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Citizen Automatic NJ2180-89H Titanium Watch $249 Delivered @Starbuy


A beautiful titanium automatic from citizen complete with a titanium band and Sapphire crystal. I've never seen this kind of value at this price point before.

Thank you starbuy!

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  • local pricing is $500+

    caliber is the 8000 series so handwind but no hack and typical 21,600 beats.

  • reminds me of the Seiko cocktail time watch

  • Better value than the Seiko Presage "Cocktail Time" series it seems to be emulating, but would like to see it in person to decide if it truly matched the beautiful design aesthetic of the Seiko before I made the plunge :-).

    • I found a post from a watch shop in vietnam featuring this watch. Looks pretty nice to me!


      • Yeh, just found this video from Vietnam of the white dial version with leather band.


        Sunburst dial looks very nice, but seems to sit a bit high on the wrist (about 2 min. mark in video).

        Might just be smaller wrist of reviewer and curvature on wrist might well benefit from the titanium band.

        Side shots also make the domed crystal look a bit more boxy than that on the Seiko Presage (which I own and just put on wrist to compare).

        Unfortunately, nothing substitutes putting it on your wrist.

        If I didn't have too many automatic watches already and the threat of divorce if I acquire too many more, would probably take the risk for the price :-).

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLShYNZ7oWU


          there's some vids but no english

          its all right, i dont think you're going to get much better for the money

          they are available at your prouds angus and coote and other b&m so you can always go in store but yea… I'm full up on automatic dress watches

          • @tonyjzx: Thanks for the video links.

            Also a bit wary of the outside shiny links of the titanium band.

            I have a couple of Citizen Eco-Drive (solar) titanium watches with the shiny links down the middle that I prefer.

            Feel of the titanium bands in terms of weight and smoothness on the skin are well worth it though, if you can find them at a bargain price like this.

          • @tonyjzx: it does look great for the price - so does it have a blue tinge to the face or is that a different version?

        • seems to sit a bit high on the wrist

          It’s more or less the same thickness as that of Seiko’s Cocktail Times.
          The boxed crystal on the Seiko, however, does wonders in optically reduce case thickness.
          They’re not really in the same price range obviously and this Citizen offers amazing specs for money.

          • @zonra: Agreed, for the specs, if you are just getting into automatic, dress-like watches, nothing else out there that would come close to this price for what your getting.

      • The guy explains the the watch itself is quite large and comments on it size, 4.75cm.
        Which is quite big for me, not should if idea for small hands. Also mentions that the case isn't all Titanium just on the non glossy spots.

  • Thx OP, ordered my first Auto, all my others are either Eco-Drives or manuals..

    I'd prefer a larger dial, but for the price, i'll live..

    • Larger dials although in vogue now, will have their day, when no longer that fashionable.

      This is right at the sweet spot for current trends, elegant dress style and for when the overly large dial trend is over :-).

      • I have larger wrists so can get away with larger watches.. I even went as far as buying a Diesel (Mr. Daddy 2.0) about a year or 2 back, it's over 50mm..

        • Not a big fan of the larger dials, even on big wrists, but each to their own :-).

          If it's your first plunge into autos though think you're unlikely to be disappointed with size, specs and aesthetic of this model for the money.

    • Congratulations on your first auto! Mine was a Seiko Alpinist SARB017

      • Started with a classic hey.

        Most of us just ease into an auto collection with a more affordable Orient Bambino or Ray, then get hooked.

        Be warned, once you start though, there is no looking back :-).

        • Started with Seiko 5 here .. apart from my Rado Centrix i cant afford any of the others ones i'd like to have.. hahaha

          This is a very nice looking watch though and its a good first Auto but be aware that i had a Titanium before from Citizen (old eco drive) and they scratch/scuff very easily.. not sure if that is still the case. Otherwise super light watches :)

      • Is an auto better than eco drive? Why? Thanks

        • Auto = sweeping second hand, shake/wear to power the watch. But they need maintenance after 5-10 years, and if you don't wear it frequently, you will be setting the time each time you wear it. Also will have lower accuracy than pretty much any quartz/eco-drive watch.

          Eco-drive = set and forget really, powered by sunlight, but second hand jumps between seconds.

          Some people think you need to buy an auto watch to get a 'real' watch. Personally, I love all types of watches (have a digital and two autos), but I find myself most days picking up the digital when I go outside!

