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DJI Tello Drone - White $79 + Shipping @ Shopping Express (Officeworks Price Match $75.05)


I saw the deal in shopping express email. Price seems very good and successfully price matched from office works for 75.05 C&C. Best drone for inside flying during this lock down. Enjoy

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    is it any good for flying outside to check the gutters for leaves/blockages/water pooling? (ofcourse, Flying on a day without any wind)

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      It only has a forward-facing (which is fixed) camera but if it isn't windy it will be fine. Double story and going too far out LOS and you will get in trouble.

    • How did you know that I've been doing these with a drone? Mavic Pro of course.

    • Does the job nicely.
      Caveat on the wind tho. Mine flew god knows where when a strong southerly hit it.

    • That's what i would like to use the drone for too!

    • God damn it! Now I have a reason to get a drone.

  • OW out of stock it seems only shopping express i guess, any other places that can price match?

    • don't think anyone would match shoppingexpress, especially if it's that low

  • Is it really that easy to fly?

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      There is always a learning curve with the drones, but its something you can master after few accidents :) This drone is no different from any other drone the advantage being, there is not much at stake when you crash or loose it. Key is not to become too adventurous by flying in high winds or long ranges.

      • Is this one with hold altitude, some cheap one doesn't.

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      This is the cheapest model with sensors that keep it in place which reduces float dramatically. It's one of the best beginner drones and at this price it's a steal.

      - Stability sensor makes it easy to fly
      - Decent camera
      - Small (don't need a license), portable
      - Decent speed and height for wifi only connection
      - easy to use on your phone, but I recommend a controller (Gamsir T1D)
      - You can increase the range by using a Xiaomi wifi extender and a power bank. Range increases by an extra 20m or so.

      Downsides are:
      - Fixed camera, points slightly downward but no control over tilt
      - Battery lasts ~10 minutes of proper use, recommend 2 or 3 spare batteries
      - Tello app is slow to catch up with android OS upgrades, stops working for months at a time when a new OS is released. I use a third party TelloFPV app which has a few more features like Follow Me etc which is cool

      • Spot on with your assessment.
        Have one. Pretty darn good for the kiddie. Bought the set with extra batteries - it's a must do.

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        +1 for TelloFPV, the official software is trash and doesn't record pictures or video properly on many modern Android phones.

        The drone itself is pretty fun, although the video quality is patchy, particularly if the wifi link to the drone is misbehaving.

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    No comment, just relevant:
    Popular Chinese-Made Drone Is Found to Have Security Weakness

    • Time to buy DJI drone.
      US gov fed me good advertisements. Switched to Huawei Mate20pro and P30pro in the last couple of years because of Trump. Definitely love it. Been using Samsung & HTC before.

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      So is Intel and Amd . I don't see any 'karens' worried about that?

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      i predict they're going to find security flaws in chinese food next

      • I think with contaminated milk powder & dead babies I think the security flaws are probably pretty prevalent.

        • i was thinking more along the lines of food with backdoors that spy on you but ok lol

        • That's what we deserve for taking advantage of cheap labours. We can't have everything (perfect). Well, probably we can but it won't be that easy.

          • @El Psy Kongroo: Past my editable stage so I'm just gonna add this:
            Edit: When I said "taking advantage" earlier, it actually meant 'exploiting'. Sure labourers from poorer countries might, most likely and mistakenly, think they have a better job working for foreign companies but it doesn't change the fact that we are exploiting / taking advantage of the situation. Otherwise why did we even outsource (overseas) in the first place.
            I like your username 'IHatePeople'. I hate people too because this world is full of liars, hypocrites and double standards.

            • @El Psy Kongroo: For goodness sake…. this thread is about "DJI Tello Drone" and not stuff about "China, Cheap Labour etc. crapology. Open a Forum thread and bash yourselves up over there or something.

