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Xiaomi 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor $636 w/ Afterpay Shipped (AU) @ Allphones eBay


Hi All

Glads to offer this popular 34inch Xiaomi monitor deal again with eBay Afterpay (code: PIN4TECH), still lowest price for 100% Official Au version.

Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync 4ms Ultrawide Gaming Monitor $636

  • Official AU stock direct from Au local distributor. (ETA 31-July)
  • 2 year replacement warranty.
  • Price Inc GST, and ABN Tax Invoice with all purchases.

Thanks again for your support Australian business!


21:9 wide panoramic view

With a 21:9 ratio that is 30% wider than the average 16:9 ratio, get extremely wide field of view to provide you with the extra peripheral vision

High Resolution Images and Detail

Get a spectacular gaming experience with its large 34" 3440 x 1400 display

High brightness, contrast & vivid picture quality

Up to 300nits display brightness and contrast ratio of 3000:1 ensures that the viewing is accurate and vivid

144Hz refresh rate, 4ms Response Time

Get fast response times and smoother actions and transitions to get the edge over your opponents.

1500R Curve

The 1500R curved design gives you an immersive experience, enhancing your sense of depth

AMD FreeSync

Reduces tearing to ensure fluent frames output, optimised for fast and lag free performance

Multiple port options

Has HDMI x2, DP x2, Audio x1

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  • May be ship first batch first ?

  • I cant find anywhere in the specs for this monitor as to what panel type it is

    • VA panel

      • Unfortunate

        • why do you prefer ips?

          • @masster: IPS = better colour accuracy and viewing angles
            VA = better refresh rate

            IPS > VA for content consumption/creation.
            VA > IPS for gaming

            nano-IPS is where it's at now, starting to see specs favouring the benefits of both. But the price tag matches.

            really depends on what you use your PC for most of the time.
            I'm going to presume chepsk8 wants to use this monitor for more than gaming.

            • @camshandez: That's completely wrong

              IPS is much better for gaming in general at the moment, with much better pixel response times. Also much better for content creation as colours are more accurate.

              VA is better for movie watching, due to its better contrast.

              Nano IPS is definitely not where its at. Every LG panel with the tech so far has had horrible contrast (800:1). Check out Samsung's G7

              • @kille745: @camshandez wasn't wrong, these things just change with time. It's true that VA got much higher refresh rates and cheaper much faster than IPS.

                Even now, IPS ultrawides cost a lot more than VAs.

                • @xrailgun: There were high refresh rate IPS monitors long before VA monitors. Samsung had the first 240hz VA, but it was panned because the response times weren't fast enough to keep up.

                  VA has always been cheaper, because its worse in every other way than contrast. The reason why Samsung's new G7 is more expensive than everything else is because its better than pretty much all IPS panels.

                  Yes, IPS ultrawides cost a lot more, I've had both of them and the blur will drive you nuts. Hoping samsung comes out with a 21:9 that uses the same tech as the g7, would be awesome

            • @camshandez: Average joe won't notice difference in colour between VA and IPS imo.

  • Haha, Just purchased an hour ago. Any idea when I will get it?

    • +1 vote

      Thanks, I just got update from distributor stock already arrived Sydney port, waiting on custom clearance, we hope can be dispatch late this week or early next week.

    • +27 votes

      Hi symeteor

      OZB member would love to see if you can share the link or post it when found better deal elsewhere

      • Lol, burn.

        • You don't see the bargain cause you're comparing 2 separate monitors to 1 Ultra wide monitor. Its not comparing apples to apples. If I told you I'm looking to buy a car and you went to me and said, "Why dont you buy 2 motorcycles instead?" I'd look at you like a crazy person.

          • @Wickedwings: better comparison would be more like

            2 cars vs 1 limo…
            each has it's pros and cons in terms of productivity and gaming..

            the two monitors would allow you to run 2 full screen programs at once
            so you can game and put web browser on second screen etc

            ultrawide is better for some program like video editor etc or more immersive gaming (that supports that 21:9)
            but you can only run one program in fullscreen at a time..

      • Yeh! Stop holding out on us, symeteor!

  • It's cheaper from Gearbite

  • Any chance of you guys getting and selling AU stock of the 27" Xiaomi monitor, If so when? Xiaomi 27" Monitor

  • Can I pre-order and cancel if it doens't ship on friday?

    • -1 vote

      Yes U can cancel anytime before dispatch

      • This is false. Tried to cancel my order yesterday and was informed that this is not possible as the order has been processed (not dispatched even as of today).

        • Allphones website shows my order has shifted from processing_dropship to processed_dropship a few days ago. What it all means in reality is anyone's guess.
          Honestly It takes 5 minutes to send an bulk e-mail update to inform customers that stock has arrived or awaiting customs clearance with an adjusted ETA.
          Not that hard.

