Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine $492.15, Asus RT-AX3000 $330.65 Delivered (Paying with Afterpay) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Best price since Feb for the Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine UDM $492.15

Best price ever for the Asus RT-AX3000 $330.65

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  • "Best price ever for these routers."
    Incorrect. The UDM was available for $481 earlier this year (Feb).

  • Lost faith Ubiquiti after their UniFi video debacle.

    • Yeah, quite disappointing. I am after to setup USG with UAP, etc, but now need to think about that again.

  • Am I missing something, do these do HTTPS inspection and everything? Seems very overpriced for a souped up router.

  • This is a good price.
    Better than what I paid in pre-30 June sales.

    I'm in a 2 level full brick house with concrete floors, always had wifi signal penetration issues.
    I have used many different network and wifi solutions over the years (including wifi extenders, ethernet over power, and mesh types)
    The wireless AP built into the UDM is heaps more effective than other devices I have used (no, I haven't used them all).
    It's been more complicated to setup, but works well in the month I have had it.

    Of course nothing is perfect, but this has given me best wifi signal so far in my house.

  • I reckon there is a small set of people that a unifi usg/dream machine would suit. Most would benefit more from a consumer router like an asus.

    USG/Dream machine has a lot of trouble identifying data usage across a network. So if you are trying to work out who hogged all the data in a month, can't. If you are having trouble streaming your netflix and want to know whether one of the family taking up all the bandwidth, or whether it is your broadband provider, you can't. It doesn't allow you to access instant data and you can't set a time period, like data used in a day/week/month.

    Those are the most basic trouble shooting requirements for me: why is my internet not working and what do I shut down to make it work. Most Asus and others will do that.

    For business on 1G and unlimited data, or if you have other apps that manage that, it is fine to use unifi routing.

    Also, you can't easily set up vpn's for some users and not others (apparently, I have not tried that on my old USG). That might be used where you might use a vpn for your tv so you can watch foriegn shows, whilst having other devices appear in Australia as per usual.

    The unifi Access points are very good, and I run those, but you don't need a unifi router unless you know you do.

    Oh but the interface is pretty.

    • Yeah Asus is better for monitoring and VPNs compared to the UDM.

      Ubiquiti client historical data is in beta and can go back up to a year and toggle on Smart Queue to help stop users hogging up all the bandwidth and ping spikes.

      The UDM is not only good for small businesses but also the home user on HFC and FTTP 1000Mbps.

    • IMO the only case you haven't touched on is if you have a want for VLAN's and want a pretty / easy way to set it up.

      Agree 100% about tracking network usage, my USG has been useless. Still eyeing this off though!

  • Been looking for new router. I’m on ABB 1000/50. Would this router be suitable for this speed or should I look at something else?

  • Would the Asus RT-AX3000 be a good upgrade on my current router TP Link Archer VR900? Main requirement is good streaming speed between htpc (connected to router via eithernet cable) and tablet around the house. Also VR900 struggles to provide a solid connection in the bedroom furthest away from router. I know mesh would be better but the Asus is such a good price. VR900 has to be rebooted quite often as well so not very reliant.

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