Ring Video Doorbell Gen 2 $119 Free C&C or $4.99 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheaper than the bundle deal if getting the Chime separately for $59. Worked out to be $119 + $59 = $178

Ring official product link for details.

Can be hardwired to an existing doorbell system or transformer for continuous charging (8-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz).

Colour options: Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronzel

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  • Great price, can also price beat at Bunnings to get it for $107.10 :)

  • Thanks Op!

  • What’s the main difference between version 2 vs version 3?

  • I would buy it except it needs a subscription to work which is like $4 a month which will add up long term

    • Depends on what you mean by work. It works without a subscription in that it will notify and ring on any registered phone/tablet that someone is at the front of the house. It will also allow you to check in on the camera in real time at any point and communicate through the speaker from anywhere. The subscription only stores video footage on the cloud for you if the sensor is triggered or the bell has been rung. If you don't need long term video storage then you don't need the subscription.

    • $4 a month is really nothing when you think about it…
      on average a person spends $3.50-$5 on coffee a day….
      so just skip coffee for that one day and you got yourself some peace of mind…

      and as obatem was saying… it works .. you just don't get your videos saved to the cloud.

  • Thanks OP was probably buying it today anyway. Just got price beat at Bunnings $107.10 👍

  • Does it work with Google Assist ? Thanks

  • Noob here. Could someone just take this off your wall ? Or is there some sort of theft prevention mechanism ?

    • Ring will replace this for you if you have yours taken by a thief… the back plate is held on by two screws during the installation. front plate there is a hexagonal screw at the bottom where you'll need to unscrew to charge or replace your battery so yeah it'll be a bit of an effort to try and steal one. Ring will start recording once it senses motion.

  • I have version 1 which feels like laggy. Is version 2 significantly better?

    • biggest upgrade from 1 to 2 is the quality i.e. 720 vs 1080…

      2 also opens a little faster than version 1… connection depends on how close you are to the access point.

  • Just had a brief search on similar products. The recording quality from Ring is SO BAD comparing with others, ie Eufy (it comes with 2k tho) and the notification and the live view can be very slow to show up as well.

    Damn, I almost wanted this one.

    • +1 vote

      I picked this up this afternoon and installed it. It’s telling me it the doorbell has a poor wifi connection, but live view only takes about 2-3 seconds to show up, and the video seems to be good quality and smooth.

      Pretty impressed so far.