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twohundredº Cold Brew Coffee Maker $49.99 Delivered (Was $129) @ twohundredº Amazon AU


Hello OzBargainers!

twohundredº cold brew coffee makers - $49 Not Prime Day deal! (Usually $129)

Here at twohundredº we have been patiently waiting for Amazon to announce when Prime Day 2020 will be, as it usually falls in mid-July. However, rumours are that it will be in October at the very earliest this year.

As we've had a number of people contacting us to ask if the $49 deal is returning, we’ve decided to offer you what was supposed to be our July Prime Day deal now, rather than waiting for Amazon to decide when the actual Prime Day will be this year.

We know it’s a hard time for many people, especially with lockdowns already in place in VIC, and potentially looming in NSW, not to mention those with family in states/countries they can’t travel to, or who have been directly affected by COVID-19. A cold brew coffee maker does not solve this, we admit, but it can make a great gift to let someone know you’re thinking of them :) (Or if you want some delicious cold brew coffee or tea for yourself, of course, without leaving the house…)

With an RRP of $129, the “Not Prime Day” deal is:

  • Buy one twohundredº cold brew coffee maker for $49.99
  • Buy two for $99 ($49.50 each)
  • Buy three for $147 ($49 each)

Qualifies for free shipping through Amazon (available on orders over $39).

Use code NotPrimeDay at checkout - see below for further instructions.

When we’ve run promotions previously we’ve sold out of our stock in Amazon within a few hours, as they were limiting us to 300 units in their warehouse. The good news is we’ve managed to increase our storage limit, so this time we have 950 of these available, so hopefully enough to go round. HOWEVER, the bad news is that this is ALL of our remaining stock. This means that when they are gone, they really are gone. We have no more on the way, so if we sell out, I’m afraid that’s IT!

We are a small family-run business based in Manly NSW, so we are on the Aussie time zone, meaning we are easily contacted throughout the day if you have any questions / problems with your order. Please feel free to drop us an email (before purchasing or once you've received your coffee maker) and we'll answer any queries you might have:
[email protected]

Happy cold brewing (wash your hands!)

Sarah, twohundredº

The twohundredº cold brew coffee maker can be used to cold brew fruit infused teas and fruit flavoured water as well as for cold brewing coffee, and because there are no plastic parts (it's a beautiful borosilicate glass carafe with a fine stainless steel mesh filter), it won't hold flavour between brews.

It's easy to clean with a quick rinse after use and is dishwasher safe, although we recommend being careful how you stack your dishwasher to ensure nothing is knocking into the carafe.

It comes with a silicone gasket, which you transfer from the filter to the lid after the coffee has finished steeping, to give a near-airtight seal. This means your coffee will keep fresh in the fridge for a week and, importantly, won't taste like fridge smell!

To easily make cold brew coffee at home using the twohundredº cold brew coffee maker, all you need is about 50g of coarsely ground coffee beans and some cold water. You put the ground coffee in the filter, fill the carafe with cold water, and allow it to steep for 12-24 hours. In the morning, you'll have a delicious cold brew coffee concentrate, which you can drink as it is if you like it strong, dilute with ice / water / milk / coconut cream etc. if you prefer, or even heat up in a mug in the microwave if you prefer your coffee hot but without the bitterness.

To claim this offer, add the cold brew coffee maker to your Amazon basket as usual and go most of the way through the checkout process.

Once you get to entering your payment information, there'll be a drop down menu under the heading "Gift Cards".

Here you can enter the coupon code (NotPrimeDay) and this should reduce the price to $49.99 for 1 / $99 for 2 / $147 for 3.

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  • I bought this coffee maker from the previous deal, and I am really loving it and enjoying my coffee almost every day. Haven't tried any of the recipes from the e-book though, but I will :)

    • +1 vote

      Ahh thanks for the feedback, Viksa! That’s really great to hear :) We quite like the Colombian cold brew when you do get around to trying some of the recipes!

    • What's the difference between this and any vessel with a strainer that can be tightly closed? Not impressed by the user reviews.

