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Journey to The West: The Demons Strike Back Movie Free Streaming @ SBS on Demand ($3.99 Rental on Google Play)


I grew up watching Journey to the West Chinese TV series back in the 80s and various adaptions & remakes to date as well as being a big fan of Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle etc…). The dude is my idol. The first Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons produced by Stephen Chow was released on cinema in 2013 and I really enjoyed watching it. It's dark but still got the same kind of humour Stephen once was.
The second part (Demons Strike Back) was released in 2017 and I always been wanting to watch this one but haven't got a chance. I was about to rent it on Google Play but so surprised I found it for free on SBS on Demand.
Language: Mandarin with English sub
It's a little annoying with some Ads in between, but still better than other illegal online streaming sites with Spams
"A sequel to Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons, the Monkey King is back. Now tamed by Tang Sanzang, Monkey King has become one of Tang’s disciples. Tang, Monkey King, Sandy and Pigsy band together to fight demons as they continue their journey west"

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    Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back

    I don't think they're playing them again this year unless they meet in the finals…

  • shaolin soccer omg +1 op

  • I prefer Stephen Chow's original Journey to the West from back in the 90's. He's just gone all weird the older and richer he got and reflects with his newer movies.

    • You mean "A Chinese Odyssey"? Yes I really loved that one too. It's true modern Chinese movies are all but terrible CGI and it's not the same without him being in it.

      • Yes.. I am not sure why Stephen Chow is so obsessed with the whole Journey to the West storyline since he's made it so many times excluding being the producer for that horrible white washed Dragonball Evolution movie..

      • That one is a classic. I rate Shaolin soccer and Kungfu Hustle his best movies. Suffice to say most of the movies which he acted in are good but recent movies which he directed are bad. Kinda Robert Baratheon.

        And yes, Chinese movies made during these few years are bad. But lately some of the Chinese dramas are getting on par with the US standard.

    • It's on Netflix FYI (the first one not the follow ups). I like Stephen Chow's modern weirdness and conquering the Demons was fantastic, but exceptionally weird. We already have a traditional big budget movie with the Monkey Kind franchise, so why not go weird…

  • Journey To The West favorite scene: ahhhh… boom, boom, boom … when the big lady runs out and all the puny guys move aside and she jumps and lands fishy!

  • If you can understand Cantonese, there’s quite a few Stephen Chow movies on this YouTube channel.

  • I like Stephen Chow, but to be honest, from CJ7 onwards it's been a bit shit.

    • Sadly yes. But to put things in perspectives, if his old movies are to release today. I doubt we would want to watch it. It’s best they stay in the good old past as our standards have changed lots since then.

  • This makes me pine for Forbidden City Cop and God Of Cookery now…

  • Monkey magic, the old Japanese series had a special charm. Watched the animated Monkey King on Netflix, disappointing. Hope this is alright. Couldn't get into the new legend of monkey either.

    • If you like the prequel “Conquering Demons” then this one aren’t too far off. If you’re familiar with Stephen Chow then you’ll like this even more. Otherwise its hard to swallow.

    • It's honestly still the best version of Journey to the West ever made. Anyone who disagrees is wrong. That is all.

    • I know the opening theme song off by heart.

    • Check out the Japanese series from the mid 2000's. It was a modern version of the 1970's series.

  • Heroic journey of be zha is free to stream on Viki rakuten, best Chinese show at the moment honestly. It’s basically a dbz/Naruto funny Martial arts show aimed at teens

    • I just noticed Viki Rakuten after you mentioned. Is it a free streaming service? Anything interesting to watch?

  • Very cool find. I have Journey to the West on Bluray but never saw this or any other sequels yet. Love the Stephen Chow genres!

    • Thanks. I was just about to settle for a rental. Lucky my google finding skill came in handy.

  • However much the poster is a fan, how is this a 'bargain'?

    SBS on Demand has dozens of free cult movies that you can rent for a fee from various streaming services.

    • It might not be a bargain, but it's a freebie. You might not into the Journey to the West but it's one of the greatest literature classic that every Asian growing up with. There are many movie adaptations but only few worth watching. And Stephen Chow is like Charlie Chaplin in the western world.
      I know it might not be interesting for many but there are some people who would love to watch this and hence I posted. It's a freebie so wouldn't call it a bargain. But like every other bargain posts on OB, some will find it a "bargain", others find it rubbish. It's up to each taste and needs.
      If you're not into Chinese movie. This post is not for you.

