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Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 Student Pricing $170.50 Including GST @ Adobe


It’s not advertised on the Adobe website, but there exists a newer perpetual licence of Acrobat Pro 2020 for $170.50 for students. To get this, you need to go onto chat and ask for it specifically from sales.

Some new features include DirectInk support for computers that have pen capability, and OCR on documents that already have live text.

Note this is not a subscription.

Retailers are still selling Acrobat Pro 2017 for students at about the same price, so this is a better deal as you get the latest version without subscription fees.

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    Its free for victorian secondary students, just use your select enterprice/company and login using @schools login, you can see all the free products up there incl photoshop and lightroom

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    Given up on Adobe PDF. To many issues and way to $$$
    Life time license of pdf-xchange is about $80 after applying coupon codes your can find on Google to give you 30% off

    More features. Easier to use.
    Have been moving to this at all my clients and they love it.

    Also their free editor is quite good to. But pro version is best

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      Agreed PdfXchange is great, even better than Adobe for my use - even just the free version has document markups, and a bunch of other tools. Will be buying the full version soon I think

    • plus 1 for PDF Xchange

      we've bought licences for business as it saves so much money, and has more features than acrobat pro.

    • Same here, just bought a 100 user pack of PDF-xchange Editor last week for the company I work for.
      So much cheaper than Acrobat, and our users have commented how much better it is to use.
      And with PDF-X we could buy an actual license still, not just the time-limited subscription that Adobe offered us.
      Never going back.

      • Those with PDF-X: how do you find the merge function, i.e., joining multiple pdfs into a single pdf document? Is there any noticeable loss of quality in the output PDF document?

      • We buy perpetual licenses here at work
        Definitely can buy them

    • Hi matt, any chance you can let me know what coupon code gives the 30% off ? I am keen.

    • Does PDF XChange have OCR that can turn scanned text into editable text like Adobe does?

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    Good price. My favorite features are OCR (optimising text in scanned copies) and reducing pdf file size.

    • -1

      My favorite features are OCR

      can be done free online…

      • +4

        True. But some people aren't comfortable with having their personal details held by some random site on the net.

        But yeah, considering this is a deal aimed at students.. do your OCR online, people! Just maybe not your passport or bank details.

        • Just maybe not your passport or bank details.

          Ooooooops. too late…

        • +1

          This is probably a great way of giving away your private documents. Local OCR is the best.

  • Another suggestion is to use 'Bluebeam Revu" it's A LOT more powerful and loaded with features, OCR,reduce file size, estimate, forms etc..

    Use your imagination on how to source the 'free' version.

    • -1

      Another solution is to 🏴‍☠️. Not giving my money to those ****ers.

      • +1

        Too much of a pain and this requires hack tools which aren’t exactly safe. This is a great price for something that’s costs $800+ outright and $324.50 for an upgrade licence from Pro 2017.

        • +1

          filecr.com had a download for the 2020 one, no tools, just an installer. Heck there are even repacks for the older ones which are just install and use.

          • +1

            @Void: But if the installer has been hacked or modified, you don’t know exactly what has been done to it or what will be installed on your computer. Better to get it from a legitimate source.

            • @happychappy1: Virustotal, Malwarebytes, and my years of experience.

              • @Void: The detection tools you're telling us about only cover known malware, not modified legitimate programs. So if the program's been reprogrammed to send out your info to an unknown source, you have no idea, because the executable is "Acrobat.exe", so it'll pass as the unmodified one.

                • @happychappy1: Well then I just hope they don't dog the boys =)

  • -2

    Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 Student Pricing $170.50

    Is there are version for poor students?

    • +5

      Is there a version for students with poor grammar?

    • +5

      Lol JV is auto negged by so many people…

      But JV has a point. How many students even if working at Macca's or Starbucks can afford to buy this?

  • Not sure how they compare, but I've been using PhantomPDF for a few years now… Paid about $60 (lifetime), but there is an option of 9,99/year subscription for students.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud is free for NSW & VIC public school students atleast, not sure about private & Uni
    Here is the link and discussion

    [NSW/VIC] Free Access to Adobe Creative Cloud Software for NSW Public School Students

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      It’s not free for university students. There was a short free trial period, but that’s ended now.

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        Depends on the Uni, mine offers pretty much the whole shebangabang of Adobe Creative Suite since last year. Not sure how much they paid for it, but I guess that decision did not age well.

  • Is the full (non-subscription) version of 2020 available for non-students (eg Businesses)?

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