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SCA Camp Cart $59.99 (Was $99.99) + $9.99 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


RRP was $99.99. $40 discount, can be "click n collect" for free.

Reviews are good and price is competitive.

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  • No stock for click and collect in WA but $9.99 delivery charge to Perth. Should I buy it or wait for a BCF/Anaconda deals ?

    • The one in Anaconda is 99$ on current sale … Also star rating is just 3 … i couldn't read the reviews though …
      The one on BCF is 159.99$ … quality seems good , but i dont expect it to fall below 100$ on sale even …
      Review of SCA by @Doowyah below seems good.

      • The wheels are way thin, don't take this guy on the beach with any weight in it

        We have the red one from bcf and it's great

    • $39.99 freight charge to the SW.

  • Grabbed it last time it was this price and has been a great cart. Is used frequently to cart around horse gear on a farm and even can hold 2 kids under 7 without issue. Highly recommend at this price.

    • Thanks for sharing your views. Great to hear from ppl who have them

    • How do you think it would fair in soft sand?

      The wheels look pretty skinny, unlike the BCF one that has fat wheels.

      Edit: Possibly answered below

      • Wheels are better than the Kmart/Kogan by what I can see. Unfortunately don’t live near the beach but it can handle dirt, grass, rocks and a bumpy outing on a farm. Also has a great turning circle. It may struggle through sand depending on how much weight is in the cart.

      • how you created the link to comment plz ? Been trying to resolve this mystry for an hour now.

  • There is something like this in kmart, anyone know the quality differences?

  • Any cashback offers?

  • Sca ones have bigger wheels and better quality than the kmart ones

  • Cheers op, purchased, copped the 10 dollar delivery

  • I got the Saxon brand Bunnings equivalent on clearance one time for $25 - most likely Kmart level rather than SCA level though. Either way, hasn't gotten much use! The way it collapses too store is pretty crappy too imo.
    If you're just transporting stuff around I'd say get a proper hard base trolley that can fold flat and a cardboard box rather than this.

      • Bunnings cheapest version
        hmm ok not that one. It was a X-frame collapsible style. Can't see it on their site anymore. Not surprising then it was a typical deleted line clearance thing.

      • I just bought that to do a move with my millions of plants (plus to haul mulch etc around). Seems pretty sturdy and manoeuvrable - apart from air slowly hissing out from one wheel after I pump it until I put the little cap on. Will see how soon it takes to go flat.

    • I got 2 when they were $15. It's been great. The material has started to wear but it fits an esky and 4 chairs held on with jockey straps when we go out. It folds down easy to put in the back of the car as well so pretty impressed. And the kids love pulling it so it's perfect.

  • Can be used to bring groceries home? how much weight can these carry?

  • I wonder if I bring this with me to Coles/WW, so that I don't have to touch those public used trolley,
    would people stared at me? just like they did when I first put a mask on back in early Feb
    just saying LOL

    • I've seen ppl bring this in. And also the weird who stares with the masks

    • I got one like this year's ago because when we went to events taking the esky and chairs for the entire family was hard work. We would be the only ones with a trolley. Got a few comments mainly cause it was the kids who wanted to pull it so they were doing all the work and im just walking along casually.
      Now i see heaps of people use them when we go out to the same events.
      So people may stare at first but they will be doing it with soon enough.
      Now thinking your idea might make sense for me. Stop the kids pushing a trolley into the back of my legs at least.

  • Brilliant! Thanks OP - been looking for something for the many beach trips we do - this should make life a whole lot easier!

  • Thanks Op! Great fine! Just got one in time for spring/summer to carry all the kids stuff for the beach / picnic :)

  • Will these be good to use on the sand at the beach?

    • These are not too bad, however bigger wheels/ taller or fatter will take on the softer sand easier.

  • Why this and not the $49 in Kmart?

  • Perfect for when you're running away from home ;-)

  • These are great to tow your stuff around Australia Zoo

  • Couldn't order the $5 membership by itself to get the $10 credit first then apply to this deal. Seems like I have to purchase something along with the membership to order. Anyone tried and having the same problem?

    • I ordered the $5 membership by itself. Hoping for the "instant $10 credit", but I didn't get anything on email. Afraid that this will go out of stock, I bought this camp cart by itself, and did not see any $10 credit.

      I then used a different email account to add both into cart, hoping for "instant $10 credit", but I didn't see anything as well.

      Is this a bug?

    • Update: Worked using my phone, total $54.99 C&C with $10 credit + $5 membership fee

  • Thanks OP, $54 using C&C and Rewardgateway 10% off GC

  • you can get further 8% off through Suncorp/GIO rewards if you are their customer - final price $55.19

  • is this like a radio flyer?

  • Thanks. Just went out and picked one up. The missus was just talking yesterday about getting one of these sometime so timing was perfect.

  • For when a nana trolley just isn't manly enough.

  • How would this hold up to put a few loads of turf and sand/mulch in ,space is a premium at our home ,got a bulky large wheelbarrow ,but quickly looking at this ,foldable and alot lighter, for use maybe in the garden maybe 2 /3 times a year.cheers

  • Now to invent a use for a product I never needed but bought anyway….

  • Picked one up this morning from Kawana QLD. Really sturdy and well built.

  • Thanks op, grabbed one. Gonna give it a try.

  • Bought this an hour ago. I may have some use for it in the future.

  • Anyone got dimensions of this trolley? Height from floor, tub dimensions, thx.

    • Just picked up mine. Let me measure it for you
      Update: internal storage area 80l x 40w x 32h(cm) Height from top edge to floor 56cm, ground clearance 21cm approx

      • That does not seem large enough for all the picnic gear and kids toys. Makes sense why they didn't put the measurements up on their website.

        • My 7 yo son and 2 yo daughter fit nicely in there(for size comparison). That’s more than enough space for our needs. I have checked several similar models and they all have similar dimensions.
          Can you suggest a much bigger cart for that price range?

  • tempting… I owned one with big flat tyres and was perfect for beach days and events. unfortunately mine didn't last the recent camping trip and I returned (anaconda). Id only those wells were a bit more wide..

  • Cheers OP! Always wanted one and got it C&C!

  • Thanks OP! Got one and some other stuff to get free delivery lol.

  • Honestly these suck

  • Are these any good for carting around an overactive toddler anywhere (e.g. shopping)? He doesn't want to sit in the shopping trolley generally and if he's not sitting he's driving us nuts..

    • i think he would like it for few trips but you cant expect him to keep sitting in it all the time … kids usually like to run around when they r outside and if its ur 1st kid, u become very over protective (making things difficult for both parties) …. my 2 kids liked it nd they r spending time in at at home, they r thinking i bought a toy 4 them 😂

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