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Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey 4.54kg - $135.96 @ Derrimut247


Found this while looking to get some more protein powder. No a bad deal, it may be the cheapest you can get it for at the moment and comes pretty close to the most it's been discounted at other stores. As of posting they have stock in Banana, Vanilla and Double Rich Chocolate.

Other sizes are also on sale:
900g @ $39.20
2.27kg @ $75.96

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    Good luck getting them to fulfil your order… I've ordered twice had my products changed or cancelled due to stock unavailability, plus it took forever to get here… I tried to support them during Covid, but enough is enough… Do not recommend.

    • I haven't had issues with them so far, but I haven't ordered from them during Covid so will have to see. But as HappyBargainer mentioned below, Amazon will likely match/beat price soon enough

      • yep, they cancelled the main reason i ordered from them which is protein. all i got was the remaining rubbish which was snacks and a bottle. i wouldn't recommend.

        • Update on my order: It came in today, no sample freebies with my order like usual but the protein powder came in just fine.

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    if you like chocolate, Go with Extreme milk chocolate. I am not a big fan of the Rich chocolate flavour.

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    Just wait a bit for Amazon AU comes with even cheaper price. Amazon AU just had them for around $65 (2.27kg) few days ago. Has anyone tried My Protein which is on big discounts few posts back? Is there any good comparing to ON? Thanks

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      I only order from MyProtein. They're having a Xmas in July sale now with 45% off. Got 2 10kg packs for $150 (free delivery)! Highly recommend.

      Only downside is it takes a few weeks to reach so I normally order ahead.

      • Which flavours do you usually order? Looking at making an order, especially with the 45% off, but never ordered from MP before.

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          He replied me in the Myprotein post that he likes Chocolate Smooth.

          • @HappyBargainer: Oh yeah, cheers. I'll go have a squiz at that post again.

          • @HappyBargainer: I usually get extreme choc ON but recently tried Myprotein choc smooth with the recent 50% off sale. It's not as "creamy" as ON, has slightly thinner consistency, and the taste is more artificially sweet than ON. However the price saving and the higher protein % of MyProtein outweigh the negatives in taste since I usually mix it in an oat shake rather than take it by itself.

            • @spiff: Oh no. I even feel that the extreme milk chocolate from ON has really thin taste for me. I might need to find another flavor from Myprotein.

              • @HappyBargainer: I doubt you'd get much creamier consistencies than ON regardless of flavour. ON with milk tastes like a milkshake!

        • As HappyBargainer has mentioned, I've tried a few flavors but regretted all of them except for Chocolate Smooth. If you want to do some research, you can google "Best MyProtein flavors" and most lists would have Chocolate Smooth as their top 5, if not No. 1.

          Also, if you order enough (not sure the amount), you can get samples of other flavors to try.

          I should also probably mention that I personally prefer a thinner consistency because a thicker consistency tastes nice in the first few gulps but quickly becomes a chore to finish. Plus, I can always add milk instead of water if I crave for something thicker.

          This is coming from someone who drinks 2.5 scoops mixed with water a day in the morning without fail.

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    I would not recommend using Derrimut. I am a member of the Pakenham gym and since covid began I have not been able to get a response from them. Also the Gym at Pakenham has been completely emptied. So communication is VERY poor which would not bode well if you have issues with fulfillment

    • I agree with this sentiment. I ordered this product in a previous deal and it took a month of attempting to contact them and submitting a PayPal dispute before they finally sent out the product.

    • Hasn’t the gym gone bankrupt?

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    use aminoz website for the best deals with inbuilt price matching.

    • second this

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      I've learnt a lot since posting this haha, will surely give aminoz a go next time

    • actually works out more expensive on aminoz website

      • aminoz has a pricebeat and gives you extra 10% discount and also match free shipping so I don't understand how it could work out to be more expensive… Well it doesn't work anyways (see my comment below) so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • read the comment below…

          "We are unable to price beat Derrimut 247 at this time due to many prices being significantly below cost."

          • @Phage: it won't need to price match derrimut because you WONT receive your order / only receive the crap they want to get rid of from their warehouse.

            they'll only deliver you the crap they want to get rid of, in the end your better off with amino, join club z for $10 a month, which u get back in credits to spend so technically its FREE + unlimited free deliveries with NO minimums.

            i simply couldn't find anywhere else that can beat amino.

    • Using aminoz was exactly my first thought but unfortunately it doesn't work:

      "We are unable to price beat Derrimut 247 at this time due to many prices being significantly below cost."