      • +1 vote

        Hi the4thzodiac,
        The main difference is ease of use and aesthetics. The carafe and filter are shaped and sized specifically to get a good brew, and the carafe fits perfectly in the fridge door. We’re also a local small business so by buying from us, you’re supporting local businesses :)

        Unfortunately Amazon have been limiting people posting reviews so a lot of the great feedback we receive hasn’t been showing on our listing. You can see some of the feedback under our seller feedback profile here:


        • Thanks for responding Sarah.

          I am not convinced 100% to be honest.

          Also, whilst I love supporting local businesses, can you confirm the country/place of manufacture?

          • @the4thzodiac: No problem - it's not for everyone!

            It is manufactured in China; I don't believe there is anywhere in Australia we could source it unfortunately.

            • @twohundred degrees: No worries, good luck, Sarah :) !

              PS the reason for my queries is, at such a high retail price point, I don't think QC/QA issues should arise at all!

              • +1 vote

                @the4thzodiac: No worries at all. We do agree, which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Unfortunately if the glass has any minor weaknesses, these are not visible and only become apparent if the glass shatters, so for peace of mind we offer full refunds or replacements should there be any problems. We'd love for glass production to be fool proof, but alas not!
                Sarah - twohundredº

      • +1 to this. I got one from last deal and seriously unimpressed.

        It is no different to any generic vessel/carafe with a tea filter put into it.

        Not worth it at this price - I feel it's worth $20 at most.

  • I would buy, but glass and no handle with my clumsy hands will result in $49 shattered all over the floor

    • Hi Fergy1987,
      That would not be ideal, we admit! It’s perfectly sized to fit snuggly in most hands and we find the glass handles to be a bit fragile-looking, plus they take up a bit more space in the fridge door, but we totally understand if the lack of handle is a deal breaker for you :)
      Sarah - twohundred°

      • ever seen a Bodum?

        • Absolutely :) A very different style, and a valid choice if that's the kind of coffee maker you prefer. Personally, we prefer the look of our twohundredº cold brew coffee makers and the aesthetic was a big consideration for us, second only to performance. But that style is not for everyone and we encourage people to choose the one they prefer :)

          Happy cold brewing!

  • Got one for the Mrs. Being not a coffee drinker myself, where can I buy some beans and what brand to get? Will the supermarkets ones do?

  • Stay away, the filter doesn't work, the glass is weak and broke after a couple of weeks of use

    • Hi dvyze,
      We’re really sorry to hear yours broke - the vast majority stay intact so you may have received a faulty one. Have you already received a refund? If not please email me with your Amazon order number so I can process you a full refund. Sorry again!
      Sarah - twohundred°

  • I got one of these in the last sale. The coffee brewing worked well but the design of the lid isn't great. If you remove the filter, the lid is lose and doesn't stay in place and moves about, perhaps a simple seal could fix this issue.

  • I put my coffee grounds in a bag then put the bag in a jar of water

  • This is always $50 every month, why pretend you sell it for $130 ?

  • I bought one last prime day sale, initially I had buyers remorse but I've come to love it. I'm literally drinking it's cold brew coffee now at work until my fast is up!

    Addressing some of the other comments here
    I like the shape and size for the hands it's a good size for mine, I've bumped it a few times on the metal taps thinking it would shatter but it's held up and I've been reasonably lucky.
    Haven't tried any recipes, enjoying brewing for friends and making cheap coffee for myself and saving $5 a pop on barista coffee.
    The I don't bother transferring the seal across I decant into smaller containers and start a fresh brew up every day or so.
    I just use standard woolies beans - haven't tried "coarsely ground" yet since, i get sediment at the bottom of the carafe which usually stays there when i decant and clean out when the next batch begins :)

    • Hi Jazza2400,

      Thanks for the feedback - I'm happy to hear you've come to love it! :)

      Like you, most people find the carafe to be pretty durable; we've used ours weekly for about 3 years now and have bashed it a number of times and it has held up. As with any manufacturing process (especially as the glass is hand blown), occasionally some substandard carafes sneak through and do shatter. In this instance we offer free replacements or refunds :)

      Keep enjoying the cold brew - cheers!

      Sarah - twohundredº