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Logitech G903 Wireless Mouse with Hero Sensor $178 @ Harvey Norman


Share some love with Harvey Norman, limited to 3 per customer, incase you were going to get it as a gift for your relos ;)

179 for the Hero version of the G903 wireless mouse.
Non Hero has been as low as AUD 100 recently.
No idea if any one needs it I was looking for the Basilisk X Hyper to go with my V2 wired, but for the fastest among us as per Logitech-Chose your Hero

Amazon might have the same price but not sure if its Hero version and of course with HN you can pick it up, Plenty of stock in the Covid states and WA- Pun intended.

Essentially a better battery and a significantly better Hero sensor and the buttons click better and don't fail anymore. 2 yrs the Manufacturer has your back.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Sorry should read significantly better battery and a better Hero sensor

  • Up vote for the effort on this post

  • Kogan 169

    • $179 at eb

      the RRP is $250 (LOL!) which is where you get that alleged $90 'saving'… this thing better be made of carbon fibre to be worth $179!

    • You might get sent a Webcam instead 😁

  • I'm glad I got mine for 125 last dec via gamesmen ebay.

    • I got mine for $79 from last ebgames deal. JB price match with the this new version.

      • wow, even better

        • Are these Hero sensor?
          Also kerp in mind Covid has raised price of a oot of items compared to the 1st quarter.
          Eith ghe Aud going up, Amazon should be becoming a good option for most. Time to get Prime.

  • Tossing up between this and the g502 wireless. Any recommendations?

    • have used g502 wired. pretty solid mouse. I personally dont like aesthetics of this one. it looks like an alien beetle with lights on 😰

    • I'm currently on my third g502, first one right-click started bugging out after about 4 months and the second one had the same issue after three days. Honestly if this one dies as well I'm going to get a fourth, it's the best mouse I've ever owned. Just wish I could get one that doesn't die on me!

      • That's not great to hear. I thought they were super reliable based on my experience. I a G502 wired hero and my 11yo son has one. He completely dominates many adults in Fortnite (Rank <31,000 in squads and just over 57,000 in solos in FortniteTracker. For comparison I'm not very good and I'm at 1,296,963 in squads and 464,910 in solos). If it had cost him even one game I'd have heard about it, loudly and repeatedly.

      • Few of my logitech gaming mice broke after playing prince of persia… The amount of left button bash required was too much for it πŸ˜‚

  • What’s the difference between this and the G Pro Wireless?