with it.

    • are you based in Melbourne as well? Dam mine hasnt arrived :( eed to wait till Monday now

      • not to raise your hopes or anything but mine was delivered last sunday so weekend delivery is possible

      • I am based in Sydney. Hope you get yours today :)

      • Any update on yours? Was expecting mine today and still no tracking update.

  • +1

    I ordered on 26th. Got my monitor yesterday morning. came with an local adapter. Set it up easily. People who are planning to use it with HDMI cable keep it ready. It comes with DP cable. Sadly my laptop currently doesn't support DP. Planning to run the tests on It later. Will let you knpw how well it performs with HDMI. No black screen yet. Awesome service and swift response through facebook. Thank you.

  • +1

    The partner and I both ordered one, his arrived yesterday, mine still in transit. The jealousy is real! First impressions are good though, looks like a great monitor for the price.

  • +1

    First experience with a ultrwide and really enjoyig it.
    Occasionally it is nice to have a dual screen setup - keep things properly seperate and not needing to play with resizing.
    I plugged in the DP and HDMi from the same PC to see what happens. The moitor can be set up as a side by side with 2 connections but the display for both is squeee tight but still at full reolution.
    Any way I can show them as two side by sde monitor with an appropriate reolution.
    I have seen paid 3rd party apps the do this but I thought this would be easier
    Any tips or am I just wasitng my time!

    • -1

      if you are doing it like that then it treats it like two separate monitors

      do you have a pic of what it looks like?

      can you give me approximate measurement of the monitor size on the desk?
      -length and width

      do you have nvidia GPU and can you test the gsync if there is any flickering in the games?

    • Same here trying to figure out a way to get both displaying well but doesn't

      • please let me know if you managed to find a solution

    • +1

      here are your answer, set resolution at 1720x1440 at both computer and under graphic card control panel, set it to scale full screen , you are welcome :)


      • Ahh perfect and champion!!!

  • +1

    Ordered Thursday night and have received it today in Sydney. Enjoying the 34inch monitor alongside my 2 other 24inch monitors. Was wondering why it seemed a bit sluggish at first but then realised that I didn't change the refresh rate to 144hz in the Nvidia control panel. After changing that and enabling Gsync (Monitor is Freesync but you can enable Gsync if you have a RTX card, don't forget to also enable freesync in the settings of the monitor) the experience is excellent. Haven't had any of the black flickering issues that people have raised. Very satisfied at the moment :)

    • can you test to see if you get ghosting in games and on the desktop when moving windows?

      what gpu do you own?

      • +1


        Coming from someone who's not that experienced with monitors but owned 24" BenQ zowie XL2411P monitor:

        • Ghosting while moving windows is quite obvious for me.
        • CoD Warzone: feels fine and smooth. Had to adjust nVidia 3D control panel settings to allow Image Sharpening and it got better.
        • League of Legends: also fine.
        • Witcher 3: doesn't look that good, feels like a slight downgrade.
        • World of Warcraft: feels ok - noticeable smearing/ghosting/whatever it is when you move and things go a bit blurry then you stop moving and everything straightens out.

        I think my issue was that I didn't realise I'd have to adjust settings different between each game - with my BenQ I just hit "High" on settings and everything was great. Definitely some dicking around. Additionally - I'm unsure if some of these things are a placebo affect or not. I don't think I ever paid attention to ghosting or smearing before, but that's probably because I never needed to with my TN panel.

        • +3

          Unsure how to edit this - but I'll actually change my opinion on World of Warcraft..

          I initially purchased this for the purpose of WoW, but the ghosting is starting to annoy me after barely a few minutes of playing around.

          What seems to be happening is that everytime I move, colours shift to a darker tone very slightly and the ground clutter, NPCS, basically everything in the foreground becomes quite blurred and when I stop everything is very crisp. I wouldn't think that this would be that much of a big deal but it's quite jarring and noticeable to see, especially since there is significant movement in this game like this. Highly dissapointed and considering selling the monitor for a bit cheaper and purchasing an ISP monitor instead.

          • @ishaboyavirski: Do you use Freesync or Gsync? Give it a go if you can and see if it is any better.

            • +1

              @sirob1: I tested Freesync with the ufo website and it seems to be worse with it (in the UFO website). In WoW nothing changes - still has that smearing/ghosting shit. GSync is always enabled on my computer. Considering selling this monitor off for the time being at a bit cheaper and buying an IPS model if I'm not happy with how this is..

  • So I just ordered one. I hope it won't take long but I'm super excited!!!

    Please send ASAP!!

    • +1

      They'll likely ship Thursday or Friday

      • NOO!! I can't wait that long :( lol

  • Received my unit too from Allphones, put it immediately on an arm. Great build quality. No dead pixels, only thing is the damn 4 button navigation is hard to press, should have had a joystick. Great for movie watching though.

    • Could you reccomend an arm?

      • +1

        Ozbarganers' favourite. Bought one the other day for $44.