  • ABC iView has 'Two hands' to stream for free, yet it costs $1.99 to rent on google play.

    This can be done with literally hundreds of movies/TV series.

    Not really a bargain.

  • Why is this a ‘deal’?
    If it is, why aren’t we listing every other movie on the service as well?

    • Good idea. Please find any good movie and post it here so some of us can enjoy. Cheers

      • Just from the first few pages:
        The Host, Kings Speech, Two is a Family, Shoplifters, Leave No Trace, I Am Not Your Negro, The Man Who Knew Infinity, 99 Homes, A Street Cat Named Bob, Boy, The Best Offer, Dallas Buyers Club……

        What I am curious about is that there are hundreds of great films on the service, why is it this film gets the spotlight?

        • It's interesting you called it spotlight. It's merely 50s upvotes. There are thousands members on here, each with different taste in movies. If this movie gets the spotlight, it'd get hundreds votes at least.
          But it's something good I wanna share with others and I think they might appreciate it. I know some of us are into "Journey to the West" & Stephen Chow.
          Again, it's a freebie. Won't hurt anyone.

          • @itstuan: I meant in a way that it gets the spotlight from you. Not necessarily from the website.

            All the films on there have some payment linked to it on other services.

            I’m not familiar with the film, so I was genuinely asking why it stood out to you above all other great films on the service. Hence, why I did not downvote the post.

            I originally didn’t understand what the deal (no pun) was with Hamilton on Disney+ either.

            • @Rimzi: If you haven't seen Stephen Chow or familiar with his humour, do me a favour and start watching Shaolin Soccer & Kung Fu Hustle this weekend (Stephen earlier movies might be hard to swallow if you were not exposed to him in childhood)
              Stephen made a "Journey to the West" movie in the 90s called A Chinese Odyssey (2 parts). One of the sickest Journey to the West to date.
              His latest production Journey to the West was Conquering Demons (part 1) and now this Demons Strike Back (part 2) have the same type of humour he once was, but he's no longer acting in it. Part 1 is better imo.
              Why did I post this?
              I got sick trying to watch this on those illegal, slow & spammy online streaming sites and was about to rent this on Google Play. Lucky I found it on SBS instead. I know some of us would love to see this.

              • @itstuan: according to wiki, he made "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons TV" for 2019 (don't know if/how it differs from the film version)… AND Kung Fu Hustle 2 was set for this year (who knows when it'll come out, now).

                • @xa: Must be one of those TV series for the streaming services. I hope it will be a full story though, not just remake 1 movie and turn it into 10 episodes.
                  I'm looking forward to Kung Fu Hustle 2, hopefully will be as good!!

  • Do any of you guys know the name of this crazy kung fu movie that played on SBS in the very late 90s. There is an evil zombie / skeleton like creature that has awakened and sets a curse on people who will die within a set number of days possibly related to the moon cycle. I believe they die via their arteries exploding one at a time over a number of days. First scene is the creature awakening from it's tomb which is very old and ancient, lots of cobwebs, I believe its kills a researcher looking for the tomb who may also be the mains characters father or relative. Somehow the main character is cursed. There is one scene where the protagonists is fighting bad guys and blood suddenly explodes out of his leg as a result of the curse but he kepts fighting. I believe there were scenes in temples with a giant buddha like statue and a naked female character who is shown bathing in white milky water that conveniently conceals her body. My memory of the movie is likely a bit off since it was 20 years ago and could even be a combination of multiple movies.

    • don't know it, but if you can remember an actor's name, character name, director, or something more concrete you can narrow it down that way. Way too many supernatural chinese & japanese films in that era. You could maybe even post the q in imdb, see if anyone can help you out.

  • I used to love Monkey as a kid in the 80's!

    Interesting fact: Dragon Ball is based off the same story of Journey to the West. There are many parallels between them (Not Z, GT or Super though)

  • SBS on demand has good content and loads of decent movies they just need a app for PS4.

    • Your smart TV should already have it.

      • My Blu-ray actually. Just not the best when they have some of the best content. 7plus has the best series collection of Australian drama tho if you enjoy Blue Heelers and that ilk.

  • Not all of us have smart tv's, and not all smart tvs have all apps. Annoying also the sequel hasn't come to blu.