              Just wish Mods would ban off-topic comments as it's getting silly these days on many threads hence decided to vent my comment here! Stick to the subject on hand. The Tello or something along same line. Saves us all having to read unrelated crap especially when returning to read new comments :-)

              • @Borg: If you can tell the ignorants / idiots or make them stop trolling in every Chinese-related deal, we won't have this political bullcrap in the comment section. I'm not the only one doing this.

                • @El Psy Kongroo: …………….but you are doing it hence part of the problem rather than just ignoring the idiots. Oh and I didn't mean my last comment to be directed specifically at yourself. Its how "reply" worked out. My comment more related the the Thread as a whole.

      • They already accused Chinese eating bats caused this bullcrap pandemic didn't they? Funny how we have global 'quarantine' this time around but not when there were Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Ebola, Swine Flu, etc. I'll never forget when I got Swine Flu from someone else at work, I got so sick I thought I was gonna die that day. Why didn't we have months of quarantine back then (during Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease pandemic, etc) but we're only having one now. That's how powerful The US government has become (or how they've always been since winning WW1 and 2). China is a child compared to The US of A.

  • Cheapest DJI drone that is programmable -

    • That's pretty cool, worth buying just for that feature imo. Shame it's oos now.

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    So if you're in lock down I gather you're in Melbourne, and the trip to C&C the drone from OW was an essential activity.

  • its a fun drone to fly, not really a camera drone.
    it handles the wind quite well and is stable, but as mentioned because of the foward facing camera i dont think you'd get a good view

  • how to get free shipping ?$12 shipping to Melbourne

  • bought one thanks

  • Intel Inside

  • Bought one the other day from David Jones when that deal was posted here for $127. Damnit!!!

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    Why can't they release a v2.0 with a better camera? That's all I need.

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      On board storage would be more important to me. 720p is fine but when it’s compressed and sent over wifi back to your phone to record it suffers from dropped frames and lag

  • Recently bought a refurbished one from Kogan for $99 this is a good deal.

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    Got one of these a few months back. It's a typical tiny drone build wise, but the on board software makes it stand apart from the many cheaper small drones you find elsewhere. Position tracking is decent and it has plenty of little party tricks built in. I've taken it out on very windy days and obviously it struggles a bit, but once it realises its getting blown around (which can take a few a seconds), it does a pretty good job of recovering and returning back to its last position. Camera is fixed so you're going to only be getting horizon shots (and not great ones). Plus it's on board a very tiny vessel, so you're going to naturally get instability that will come across in video. I quite like mine overall though.

  • no stock anywhere (for NSW officeworks)

  • Doesnt seem to be in stock at officeworks here in melb

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      OK no need to think anymore XD

      • Why think. Buy now think later ozbargain way

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    out of stock on shopping express

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    I bought one of these a while ago and imo it's not worth it. Camera quality sucks and the battery only lasts 5 minutes.

    DJI claims 13 minutes battery life but I guess the only way to achieve that is if you only leave in hover position.

    • Thanks for the review I was about to buy this

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        I'd still buy if it's $75, lol

    • Can you please recommend a drone with better battery or camera quality that's anywhere close to this price range?

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        This seems like a really weird argument.

        Just because you can't get a better drone for this price, doesn't mean it's worth buying this!

        If what you end up with is a drone that you can't use in any meaningful way (can't take good video, can't fly for very long), then what does it matter if it's cheaper than others? It still ends up being something that you play with for a bit, discover there's nothing productive you can do with it, and so it becomes a waste of money.

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      Battery lasts a lot longer than 5 min. More than 10 mins on mine and have 2 batteries and both longer than 10mins with Cam on.

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        10-12 minutes I would say. Annoying that some functions disappear at 50% levels too, but it's awesome. I got it at $120 and I think that was worth it. At this price (if you managed to get it) you're winning.

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    I bought this a while ago and I find it useful to check how dirty my gutters are etc. Great drone for the price.

    • Did the same to check for my solar panels.

  • :( missed out

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    is this just a smaller version of the dji matrice 600?

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  • Anyone ever order spare motors for these and if so, from where and how were they?

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