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BDI B936 4G LTE Wi-Fi Router with VoIP $128 Shipped @ Switch-Hub eBay


BDI B936 4G LTE WiFi Router with VoIP $128.

Mod: Targeted code HAPPY3 makes it $124.16. Thanks CC123.

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  • You can save $3.84 with HAPPY3 bringing it down to $124.16

    Edit: That code appears to be targeted/tied to specific accounts

  • I'm after one of these to stick a Circle Life Sim card in, might be the go. Anyone used it?

    • for a stable, reliable LTE performance and phone feature, its Yes.

      • Thanks, I don't even need the phone. Just looking for a 4G wifi modem really because finding I'm having trouble with the Optus portable hotspot when streaming video.

        • I am not sure your Circle Life Sim belongs to which LTE network.

          if belong to Telstra, then I will suggest you purchase a higher-end LTE router with CAT6 or above, such as Tenda 4G09.
          if belong to Optus or Vodafone, BDI B936 can do the job for you, as both Optus and Vodafone LTE network is not so well, they support only single band in many rural locations within Australia. you just spend extra money on the cat6 or above device, but those CA network does not exist.

  • What's the maximum 4g speed this device can get, CAT 9 or CAT 6?

    • LTE-FDD: DL/UL 150/50Mbps
      LTE-TDD: DL/UL 110+/11+Mbps

    • it's a Cat 4 devices, if using Telstra sim, you will get around 30Mbps to 50Mbps.
      Vodafone or Optus it about 20Mbps - 40Mbps.
      all the above testing is done with the rural area in Sydney.
      In the metro area will be much better, but the speed will really rely on your LTE reception.

  • How is this work?

    A voiP phone + mobile data/wifi?

    • it's a device built-in with VoIP gateway, comply with LTE wifi router and ATA function.
      if you have a VoIP account, then you can input your VoIP setting into this device, then attach an analog phone for calling purpose. Or if you do not use VoIP, you can choose to use with VoLTE feature with this device, it will use your SIM phone number to make or receive calls.
      it's perfect for work at home or small office use: phone + internet solution.

  • How does this compare to ATA like:
    Grandstream HT812

    • the major difference as below:
      HT812 Supports 2 SIP profiles through 2 FXS ports, Giga port
      BDI B936 Supports 1 SIP profiles through 1 FXS ports, Fast port

  • Op, do you know if this will work with Aussie Broadband FTTC?