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Tile Pro Combo 2 Pack for $59.95 Delivered @ Camera House


I know it is $10 dearer than what JB HiFi deal was in June but at this price it still cheapest in the market.

Buy it lose it find it, harder better faster stronger :)

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  • Just saw a review on this device.
    Definitely interested in getting two of these. Maybe I'll wait until it's back to $50.

    Edit: never mind. Found a seller on eBay and bought the same pack for $50.

  • if i can get a dollar for everytime op said harder better faster stronger i would have roughly100 bucks by now

  • Are the batteries replaceable?

    • the review says yes. Once a year.

  • +1

    The title of the ad says Tile Pro, but the description says Tile Sport.

    The picture looks like Tile Sport. You can't change the Tile Sport's battery unless you break it open.

    The one at similar price on eBay also looks to be Tile Sport (with the unchangable) battery.

    Tile Sport looks to be no longer listed on the Tile website either.

    • Crap. I think you're right. Tile pro has circle hole at the top left of the tile. These don't have circle hole.
      Shit, I bought them already.

      This clip shows how to change the battery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrhM5ujSU6w
      Is that the same model as above?

      • Yes, that's the video I saw 2 weeks ago when looking at buying one. So yes, it is possible to change the battery, but you have to 'break' it open as per my initial comment.

  • I have just purchased these. Haven't got them yet but reviews seem to be OK.
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    • Looks good Howiej1.
      I will purchase this as soon as I receive my refund for the tile I purchased earlier on eBay.
      I sent a message to the seller and I hope he approves my order cancellation.

      • Open up a cancellation case on eBay, on the app click on the order, then click on more options, then click on cancel this order.

        • Already cancelled by the seller and I'm getting refund.
          Thank you.

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    Based on the Images/Description, this appears to be a Tile Sport (Grey) + a Tile Style 'Pro Series' (White)

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    Also be aware these aren't the 2020 versions

  • Bought these with the JB deal and honestly theyre pretty awesome. I've got one in my wallet and one on my keys, saves me from 5-10 frustrating minutes every day which adds up.

  • Dunno about anyone else's experience with Camera House Delivery but mine was terrible. Purchased a camera that was listed as in stock at the time of purchase (and continued to be listed in stock for the following week). 8 weeks later and still no camera due to no stock…