        • Yup I used this one . Got 2 of them in fact. Sturdy and works well, recommended. 2 gives much better flexibility in placement. Just make sure they are the new versions which hold up to 9kg, no problem with the Xiaomi.

          • @NotAnAudiophile: How much does the monitor weigh without the stand? Would you know as I can't find any info online -_-

            • +1

              @itsmoe: They usually weight around 6, 6.5kg

              • +1

                @davidl820: I didn’t weigh it, but definitely less than 8 or 9kg.

                • @NotAnAudiophile: Oh beauty, because I found that it's about 11kgs but that's with the stand I'm assuming.

                  • +1

                    @itsmoe: Someone weighed the monitor without stand and it’s about 17lbs or less than 8kg. The new version of the F80 is rated for 9kg so it is within spec. Anyway tried and tested by me, bearing in mind I use a desktop clamp, it’s clamped to a solid oak Rasunda desktop, I also brace the clamp both top and bottom with sample wooden flooring pieces. That clamp doesn’t budge at all.

                  • +1

                    @itsmoe: Just checked Chinese review, the label on the box stats the gross weight is 10.39kg so take away the packaging, stand, power adaptor… the monitor itself is definitely well under 9kg which the new F80 arm can easily deal with.

                    • @davidl820: Thank you dear sir! Appreciate the extra digging. I couldn't find any info anywhere!

    • How does a 16:9 movie look, are the large letterbox border on both sides?

      • Yes but I only tested 16:9 YouTube videos. 21:9 vids look great though.

        • Thanks for sharing mate

  • anyone have any feedback on using this as two screens with PbP mode for office/productivity work?

    • I didn’t try it yet, what scenario ?

      • +1

        Just wondering how well the resolution works for general office work, spreadsheets, emails, multiple windows, etc.
        Also slightly hesistant in purchasing given how 'locked down' my work laptop is, if PbP resolutions don't work natively.

        I can't even run my 2560x1440 monitor at full res with my work laptop for some reason (dell Latitude 5300)

        • I’ll probably give ilyhe picture in picture mode a go later with my laptop and report back, I also have to use a USB-c to
          Hdmi or dp connector.

          • @NotAnAudiophile: Worked well just need to be able to adjust it. It's like a smaller screen but still ok for work

        • see my comment above? you are welcome

  • +1

    So tempting, extremely good specs for the price. But the ghosting alone is deterring me from purchasing the item. Praying for covid to end so that monitor prices drop.

  • +2

    The best part of this monitor is the stand. I have never seen one designed so well. It's metal, with a magnetic clip on cover, hiding all cables inside a built in cable rail. It keeps your desk so neat that I think the stand is worth $100 alone.
    Reviews also found the contrast ration better than advertised.

    • Lol yes, the stand is extremely well constructured, I'm not using it though the monitor is on an arm.

  • Been using this for a few days now. Got it mainly for work purposes and I'm pretty dissapointed with how blurry the text is. I have a Kogan 34" as well and it's noticeably sharper

    • Have you changed windows to the correct resolution?

      • Yep its on 3440×1440

        • You sure about that? I tried the sharpest setting on it and its too sharp for me.

          • @NotAnAudiophile: Absolutely. I tried changing the sharpness settings and it just looks weird. Unless I have a dud, the text is nowhere near as clear as the Kogan one I have.

    • the kogan 34 curve is the same panel?

  • Thanks for the comments and feedback guys, I just pulled the trigger on ordering one. Got express and hope it arrives in good ol ACT Monday or Tuesday.

    Anyone have any experience running this screen from a HP Spectre and how they go together with movies and games? Just wanting to play some racing games and CS and COD.

    • +1

      Seems like they dispatch weekly. Mine was dispatched on Thursday man you may have to wait an entire week to get it

      • +1

        We have limit stocks now, we will dispatch within 24 hours.

        • Thanks Rep, I got a shipping notification. Looking forward to getting my hands on it asap! Appreciate the prompt turn around.

    • +1

      Put it on an arm! Great setup with it.

      • I've never been a fan of arms really, you reckon it makes a big difference? I can never seem to adjust it just right.

        • +1

          Advantage of arm (especially spring loaded) : saves heaps of desk space

          Rotate anywhere you want, including position

          aesthically cleaner

    • Got mine today, Tuesday late Arvo, posted on Sat/Sun. Thanks Gearbite.

      Can't wait to set it up tomorrow!!

  • +1

    Mine has started doing the black screen thing someone mentioned earlier, the whole screen randomly goes black for a second then comes back on, very annoying. Anybody know what causes this or if it can be fixed by a setting?

    • I have similar problem with one of my desktop. The monitor just went black screen and didn't become back on, even the OSD won't show, more like the monitor just hung. The desktop has a HD7870 2GB ram, paired with 3rd gen i5… But it wasn't a problem with my Acer X34P.

      However with my laptop it doesn't seem to have the same issue, and it's a work laptop so it only has the Intel internal display chip from the 4th gen i7

      I think I will try to do more cross test…

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