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Dell 32" S3220DGF Curved 165hz FreeSync2 1440p Gaming Monitor $599.20 Shipped @ Dell eBay


$64 cheaper than the last deal

LED-backlit LCD monitor - 31.5"
AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
QHD 2560 x 1440 (DisplayPort: 165 Hz, HDMI: 144 Hz)
2 x HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2), 1 x DisplayPort 1.4 (HDCP 1.2)

400 cd/m²
4 ms (grey-to-grey)

Display Position Adjustments
Height, swivel, tilt

Bundled Services
3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange

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    Oh man, I feel for those who bought at $664. Consider that an OzB hazing.

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      got me good lol

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      Was literally about to pull the trigger on the other one, great timing!

    • +1

      will have to lodge another 28 Degrees claim ;)
      Orig paid $699, already lodged one y'day for $640
      (if the fooking form would submit)

      • will they honor the claim if you need to use a voucher to get the cheaper price though??

        • only one way to find out!

        • They already approved the 640$ deal, the website was playing up for the$599 claim

  • got one! Thanks mate

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        pretty sure this is the same ppi as a 24 FHD screen

  • Pity not g sync :(

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      I can never find the elusive g sync

    • +10

      But nvidia cards can utilise freesync so it's still a win

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      This is G-Sync compatible, so can still enable G-Sync with your Nvidia card.

      • +5

        Damn you for removing one of my defences against purchase.

        • Make sure you do some review hunting, a lot of 'gsync compatible' monitors have some flickering. This one might not though

          • @cille745: I have issues with g-sync on this monitor with my GTX 1060 6GB. There are some guides online with some hacking of the frame rate range but I haven't had much success. The screen periodically goes black for several seconds if G-sync is enabled. Works perfectly fine with it over though.

    • Freesync premium pro is excellent even compared to gsync

  • IPS, VA?

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    • +3


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      And what about the panel? Could you tell me which one it uses?

    • phone is fine

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      • Qantas?

  • Damn…..just paid $700 yesterday…

    • +1

      You can try cancel and buy this one

  • Paid 699 after the last deal coupon expired. Fml

    • Hi mate, just call up dell to cancel it and buy this if you’re willing to wait for the refund to come through.

      This is what I’ve just done.

      • Be careful as they can charge a restocking fee. My one is getting delivered today so will just leave it as is I guess

      • It's on board for delivery already today. Probably too late.

    • Yep I feel your pain

  • First world problem - I already have 3x 27 flat monitors. I want to change the centre monitor to curved and was considering below

    but… it's the same price as this Dell.. Just uuming and ahhing if 32 and 2x 27 will look imbalanced and/or still be workable with triple screen gaming.

    • +1

      I prefer the screens to be of similar size

  • Nvm. Not bad!!

  • -1

    Dam it

  • can anyone tell me if my old 2014 alienware 17 with 4th gen i7 can run this display smoothly…? my laptop is very fast and i dont play game…

    • Will be fine if you're not gaming

  • If you paid the $664+ - would this apply or no as it is an ebay thing?

  • Nope just checked. That don’t match the eBay store

    • cheers, thanks.

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    Does purchasing the monitor off eBay still provide Dell's 3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange?

    • +1

      Mentions it in the eBay listing so they have to honour it.

      In the description under the warranty tab.

  • Does this still work? Tried just now and the voucher code is giving an error?

    Any help would be great!

    • seems to work for me.

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • I found this link helpful
    Basically tells you if a monitor you are looking at will need scaling or not.

    Here's how to find out if any monitor needs scaling:
    * Find out the DPI (pixel density) of your own monitor and your desired monitor with something like For example, 24" 1080p is 91.79, and 27" 4K is 163.18
    * Calculate the ratio: 91.79/163.18 = 0.5625 (on the 27" 4K monitor, everything is 56% of the size of the 1080p.)
    * Now take a screenshot of your monitor (at 100% scaling) and resize it to 1920x1080*0.5625 = 1080x607. View the resized image at 100%. That text will be the same physical size as on a 4K 27" monitor set to 100%.

    Without scaling, most people would find text too small on both 27" at 32". You would need a display as big as 40" to get the same density as 1440p on 27" (~110 DPI). For most people, 27" requires 150% scaling and 32" requires 125%.

  • Have never had a curved monitor but very tempted to pull the trigger on this

  • Why on god's green Earth did this not come out a month ago when it could have been written off on tax?? :(

    • use it for next year!

      • +1

        You raise a good argument.. but not good enough for my wife! :D

  • 32inch is a bit too large for desktop use IMO, had a 30inch non-curve 2560x1600, swapped to a 27 inch 2560x1440, personally like it a lot.

  • Bought at 664, this is a good price indeed!

  • I'm a two monitor person. Can you put two curved monitors next to each other, touching? Or does that look crap?

    • would be pretty cool! I regret not getting 2 when it was $511

  • This or the Samsung at SE?

    The dell has higher refresh for gaming but for video edit, Web dev etc flat 》curved ?

  • Really hesitant to get a 32inch for gaming. Was looking for a 27. Anyone have experience gaming on a screen size this large?

    • +1

      Unless you're a pro player who needs a 24 inch 240hz TN monitor, this monitor is awesome for gaming. You wont regret getting 32", i love gaming on a 32 inch monitor.

    • +1

      I used a 32 and downsized to a 27, 32 was too big for me at desk distance.

      • That’s my worry too. Dont want to be sitting that far back from the monitor. Thanks

        • Im using a 42" and seems fine

    • I was on a 32Inch flat for my gaming PC but down sized and went for a 27 LG UltraGear as I felt the 32inch screen was too big.
      After using a cheap 32 Inch AstiVita monitor for my secondary rig which is curved, I am sold. I feel that the curve helps negate the size somewhat.

  • This one or Xiaomi 34" here ?

    I need to get 1 for WFH replacing my 22" screen

    • +2

      The xaomi will be much better for productivity/work use you're essentially getting 2 of these side by side in terms of pixels….much more real estate for all those spreadsheets

      • thank you

  • Just missed out :( :(

    Can someone reply to me if back in stock…….

  • That is pretty a good price. I've bought a Asus TUF VG27A, QHD, IPS, 1ms, GSYNC more expensive than this.

  • Hooked up mine yesterday, cant get it to go past 120hz. 144hz doesn't appear as an option in windows and the Catalyst app shows max refresh as 120hz.

    Using display port cable that came with it. Video card is an older R7 370 which is supposed to support 144hz.

    Waiting to see what the next gen cards will offer before upgrading.

    Apart from that display looks great and I noticed its the AO3 version which is apparently good if you're running a console

    Anyone else having probs?

    • +1

      In case you were wondering problem was the video card, monitor was fine

  • For those who purchased this monitor…

    Has anyone upgraded from a 27 1440p monitor and can comment on the screen clarity given this is lower dpi?
    Happy with the size upgrade given standard desk viewing distance?

    Impulse purchase and mine is still sitting in the box…I've done the measurements relative to my desk and existing 27 monitor and it seems bigger than I'd imagined.

    Anyone thought the same and returned it via ebay? Did they charge a restocking fee?

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