        • Not necessarily better and most likely going to be less accurate, depending on model and brand.

          My obsession with them comes from an appreciation for the fine design and craftsmanship of effectively a perpetual analogue device. If you have it on your wrist it should just keep beating along.

          Looking at the movement from a see-through backing (or from the front dial with a skeleton window) just makes me smile.

          Also, given the quality of parts and design required to make these work as they do, it is often thought this means they will continue going on for long after you can't find the batteries for your quartz or your solar has spent too long out of the sun.

          No real evidence for that though, and some of the high end automatics need frequent servicing to keep them in top shape. However, the Japanese automatics have a reputation for just keeping on keeping on without doing much to them at all.

          I have a close to 50 year old Seiko 5 with scratched up lens that I inherited from my father. It still runs +/- 5 secs a day without having anything done to it since he bought it new all those years ago.

          I also have quartz and solars which I like and wear frequently, but it is the history and elegant analogue design of the automatic movements that makes me smile when they adorn my wrist.

          • @opposablethumbs: Should be noted that >95% of people wouldn't know the difference between an auto and any other watch, but once you do and you come across others that appreciate them, it's like you've become a member of a new secret club, with secret wrist-waving handshakes and all.

            For the truly obsessed, you can even buy rocking tables that keep the movement going, even when not on your wrist. Kind of detracts from the whole 'analogue energy for free/perpetual machine on your wrist' feel that appeals to me, so haven't gone that far myself :-).

            • @opposablethumbs: some watch boxes that turn the watches and keep them "wound" .. you can find them on Amazon, some of the higher brands though are more expensive than some of the watches.. lol

              • @scud70: The thinking these days is that having them constantly wound is not an ideal thing.

                All watches are now lubricated with synthetic lubricants which do not clog up as they one did (hence the advent of watch winders). Having it constantly going wears down the gears in the movement faster.

          • @opposablethumbs: Yep exactly how i got into it .. i can watch the movement all day .. which is why i have the Rado centrix skeleton automatic watch :) but i agree with everything you've mentioned!

  • Well spotted, OP. That's great pricing for a sapphire/titanium.

  • Looks the blue dial for the same price from Starbuy here:


  • Nice watch. Fits my wrist too. I'd buy it if not for the tight state of monetary affairs.

  • does anyone recommend this as a daily for an older gentlemen ? thanks

    • Apparently, some of the bricks & mortar stores described in a comment above have it in store for around RRP.

      Could always go to one of them with said older gent, then order online if suits him and sale price goes beyond today.

      Nothing substitutes trying on in person to decide.

  • Does anyone know where this is made?

  • Anyway of finding out how easily this particualr model's metal scratches? I've had a citizen Titanium eco drive watch, it was too easily to pick up scratches. :(

    • I have a couple of Citizen Sapphire-Titanium Eco Drive watches from 5 years ago and bands haven't scratched up as far as I've noticed.

      Haven't used them as daily beaters and do take good care of my watches, but have certainly both had a fair bit of wear - esp. when I'm in a rush and don't want to set the time on one of my automatics :-).

      Maybe that's why I prefer the matte finish to the outside of the links on the band as it seems more forgiving to noticing scratches.

    • It depends on the grade of the titanium, but you can use an eraser (the type used with a paper and pencil) to remove lights marks and swirls. Works on a Tudor Pelagos.

    • All titanium scratches (regardless of grade imo). My titanium GS scratches as easily as my steel ones.

      You just gotta accept it and live with it and polish/service it once every 5 years or so.

  • If you want to appreciate a bit of affordable automatic (& quartz) watch pr0n, then Poor Man's Watch Thread on StyleForum is a good place to get a fix for viewing a range of nice dials without having to spend.


    Caveat though is that once you start frequenting there, you put yourself in danger of noticing must have watches that you wouldn't have known existed otherwise :-).

  • Black or blue?

  • This is a screaming deal on paper. Imagine if it didn't have that crappy pressed clasp and horribly long male endlinks though?

  • Mmm tempting, although no where to really wear it while in lockdown ;/

    • That's a nice World timer for sure.

      In my case, I already have A Seiko world time with a 5T82 movement

      • I went the NJ2180-89H. I have been keeping an eye out for a sapphire and titanium like this for a while.

  • black dial vs blue dial please help me decide

  • dang, if I didn't buy the Seiko Presage Blue Moon from the last deal, I would have jumped on this one, what an awesome price!

