This was posted 1 year 5 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Android, iOS, PC] 1 Year Free Access to Calm Premium for All AmEx Card Holders


Claim a FREE year of the Calm App subscription for free and then 50% off the following year, with an American Express card!

1) Sign up via the deal link
2) Once signed up, download the app
3) Log into app. Check under "manage subscriptions" and you should get the message suggesting you have a year free

In order to redeem this offer you must subscribe to Calm Premium using an eligible American Express card by no later than 31 October 2020.

Only subscriptions made using the link are eligible. Limit of one free subscription per card. If you already have a Calm Premium subscription, you must cancel your current subscription to take up this offer.

About Calm
Calm is the #1 app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation. Join the millions experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety with our guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music. Calm is recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts.

Hope this helps someone!

Credits to HUKD

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  • +14

    Not one to meditate, but this app is ranked no. 1 in health and fitness so willing to give this a try.

    Went to more—> settings—> manage subscription —> cancel subscription after downloading the app.

    Got an email confirming trial will run till July 25 2021.

    • It says #7 for health and fitness when I downloaded it today from the Apple app store. Where did you see #1?

      • Was coming up as no. 1 but i see it as 6 now. Not sure what’s happening.

        • slowly the fake part is coming out lol

    • #2 on the play store, after COVIDSafe.

  • It says it will continue at 50% off the following year, but 50% off of what? I've signed up for the free 1 year, but can't find out what the ongoing cost will be should I choose to stay.

    • +5

      (Calm Premium subscription fee is currently A$79.99)

      • -2

        Is this USD or AUD?

        • +3

          A$ = AUD

      • +1

        This does not make me calm

  • +2

    already claimed Kleenex's promo last time, can I stack on or should I create a new account?

    • +1

      Any updates??

      • yes, you can add this 1 year on current account, but whatever leftover would be gone.

  • +4

    I have been using this for 2 months (via the equivalent US Amex offer), and would highly recommend this to those feeling stressed, exhausted or experiencing bad sleeping quality.

    • What programs do you follow and how long per day? Do you always listen before bed?

      • +1

        I turn it on whenever I feel tired or stressed, and before bed. I tried many of them under the sleep, and stress categories, and those narrated by Tamara are my favourites. I also sometimes play the lullaby collections on the app when taking a bath or before bed.

  • +5

    I don't think I've ever tried Calm, so not sure how this compares, but I think if people want something free (after the promotional period) there's Smiling Mind:

    • Smiling Mind, when I tried it, lacked consistent session time, it was from 3 min, 10, 20. Great for learning about meditation though.

  • +7

    The yearly subscription fee gives me anxiety

    • +1

      If u don't like early try nosely

  • +3

    Awesome, signed up, cancelled - free trial till July 2021. Took all of 2 minutes.

    • +2

      haha wasn't going to sign up but then read your comment and thought 2 min is OK even if I don't use it.
      Now 2.5min later I've got a free subscription!

  • Thanks for that! My girlfriend loves her meditation apps and is very excited to have the premium one now.

  • Thanks for this OP, signed up. The music section is great

  • amazing! thank you so much op this made my day!

  • +4

    I wonder why AmEx hasn't done a better job of letting its cardholders know about this. Thanks OP!

    • Excellent point. I saw this post. Logged into my Amex account and this wasn't in my offers list. Had to use OP's link.

  • Missing the Amex Card.

    Ok, just checked now and have the offer from Kleenex upto 8 Aug,

    Great App

  • Excellent app.
    I love this.

  • Thanks OP. Need some Calm in my existence.

  • Does anyone know what occurs if you already have an active paid subscription?

  • Thanks OP. How does it compare to Headspace though?

    • +2

      TLDR: much of a muchness. Each has a few unique features which may appeal to some people. But overall they are both great apps.
      Personally, I find the biggest challenge is getting into a routine with meditation. You definitely notice a difference after doing it few weeks in a row whereas after 1 session not so much so.
      Really all you need is one good mp3 for guided meditation

  • Great deal OP, thanks! Love my AMEX card. Although I did what I normally do and signed up then cancelled right away, thinking about it more I should have set a reminder for next year to cancel it (in case I like it enough to want to pay 50% off on the subscription fee), d'oh!

  • Cheers OP! Didn't see this on any AMEX offers/emails


  • +2

    Thanks. I’d never heard of it but it turns out my daughter just cancelled her subscription due to the cost so I got to give her a year or two from my Amex. Cheers.

  • Damn I no longer have an AMEX card and LOVE this app …. If anyone is feeling super generous and would like to help a brother out, please msg me …. I can send you my Calm login details …. You can then fill out your AMEX card details, cancel subscription, delete card details and on we go! Would mean the world to me right now and sure would help with my current state of mind ;-)

    • I already used my card to claim this but the AmEx Essentials card has a $0 annual fee? :)

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP.

  • Does this apply to bank issued amex cards rather than just direct amex cards ? All it says is “ All Personal American Express Cards” eligible.

    • +2

      Most of the bad reviews seem to be about people unexpectedly getting hit with renewal fees rather than related to the quality of the product itself.
      I also once got hit with this unexpectedly, emailed them straight away and they refunded me.

  • will additional card for wife count?

  • Thanks op

  • Thanks Op :)

  • Just got an email about this! How did i miss that :)

  • Can we get an additional subscription for supplementary card holders?

  • +4

    Was about to redeem this. There appears to be an extension of the offer until 31 December 2020. Can others confirm and get the post expiry please be updated accordingly.

    • +3

      Can confirm, link now says: 'You must sign up by 31 December 2020 using this site to take advantage of the offer.'

  • Has anyone signed up to the offer since 31 October? I know the link now says 31 December, but the emails I received from Amex all stated the offer ended 31 October and it no longer appears in my offers on my Amex Essential account. I'm going to contact Amex later today to check with them, but just asking here as well to see whether there have been successful sign ups after the original offer end date.

    • +1

      Yes, I just signed up just then. Clicked the link and logged into my previous calm account.

  • +1

    Just signed up for a full year, overlapping with another free offer, ending 31 December 2021. Cancelled trial immediately so don't need to remember to cancel in a year's time.

    • Just signed up too but after having the app installed it does not recognise my newly premium subscription. Scratch that, I forgot to logon lol.

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