  • AFterpay is not ideal because paypal has free returns :/


      Agreed may not be the deal for you if you can pay full upfront with paypal, however there people would like to use Afterpay if they can ;)

  • Hi all,

    Does anyone have this or similar 34" and can let me know how this is for officework? Plan to primarily use as my work from home monitor (replace using a 24" and laptop screen). And some video watching / youtube / light gaming (Dota2 and other not very intense games). Have a 1070GTX GPU if that info is helpful.

    Thank you!

  • does anyone know how the monitor performs with nvidia RTX cards?

    • Which one? There are many tiers to pick from in the RTX line up.

      • sorry i should have been more specific. Can G-SYNC be enabled on this monitor without any issues? my friend is doing a build with a 2070 super and will upgrade when 30 series cards come out. so i was thinking of recommending this as a budget option and give him space to grow when he upgrades his GPU later on. i thought it could be a good option instead of buying say 100hz and being stuck there.

    • Freesync only works with the 10** generation and above (eg. 1080). I had a 980ti and it will only support G-Sync

      • On this i can't seem to enable it on my 1080ti. Just no option for g sync which i think it's what you need to enable freesync in nvidia control panel. Does anyone know if this monitor supports freesync over displayport? Nvidia doesn't support if it's only freesync over hdmi.
        Have latest drivers for video card too

        144hz is great and image quality/ contrast amazing compared to my lg 34" though would love freesync if i can figure it out

        • Oh duhh. There is an option in monitor settings to enable freesync. Perfect now!

  • Afterpay any or only first purchase like Catch 'deals'?

  • The order through Afterpay failed as maximum you can spent is $500 for the first time user. Called Afterpay if I can deposit 25% but they said "NO".

  • How did you manage to pay 25%. I couldn't so I called Afterpay.

    • Even i don't know, i just signed up with afterpay when i was on buy now page on ebay and then it only asked to to pay $186 1st payment and then $150x3 every 10th or 15th day

      I didn't had to do anything except signing up with afterpay

  • Got mine from Gear Best on Monday, can't recommend it enough. Amazing display for the price.

  • Does this include HDR/Fressync2?

  • Does this monitor support dual, concurrent inputs?

  • 21:9 or 16:9 better?

  • It's pretty hilarious reading some of the dirty water Allphones is splashing at Gearbite.

    "Those are grey imports" - Ok sure, the definition here is they don't have specific permission from the manufacturer to sell those products in the Australian marketplace.

    Or do they? It looks to me they could have made their own container order from the manufacturer according to AU specs and they sure as hell don't seem to be sourcing containers from somewhere else for better pricing.

    "That's the China Mainland model" - Guess what, neither the Allphones sites nor Mi-store.com.au has any SAA certification data or equivalent, in fact, the blurry text on their .jpg specsheet claims all certification is valid in china.

    I'm willing to bet that Xiaomi Mainland China holds the right to certification (if any) on all of those, probably because the local distributor didn't want to pay for it.

    Guess what happens when you don't pay for or have enough leverage to secure sole distributor status?

    They sell the same stock to other prospective distributors. Above or below the table.

    "Official AU stock direct from Au local distributor. (ETA 31-July)
    2 year replacement warranty.
    Price Inc GST, and ABN Tax Invoice with all purchases."

    Yeah, if we take a look at what narrative Allphones is pushing here, I don't think they quite understand the business relationship that Mi-store and Gearbite ended up with. They might want to get some clearer answers from their distributor before picking this specific hill to die on.

    • I think the difference is your can claim warranty directly with xiaomi with allphones stock whereas you can't with gearbite stock.

      allphones is listed as xiaomi authorised reseller

      • That's the thing. The Xiaomi referred to here, is a local australian distributor who took the name on paper.

        Xiaomi China doesn't have a official distributor in Australia, It's more of a we'll acknowledge you want our stuff and we'll do the certification for you if you pay for it. https://www.mi.com/global/social/

        What we have instead is an importer trying to be as legit as possible.

        I mean that's absolutely fair enough, but this is a very chinese thing where they have more than one legitimate importer in the region, and ultimately none of them have claim to be declaring any of the other's stock as grey or parallel.

        I would agree that Allphone's distributor looks to be the much larger company as they're doing the phones too, and have established connections to JB Hifi, but they aren't the sole approved distributor in Australia.

        In this warranty process you're claiming warranty with Importer A not xiaomi.
        In Gearbite's case you're claiming warranty with them, Importer B, again, not xiaomi.

        • Well said and well explained

        • Based on this article from PCWorld and the AFR, PanMi is the official distributor for Australia under the official site of Mi-store.com.au which lists MobileCiti/Allphones as an official reseller.



          • @RodS: Alright, that's a good source. I remember reading about this back in 2019 and thinking that they may not be the only distribution channel that Xiaomi will eventually work with, as the amount of product the Australian market can import really doesn't justify a first party presence.

