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Free Virtual Viewing of Disney Cruise Line's Tangled: The Musical via YouTube


Exclusive to the Disney Cruise Line

Best day ever! We're sharing a special presentation of Disney Cruise Line’s “Tangled: The Musical.”

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  • May as well watch it, now that cruise lines aren't going to be a thing anymore.

  • Well not a thing at the moment. Some ppl can't wait to get back on. Never saw the attraction, but my parents love them. Organised tours, all you can eat buffet. If anything the buffets will be a thing of the past everywhere.

    • A number of younger people love it for the unlimited drinks package!

      I'm in my 30's and have become hooked to cruising … the beauty of it, you can do stuff on a budget if you go searching for deals and you get to learn some of the tricks. If you can go short notice, then sometimes you get the cruises really dirt cheap.

      When you look at a nightly cost of under $100 which includes food, entertainment, accommodation it is pretty cheap.

      You get to explore different ports and even though its only a day trip, its a good way to go to places you may not have been before and get a little taste of it.

      Usually I cruise Royal Caribbean which after so many nights gives you access to a special lounge which includes daily evening canapes and unlimited drinks for bout 3-4 hours so that means you can save some money on buying a drinks package.

      You can save money by not going to the specialty restaurants as usually you can get most of that food at the free places anyways.

    • yeah i dunno, i don't feel like cruises are my thing, i like being to travel around the world, exploring places etc but feel like on a cruise i'm just stuck on a floating hotel in a way. I can understand parents and old people liking it and i guess some young people for the unlimited drinks package - but that you'd have to go with friends, i'd feel weird if it was just me and the missus doing an unlimited drinks package bahahhaha plus worried if i get drunk and then fall off the boat.

      guess with my first child, maybe i'll appreciate it more coz on cruises they have activities for kids i think but i think for me i'll stick with overseas travelling :) both overseas travelling and cruise boats would be getting hammered now with all the current restrictions so i'm sure people can't wait to have a vaccine so they don't have to do social distancing anymore hahaaha

    • Free gastro!

  • A bit hit and miss

  • You'd think they would have put it on Disney+

  • Put this on for my kids this arvo and they loved it. Thanks OP :)

  • Same, my kids watched it pretty much till the end, after "going to the Zoo". Cheers OP.

  • Wow, that Mother Gothel actress is spot on.


    If only Disney could support the stranded foreign workers.