    • LOL! I bought the Blue Moon too. Picked up this in black so I've got my shirts covered when I go out.

      If I had a wife she'd kill me!

  • I really don't need another watch but sapphire glass, titanium, exhibition caseback and what looks like solid end links all for $249…

  • Bought. Don't even wear watches.

  • Dang sold out… Was a great deal!

  • For those that do get one, some on the wrist photos and a review please.

    I couldn't justify getting one this time, but might not be able to resist if this price comes up again and get some real world glowing reviews from Ozbargainers :-).

    • there was a video in vietnamese. He mentioned that the watch is quite large @ 4.75cm.

      • 4.75cm is for lug to lug.

        I posted the link to that video for the white dial/leather band version of this watch in a comment above.

        Lug to lug is not the dial size though. This model has a 40.5mm case size, that for other than the smallest wrists should fit most quite well.

        Also, not as simple as just lug to lug length as the curvature of the lugs and how the lugs connect with the band can make some big dial watches fit smaller wrists quite well and vice versa.

        That's why I'm after some real world reviews from fellow Ozbargainers, as nothing beats looking at it on the wrist :-).

    • Unless someone beats me to it, I'll be sure to indulge you.

    • Mine arrived today. Very happy. Looks extremely similar to the Presage Blue Moon I got last month.

      It's lighter but has a flashier band. Seems to catch the light similar on the face but the Presage has darker reflection.

      Off to get it sized down later today as I have a narrow wrist. Looks wise it's fine on my wrist so unless you had kiddy wrists you should be right :D

    • I bought one and delivered on time thru registered aust post…Here you go https://imgur.com/vxb1F0O https://imgur.com/dtWdzZq

      • Thanks white3knight.

        Can make out a bit more of the black dial colour depth in your photos.

        Think, between you and shard, have made it very difficult for me to ignore this one if it comes back up at same price again.

        Cheers :-).

  • Thanks.

    Sits very nicely on your wrist.

    Black doesn't pop as much as I'd expected, but like you said Presage might be a bit darker/ deeper colour.

    Hopefully, will get some feedback and photos from those that bagged the blue dial.

    Definitely going to have a look at both in person at a bricks& mortar store sometime, just in case they come back at this price and I have to choose :-).

  • Both black and blue dial have just come up again at $249.


    Shard and white3knight, for good or bad, you've enabled me with those great in the wild photos :-).

    Couldn't resist any more and ordered the black dial this time.

  • Got the black delivered on Tuesday.

    Very nice watch overall, but just not enamoured with the matte finish of the dial.

    Deep glossy black finish would have made it so much better.

    Also the curve on the lugs and the squarish angle of the glass above the case, make it wear on the thick side compared to a Seiko Presage.

    For a moment, thought it might've been better to go for the blue dial, but from the photos and videos linked above, looks like the blue is a matte finish as well.

    Still giving it some time to see if it grows on me, as probably not fair to compare it to the dials on my Presage Cocktail Time and Orient Blue Ray.

    Not sure if I'll hang onto it yet or flip it. Will see how I'm feeling about it in a couple of days.

    • As a follow up review, finally decided to send mine back for refund.

      Have enough in my watch collection, that it takes giving me a smile everytime I wear it to become a new keeper.

      Probably three elements that stood out for me, meaning I wouldn't get that warm fuzzy feeling everytime I wore it.

      1) Sunburst dial, was rather chunky-sized "petals" and a dull black matte finish making it look dark grey rather than deep black. Just didn't give me the same sort of dance of light at different angles that I get from other sunburst watches in my collection - all with varying forms of deep gloss dial. Pleasant enough, just some steep competition in what I already have.

      2) The wrist-fit was just a bit clunky for me. Lugs didn't have that same nice hugging fit that I have with my Presage cocktail time and the squared edge of the glass dome, made it look thicker/appear to sit higher than other similar sized watches.

      3) When adjusting the time there was a bit of coarseness to the crown movement, that just didn't sit right compared to the smoothness of other watches I have around this price range. Have some cheap and cheerful homage watches that can forgive similar quirks, given their price point, but this is a major brand and whilst a bargain price for the spec, still over a few hundred dollars worth. Expected it to be as smooth as any of the Seiko automatics I have.

      Hope those that took the plunge are still enjoying theirs, but for me just couldn't justify keeping it if the qualms above meant that I put off wearing it and deferred to another in my collection more often than not.

      YMMV :-).