            To quote the AFR: "Xiaomi has ambitious plans to launch in Australia through a distributor called Panmi, which has secured the rights to handle the Xiaomi brand locally."

            Yeah, they're a recognized importer & distributor.. but nowhere in either article did the writers claim them to be the only or sole official distributor, that's a contractual (and expensive) deal to be brokered, probably pending on their success.

            I especially don't think that holds true if you consider that's it's been more than a year since those articles and Panmi's presence hasn't really expanded a whole lot at all.

            • @Synticulous: : "Xiaomi has ambitious plans to launch in Australia through a distributor called Panmi, which has secured the rights to handle the Xiaomi brand locally."

              I read "secured the rights to handle the Xiaomi brand locally" as being the sole distributor with the sole rights to the Xiaomi brand.

              It would be very confusing and very unlikely for multiple companies to be able to "handle the Xiaomi brand" locally.

              If you look at mi-store


              "The exclusive official distributor of Xiaomi in Australia, Panmi is dedicated to introducing Xiaomi & it's eco-partner's new generation "smart" product into Australia. Major products include Smart Home, Smart phone, Smart sports (electronic bike, electronic scooter, fitness tracker) and much more."

              Other evidence is:


              Panmi also runs the Xiaomi Australia facebook page.

              • @Daemos: It's really interesting how much first impressions claims of exclusivity and astroturfing colours the end consumer's willingness to accept things as they are presented.

                If they're not listed on https://www.mi.com/global/social/ I'd take their claims with a teaspoon of salt. They've had a whole year to get put up there with the rest of the world.

                It IS confusing when there's more than one distributor for a given brand in one region, but let's take a few examples:

                Tiger (of JP ricecooker fame) at one point (they may still) had two different importers being that of Tiger Au and… Costco.

                Tiger Au was pretty upset and kneejerk called them grey imports despite the items being identical in packaging and contents. That eventually got cleared up and I think they made up in the end when they hashed out service level agreements.

                Cuckoo (also KR ricecookers) still has multiple distributors in Australia on shared and exclusive models.

                Other brands that have/had multiple distributors for different products, models and lines include Westinghouse, Phillips, Toshiba, the TWO Mitsubishi brands, and so on.

                • @Synticulous: I actually prefer Zojirushi to Tiger…and Cuckoo to Tiger for rice cookers.

                  Yes other brands do have multiple distributors and it could be the case here. Mitsubishi electric and heavy industries are actually competing companies under the Mitsubishi conglomerate though, if that is what you are talking about.

                  But to be fair I think where Allphones/mobileciti have gearbite beat is they give a stronger first impression in company size and website. it doesn't mean they are necessarily better, but gearbite's website and responses leave much to be desired.

                  But to be fair, I haven't seen any real concrete evidence of which would actually be better at after sales warranty service.

                  Sometimes warranty service is luck…I've had good and bad warranty service from the exact same shop but with two different items and different staff.

                  • @Daemos: Funnily enough though Zojirushi is really sticking to their guns: the polite and curated response I got over the phone and email effectively translated into that they wanted absolutely nothing to do with Australian certification and distribution, because our market's too small, even if we combined the NZ market too.

                    And yes, I agree with you with all the points above (Mitsubishi & Mitsubishi HI had some interesting supply chain decisions), but the point I originally made was that Allphones had zero business throwing shade over at gearbite with their narrative, that's just… poor business practice.

                    I'd say the difference in service (and eBay fees) certainly is a price differentiation that can justify the $37 gap, but smearing the competition, just like that, is distasteful, and doesn't do you any favors in the long run.

                    No doubt Allphones' warranty and customer service is great, I've bought from their retailers and that's never been a thing I've had trouble with, but I wouldn't expect the warranty service to be any worse from Gearbite, as both are effectively doing parts or unit replacement warranty as neither really has the chops to do repairwork in $$$/hr Australia.

                    • @Synticulous: I liked this read and I agree. Basically it all comes down to warranty for this. Compliance is bs in Australia anyway. Both are Aus based companies, the consumer has the same ACL rights

                  • @Daemos: Zojirushi FTT. Have a 20 yo model still going strong, quick as heck too

                • @Synticulous: Still over a year old but here is the news straight from the Mi.com community website:-


                  Edit: …and the Sydney showroom in Streetview

  • +2 votes

    So many issues paying with Afterpay…keeps declining for whatever reason lol
    Yeap lost me already

  • Ive place an order withTechfast prebuilt machine (RTX 2060 & AMD 3600), i believe it will come with Biostar B450MH Motherboard, Would i be able to run this monitor at 144hz frame rate? also this motherboard does not come with DV port, so will HDMI 2.0 support WQHD?

    • You will have to use DP on your graphics card(RTS 2060) to connect to monitor. There will not be any display from your motherboard because of AMD 3600.

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