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Noctua NH-D15 SSO2 D-Type Premium CPU Cooler, NF-A15 X 2 PWM Fans $127.70 + $12 Delivery @ Newegg


Been waiting for another deal again and newegg has delivered!

35 dollar off promo code : AUS38JUL

For users who are experiencing difficulty in accessing the weblink

Also make sure you change the country to Australia to ensure the code is valid.

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  • Store in title please

    • it says delivery @ newegg does it not?

      • A Power user had to change it for you

        • Oh, sorry my first post. Thank you OP

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    What other items are can that promo code be used on?

    • Just tried it with U12A, didn't work

  • This is a good price.

  • The link doesn't seem to work for me…?

    EDIT - Turns out I needed to actually have an account and be logged in for it to appear :)

    • logged in but still doesnt work for me :(

      • change country to AU?

        • yep that'll do, thank you!!

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    Waiting for Chromax version.

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      What about the Dark Rock Pro 4? What makes it inferior? It's cheaper and temps/noise are like margin of error.

      • 3 year vs 6 year warranty. Noctua clearly have a lot more confidence in the longevity of their fans.

        • Being realistic here though what fan is going to die in 3 years?

      • +1

        Noctua has an easier installation procedure too.

  • Anything good for the 12? I don't think this will fit in my case.

    Does anyone know if this will fit on a 450m mortar msi board?

    • Max height for your case? If you've only got 2 sticks of RAM you can space them further. It also depends on the model of RAM, some is taller and won't fit under a heatsink or fan.

      • I think my ram is the Corsair vengeance low profile one. There's 4 sticks in there tho. Looks like I wouldn't want it being larger than 130mm

        • What case wouldn't allow more than 130mm short of mITX?! You're stuck with like a low profile Noctua cooler or Dark Rock TF.

          • @Void: It might be closer to 150. It's pretty short tho it's one of these https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Cases/Micro-ATX/72815-CC...

            Yeah it says on that page max cpu cooler height is 150mm, so these won't fit right?

            I had to buy special gpu right angle connector cables so my 1070 would fit

            • @RI4V4N: No way. Cryorig H7 Ultra ($79 + sh. at PCCG) is your best bet with such a height limit, been doing my research and planning on getting myself for my H18 (max 155mm).

              • @Void: Isn't your other suggestion, Dark Rock TF with 2 large fans, has a better cooling for this case?

                • @O O: Smaller heatsink, but I haven't really taken the time to have a look. It does seem promising for cooling VRMs and anything around the CPU but it's too expensive for me anyway.

                  Edit: Seems the DRTF performs better, I might take a look at the Shadow Rock TF 2. Cheaper.

                    • @RI4V4N: Yeah, just twice as expensive :o

                      • @Void: better to get the TF2 for 80 bucks? I note it has 1 less fan, but idk.
                        I have a 3600 and it seems to run pretty hot.

                        • @RI4V4N: I saw a review from Guru3D and they stated it suffers when put under overclocked loads, I think the H7 Ultra is a better buy. Mostly because we can see reviews for it. The Quad Lumi is the same thing but with lights.

                          Edit: Rated for same TDPs, but I think the H7 looks a lil nicer and is cheaper.

                          • @Void: hmm i dont overclock the 3600, it's just (profanity) hot with the stock cooler, lol.

                            I might try to the TF2, seems to indicate it can handle the TDP of the 3600. It cant be worse than this shitty lawnmower.

                            • @RI4V4N: Yeah but the H7 Ultra is better for less, which is why I can't recommend the TF2. With the stock cooler on my 3500X idle is quite high with stock settings, 45-55c because of the boosting algorithm, with an all core overclock it's at a flat 44c due to static voltage.

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    Despite having a Noctua cooler I've never been able to get over the ghastly colour combo of their fans

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      when you don't have a tempered glass or clear side panel, colours don't matter :^)

    • +5

      It's a badge of honour to have the uniquely coloured fans in your system :D

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        Chromax is for virgins. /s

    • i go the redux versions which arent as, well, brown

  • Broken link?

  • Another option for people who has a Umart nearby, $143 pick up local stock. Ordered one myself.

    Although Umart description page doesn't say AM4, but on Noctua site, it says: "NH-D15 (AM4 mounting included since 2019, only older coolers require upgrade kit)"

    • Thanks, ordered one!

  • I've heard that these coolers are super effective and actually surprisingly quiet too.
    But wow… they are huge.

    Are they heavy?… any risk of bending the motherboard?

    Been using the Wraith Prism (Stock AMD) Cooler, has anyone had any experience upgrading from that to this?

    Thanks OP!

    • Yeah they're heavy, D15 is like 1.2kg. It all comes down to the distribution of the weight, and the quality of the motherboard PCB and standoffs. Hopefully someone can clarify.

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      popular saying is, there are three types of cooler;

      Air, liquid, and Noctua.

      These boys generally outperform stock coolers, and imo are even better than the cheapest aio cooler.

      • +1

        I thought you were jv for a second lol. Noctua got some competition with be quiet! and most importantly Scythe, who are selling comparable products for a lot less. A high end air cooler at a similar price to a low-mid tier liquid cooler will outperform, but there's no substitute for liquid in the high-high end.

      • +2

        Better then a lot of AIO's…

        I'd rather this then almost any AIO, custom loops are definitely above this however.

    • Use a gpu stand, or a string.

  • +2

    Thanks!! I ended up browsing around and ended up buying an NH-U12S for around $78 AUS delivered (that's good enough for my needs). The code obviously doesn't work for that model, but it's still WAY cheaper than buying it locally.

    (I'm honestly unsure of what I'm going to be charged, as it seemed to take off the GST during the purchase… I have no idea how the rules work these days)

    • I got the U12S too (when the D14 deal was posted a while back). It's awesome. Most benchmarks I've seen only put it a few degrees warmer than the D15 under load.

    • This is a good price but I still cant stomach the brown. Paid extra for the chromax! Happy that i get to save $30 instead of buying from PLE. And also PLE doesnt have it in stock anyway. willing to wait.

  • For better compatibility, there is also D15S with a single 140mm fan. It can accommodate both taller RAM and closer PCIe slot (Most ASUS boards?). You can add your own 120mm fan as a secondary fan.

    • What you can do instead is get the D15 and run with 1 fan instead of 2. Keeping that second fan as a back up maybe or sell it off? The D15s is essentially the same as a normal D15 minus the 2nd fan. For some reason I see certain websites have the 120mm noctua fan for more than the 140mm variant. So it might work out more expensive to get the D15s + another fan.

      • +1

        D15S fin stack sits offset above the cold plate and this helps it fit in motherboards with some motherboards with PCIe slots closer to the CPU socket. D15S and D15 are not the same. Source: Been using D15S fans for several years.

        • Oh okay, I was not aware of this. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Oof what about the Loctua

    • you need loctite for that.

  • Back in stock guys

  • I'm getting $150 + $15 gst + $12 shipping - $35 coupon = $142

    • +1

      Should change at final checkout, this is final price I got 127.70+12

      • Sure did, updated on final checkout as you said. Thanks

  • I have a shipping notification and it looks like it's being shipped from Dangdenong. Does Newegg keep local stock?

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