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Mygenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner $199 + Delivery @ Kogan


Hi everybody, not a frequent poster, but I couldn't let my fellow ozbargainers to miss this kind of deal. I'm not familiar with the vacuum cleaner prices, but got an SMS from kogan regarding this deal and looks legit.

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  • it probably was $1199, 20 years ago I think

  • You have been hoodwinked sir

  • Looks like a dumb bumper puck. Best be saving your $ for better

  • Plenty of el'cheapo robot vacuum vacs. Are they any good? probably not.

  • Also $199 here yet only $50 off. How can that be? Surely they would inflate the rrp at Kogan?


  • Cheap robot vac's are usually not great. Get S6 or S50.


    $300 off at the moment + free delivery.

  • These are OK. I got it second hand, barely used, for less than $100 and agree with the seller- they need babysitting, especially if you have a hair rug anywhere, or furniture leg gaps that it can partially get under or between, or bar stool bases it can climb onto. Vacuuming is not strong and leaves flecks of rice behind, but it gives a noticeably cleaner look. Mopping is OK too, but recently it's been inconsistent- like the water's not getting through evenly and in this mode, you have to do more babysitting to stop it getting stuck. If you have a simple uncluttered room, I think they'll be great.

    • Completely agree. Needs babysitting or supervision as it misses plenty of spots, while doubling up on areas that it has already cleaned. Suction power is not that great either. May work well in smaller rooms with minimal furniture. Mopping function is not that great either, and leaves water marks.

  • Anybody found a smart robot vac that doesn't need to connect to wifi?

    Basically offline but still does a good job.

    Bonus if it can navigate itself back to a charging dock also without needing any sort of wifi connection.

    Thinking of buying a few of these for work and just letting them do their thing during after hours but can't use a mobile hot spot as it is a big site with multiple buildings and unable to connect to local wifi for security reasons.

    So needs to be offline capable basically.