How Much Water Do You Drink Every Day?

I personally am really into fitness and drink approximately 4 L every day.

I probably use the bathroom every 40 min-1hr.

EDIT: now i consciously think about i definitely do not go every 40 min-1hr…. kind of interested now to see how many times i go… maybe i should keep a tally

I always find it intriguing seeing how much water other people drink.

Please feel free to discuss!

Poll Options

  • 22
    Less than 250ml
  • 33
    Less than 500ml
  • 86
    Less than 1L
  • 302
    1L - 2L
  • 181
    2L - 3L
  • 34
    3L - 4L
  • 32
    4L - 5L
  • 24
    More than 5 L